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Paul Topf, The Missing Ex-Germany Soldier Was Deported By Kenyan Authorities



In what looks like, my opinion— a botched assassination attempt, the Kenyan-based Ex-German soldier reported missing by his Kenyan wife was deported Immigration departments without the wife’s knowledge.

The main suspect in a case that the DCI had launched investigations Neema Nyawira, the wife to then missing person-Paul Topf, said in a police statement that her husband was, on the 26th of November this year, picked by four men and a woman believed to be police officers from his home in Lungalunga, Kwale County.

However, Immigration officials informed the Sunday Nation that Topf was deported after the Ministry of Interior received a request from German authorities to have the ex-soldier sent back to his country over crimes he had committed there.

“He was suspected to be dealing in some suspicious businesses here, the Kenyan government did some investigations on him but they did not get anything and so they handed him back to his government,” an Immigration official, who sought anonymity, told Sunday Nation.


It remains unclear why the Immigration Department didn’t inform Nyawira of the planned deportation rather subjected her to DCI’s probes.

Nyawira said that she had been in communication with Topf’s sister, who informed her that her husband arrived safely in Germany.

On Monday, December 4, she called to inform me that Topf had landed safely in Germany. I am yet to understand why he is yet to reach me on phone,” Nyawira stated.

So, is this a case study that our so-called TOP STATE AGENCIES don’t share INTELLIGENCE?

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According to DCI sleuths, Topf did not leave the country and even questioned the wife, Nyawira, in connection with the foreigner’s disappearance.


Did someone want Topf eliminated silently then the wife buried in the mess? How on earth do the Kinoti-led DCI operate without shared Intel from the Immigration Department? I mean this is not just the only case they are investigating, how do they handle cases of corrupt folks and scammers who are at flight risk?

Maybe I’m overthinking, but this shows that there’s bad-blood between State agencies that, funny enough—are supposed to be in bed to weed out dangerous figures and protect the State.

Y’all remember when police conducted a raid in the house of Ali Punjani, the dude DCI had flagged as Kenya’s Kingpin of Narcotics only to come out as clowns on live camera nabbing confused Indian wife and totally clueless servants? Well, Immigration Department didn’t tell the Police nor bothered to share the Intel that Punjani had flown out of the country.  Something, rather, everything seems not to be alright…



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