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NYS Fraud: Could Waiguru Be Innocent And Ruto Guilty, We Archive Jacob Juma’s Take On The Billion Heist



It was a long day for former Devolution CS Waiguru when she appeared before the PAC to answer to questions on the NYS that is estimated to have cost taxpayer upto 2B.

Ben Gethi who’s at the center has already been grilled by the committee in which he denied involvement in the heist despite million discrepancies attaching him to the scandal .

Kabura who’s sworn in an affidavit to be a protege of Waiguru who allegedly called her onboard from the saloon business she was engaging and turned into an overnight millionaire. Her arrogant testimony left many in shock during PAC grilling.

During her appearance , the Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru yesterday accused powerful Government operatives of colluding with business people to loot Sh1.6 billion from the National Youth Service (NYS).

Among those Ms Waiguru named in documents handed to MPs were Farouk Kibet, an aide to Deputy President William Ruto, whom she claimed was constantly on the phone with prime suspect Ben Gethi in the days before the theft was executed.

Waiguru told members of the PAC that Gethi and Farouk had 262 phone calls between them before and during the transactions through companies associated with another key suspect, Josephine Kabura.

Waiguru termed Kabura as a puppet of the cartel of Gethi and his operatives who are powerful individuals in government.

In a clear exoneration move , claimed that the said cartel had set aside Sh200 million for a smear campaign that would frustrate investigations, in a super scheme to shake detectives off at every turn.

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Waiguru has been named by various witnesses as the mastermind of the scandal, including claims by her former PS Mangiti that she issued illegal instructions, including in the hiring of Adan Harakhe to the non-existent position of Deputy Director General of the NYS.

Harakhe was subsequently designated as one of the people with authority to incur expenditure at the ministry.

With everyone shifting blames and committed to demonize the other and investigative bodies so far not giving any substantial direction as to the real thieves , Kenya Insights has reviewed past tweets of slain Jacob Juma . Juma tweets have become truth reference lately in his death.Jacob was also known for wide intelligence network that he used to bust the corrupt deals. Could they be holding stint of truth? Be the judge ;


He contradicts himself and links Waiguru to tge scam here

The devil is in the details

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