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NYS Scandal Chief Investigator Wanted To Have Sex With Suspect Ann Ngirita & Was Business Partner With The Family



Ann Ngirita in court.

Investigations into the billion shilling scam in the National Youth Service has yet been hit with a fresh twist with the chief investigator implicated in what seems like a business row.

In a sworn affidavit by Jeremiah Ngirita who is the elder brother, Jerricathy Enterprises that he represents is clean of any fraud deal. Jeremiah admits that he’s been actively engaged in business with NYS and then implicates the NYS CIO since 2014, Mike Julius Kingoo Muia as being his business partner. Jeremiah says he’s been supplying hardware and renovating facilities at NYS, Gilgil.

He goes ahead to give Muia’s Co-operative Bank of Kenya Account 01100079507100 in which he has made several payments to ascertain their unusual links. He claims that their business deals went sore and inline, Mr. Muia vowed to use his position as NYS CIO to fight the family. Four of the Ngirita family were arrested in the swap.

Jeremiah said Muia vowed to use his position to deal with the family and that before their arrest on May 26, the officer called a meeting with his two sisters at Rafiki Club on Langata Road in Nairobi.

“That at the meeting, Muia suggested that we should proceed to his residence and take refreshments, which we declined,” he claimed.

“That he then told us that he would take the statement of Ms Wambere Ngirita at his residence alone as they enjoy Black Label Whisky which we declined,” read the document.

Gichini further accused the police officer of making sexual advances on his sister.

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“That on May 28, 2018, during the recording of statements, Mr Mike Julius Kingoo Muia assigned himself to write the statement of Ms Wambere and the said taking of statement lasted from 9am to 3pm where they constantly disagreed as a result of his sexual advances to her.”

With proof of bank slips attached as evidence in his affidavit, Jeremiah says they’ve been doing legitimate business with NYS and that the accusations brought before then are false and malicious and just as a result of business disagreement they had with Muia.

Jeremiah questions the credibility of the investigations by asking how the same detective entangled in a business deal gone sore and who has been consistently making sexual advances towards her sister Ann could also be allowed in the case as the chief investigator.

This creates a conflict of interest, and such interjection would turn the investigations either way. If Jeremiah’s affidavit can be written home then the word that all this is charade can be bought. Curiously, Muia has been the lead investigator on NYS since 2014 and had a business deal with NYS as a public servant this is criminal, what else could be under his sleeves? The Ngiritas and rest of suspects will know the fate of their bail terms tomorrow.

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