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NHIF Will Not Cover You If You’re Not A Civil Servant



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Chances are the national health insurer will not cover your medical expenses when you most need them even after dishing out hefty monthly charges to insure yourself and your loved ones if you’re not employed by the government.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is always making breaking news for all the wrong reasons, most recent being a loss of Sh50 billion by the insurer.

Kenyans are being denied health privileges they are forced to pay for at local hospitals while the money is being looted by the same privileged people who can use the cards.

A quick scroll on popular social media platforms and you will not miss hurting Kenyans complaining how hospitals refuse to accept their NHIF cards leaving them with hefty bills and worse still, to die.

Hospitals explicitly state in BOLD on their adverts now that they will not accept your NHIF if you’re not on government payroll.

And even if you’re lucky to finally get a hospital that accepts your card, you have to be an inpatient to enjoy the benefits. Well, unless you’re a civil servant. You get the tune.

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Why is NHIF inclusive when it’s time for common mwananchi to pay but exclusive when it comes to who gets covered??

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