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Negligence At Shalom Hospital, Athi River Leaves Patient With Damaged Hands Forcing Doctors To Open Up His Stomach To Grow New Flesh For His Hand



Muhudin Ismael with his injured hand grafted at his brother's home.

[WARNING: You might find some of the content GRAPHIC]

On the 26th of March this year, Muhidin Ismael Abdi was involved in an accident where he sustained some burns on his left hand and back. Luckily the burn was superficial. Mohamed Ismael, his brother, however, decided it was wise to transfer him from Mandera where he sustained the injury to Nairobi for specialized treatment.

When they picked him up from the airport, they settled as a family tl take him to Shalom Hospital, Athi River due to its convenience and proximity to his brother’s home in Syokimau. He was admitted around 11 am and was attended to in the emergency section. After dressing, they chose to admit him to a private wing due to his condition.

He would be taken to the theater after every three days for dressing and during this times, the doctor told the family that he had to be sedated due to the extent of the wounds, the burns were estimated to be at 20 percent.

In one of the days when he was to be in the theatre which was Saturday the 31st. Muhudin was prepared from the morning and he stayed the whole day without food and was eventually taken to the theater around 5 p.m. even though the schedule as told was to be around 12 o’clock.

He was wheeled back to his room around 8.30 pm unconscious and the family helped the nurses who brought him to transfer him to the bed.

It was at this moment that the family noticed something quite unusual on his right hand which was the side where the nurses and doctors most of the time used to give him injections and fluid as his left hand was burnt.

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They could see this was a fresh burn and his hand was so swollen. Immediately, they asked the nurse what it could be, she dismissed their alarm saying she didn’t know as she was not part of the theatre team.

GRAPHIC: The burnt hands from the Shalom’s blunder.

Mohamed, the brother then went up to look for the matron who came down to see him. He asked to be given time and he also advised him to see the administrator.

As the day turned, things went from bad to worse, Muhudin’s hand was now getting worse. The next morning Mohamed called a family lawyer to accompany him to the hospital where they met the administrator, the hospital public relations officer and the doctor who attended to Muhudin in the theatre.

The feedback they got from the team was that the patient got the burns on his hand due to a heater which was placed next to him while he was unconscious and they forgot to place it far from him. This looked so casual to the family and they sort further explanation on how a patient under their care could get that amount of burns without anyone in the theater realizing or even noticing until themselves had to reveal it.

They then confronted the hospital to take responsibility for the negligence but that’s when the cat and mouse games started. His pain was not subsidizing and his condition was deteriorating. They decided to transfer Muhidin to a different hospital on 9th of March. To add insults to the injury, they billed them even on the fresh burns inflicted by the staff’s negligence. Left with little option, they paid to clear Muhidin for a new hospital.

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Few days after leaving the hospital, Muhidin got healed on the original burns but that was also the beginning of a new battle as his fresh burns from Shalom Hospital escalated and he has been in and out of hospital ever since.

His injured hand is in extreme horrible state that doctors are contemplating amputation. As an intervention, doctors settled on grafting where they had to open his stomach skin to bury the severed hand to grow flesh, this the only way he’ll be saved from the hand getting chopped off.

The fact here is, the burns that are currently giving Muhudin and the family nightmares were sustained from Shalom due to the negligence of staff. Genuinely, the hospital ought to have owned up and taken responsibility instead they’ve acted with total disregard for humanity and shown ultimate arrogance.

Shalom Hospital has refused to give the family audience even though they continue to incur losses made from the hospital’s mistakes one ask just how bad it gets. They’ve consecutively ignored a demand letter written to them by the family lawyer, demanding their responsibility.

Mohamed Ismael while speaking to us, says he wants to send clear messages out there, “I want Kenyans to be careful when taking your loved one to the hospital to be sure if the doctors attending to them are not quacks or the hospital has good management that you can entrust the lives of your loved ones. Many a time, we entrust our loved ones in their hands and when they are taken to the theater, chance are they come out dead and we shall be given all kinds of stories to justify the death. We would never know the truth many people die in quack doctors hands due to professional negligence.”

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He continues, “as a family, we have gone through a lot with my brother during this ordeal and we warn Kenyans against making wrong decisions of going to hospitals which lack the professionalism when they find themselves in a similar situation. We ask for your help to highlight this with us through your social circles to get justice for my brother as Kenyans authorities only take matters seriously when Kenyans put pressure.”

The distraught family is asking for Kenyans who can reach out to help them get justice do so, they’ve also lodged a complaint with the medical board. Cases of medical negligence are not new and the actions from Shalom Hospital points at a possibility of a common culture and crafted ways of getting away with it. It is painful to check-in to a hospital and instead of being healed, you walk away with fresh problems. Shalom Hospital must take responsibility for their negligence, compensate and ensure Muhudin gets back to his original state. There’s no any other way around it.

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CCTV: American Intelligence Groups Currently Looking Into Kidnapping Of Tanzanian Billionaire Mohammed Dewji As Kenyan Lady Muthoni Gathithu Questioned



Mohammed Dewji

The puzzle over the kidnapping of Africa’s youngest billionaire, Mohammed Dewji, 43, in Dar es Salaam can only be unravelled by establishing why and who tampered with security cameras at Colosseum Hotel where the tycoon was abducted last Thursday.

Failure by the CCTV cameras installed at the hotel to capture helpful images of the abduction has raised questions as to who might have tampered with the devices, for what motive.

Mo, was kidnapped on Thursday around 5am at the hotel in Oyster Bay, an affluent neighbourhood in northwest Dar es Salaam, where he had gone for a regular morning workout.

Hotel where Mo was kidnapped.

Police say two white men, probably foreigners, arrived at the hotel in a Toyota Surf, abducted the businessman, fired in the air before they disappeared.

To date, there has been no clue from either investigators or relatives on the whereabouts of Mo; who might have carried out the kidnapping and why.

Meanwhile, the unresolved abduction has led to a tussle between the government and the opposition over calls to allow external investigators to join the hunt for the missing businessman.

The opposition spokesperson for home affairs Godbless Lema Tuesday asked the government to invite foreign experts to resolve the abduction, accusing the police of not showing any serious resolve to find the businessman and arrest his abductors.

But in a quick response, Home Affairs deputy minister Hamad Masauni declared there was no intention within government to allow foreign investigators as the local police were capable of doing the work.

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Meanwhile, we have reports that American Intelligence Groups (AGI) have taken over the kidnapping case of Mohammed Dewji, 43, who was taken by gunmen from hotel gym. AGI have seen one of the gunmen enter the front the others were already inside, this was planned out AGI say it was an inside job and was planned in advance.

Crucial photos in the investigations released by the AGI.


Dewji, was taken by gun men from gym according to the AGI reports. News has also Surfaced of Dewji, was being photographed by Muthoni Gathitu AGI discovered images of Mohammed Dewji on her webpage also centered in several pictures and several boats in Mombasa, Nairobi, South Africa  AGI is investigating this lady in question.

Photo shows the cctv was unguarded that day.

AGI say Dewji, was taken by a man wearing a blue T-shirt, carrying a rifle wrapped in a towel. Tourists reportedly took several images and American intelligence groups.

The CCTV setup inside hotel wasn’t turned on inside the gym which could have been inside job. AGI checked video and no workers were even monitoring security cameras but two men were on the look out side holding something in hand.

Photos of the two men on standby.

As pursuit continues to unravel the puzzles, family of Dewji are offering a reward of Tsh1B to anyone with information that would lead to finding him.

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Britam’s Plan To Use The Courts To Stifle Competition From Cytonn Has Fallen Apart



Britam Group managing director Benson Wairegi

In a new twist of events, the Court of Appeal yesterday issued orders stopping Britam’s attempt to use the courts to distract its competitor, Cytonn.

It has emerged that Britam might not have lost Ksh1.2 billion under the watch of its former employees, as they claim. Instead, records show that the money was spent on various Britam projects in the country.

Bank records in possession of our investigative desk show that the money that Britam accuses four of its former employees stealing was wired by Britam’s own Fund Administrators from Standard Chartered Bank in Mauritius to Chase Bank in Kenya to different accounts held by Britam and its then Subsidiary, Acorn.

The money was meant for different projects which were initiated by Britam in conjunction with Acorn Group Limited. Acorn was Britam’s partner in real estate development, and even they (Britam) had shares in Acorn.

The money wired from Mauritius was acquired from investors. Mauritius was the preferred destination because of its tax treaty with Kenya hence avoiding double taxation. However, Britam group did not want the projects done for BAAM investors, they wanted the projects done for Britam directors, a move that former employees firmly resisted, hence the attempt by Britam to punish the four, a move that the court of appeal stopped yesterday.

The disbursements were signed by Shiv Arora who was the Investment analyst for Britam, Elizabeth Nkuuku who held the position of a senior portfolio manager and Edwin Dande, the then Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Investment Committee had already approved the five projects, in which the Ksh1.2 billion was to be used on.

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As stated, only three executives authorised the transactions, putting in question why Britam decided to include Patricia Wanjama in the suit. Sources within Britam intimated to us that the owners of Britam, working through the previous DPP, Keriako Toniko, decided to manipulate the justice system to punish the Cytonn four, who exited Britam to form their own company.

We are in possession of bank statements showing how Britam used the money:

The first Ksh9.9 million was disbursed to Edenvale Developments LLP, a student housing project sitting on a 0.4 acre piece on Jogoo Road, Nairobi.

Another Ksh42.2 million was disbursed to Starling Park Properties LLP, a real estate project on a 0.7 acre piece of land on Gitanga Road, Nairobi, now called 67 Gitanga on Agwings Kodhek.

The third Ksh43.3 million disbursement was made to Crimson Court Developments LLP a real estate project on Riara Road, Nairobi.

Sinopia Properties LLP received Ksh150 .7 million, a project sitting on a 202.9 acre piece of land located in Ollolooitikosh Town.

The final Ksh915.4 million disbursement was made to Mikado Properties LLP a a real estate development sitting on a 28.4 acre piece of land in Mavoko on Mombasa Road.

This case is important to the market because it is about big corporates trying to keep their position by manipulating the Justice system. For a company that is also owned by IFC, Swiss RE and Africinvest, it’s surprising that international investors would be part of bribing the system to so that they dominate the market.

Next we shall explain to you how Britam issued fake statements to investors in their unit linked education policies. Our mole at Britam informed us that the DCI has been investigating Britam about their Mauritius Ponzi Scheme run by previous shareholder, David Rawat.

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While at it, we would like the Director of Criminal Investigations to also investigate these fake unit linked education insurance policies Britam has been peddling to Kenyans using teachers as their agents.

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How Monica Kimani Passed Through JKIA With A Bag Full Of Cash In US Dollars Without A Trace



The late Monica Kimani.

Detectives are trying to piece up how the slain businesswoman had managed to beat the airport’s protocol to pass with a lot of cash undeclared through the heavy security without a trace.

Monica is said to have flown in with huge amount of money in USD currency which is when she called Jowie to escort her from the airport. It’s clear the money was packed in a bag and passed, what’s not clear is how this could’ve possibly happened and no trace left.

According to reports, the late Monica Kimani was briefly detained at the airport upon arrival from Juba because she was in possession of undeclared cash.

She was, however, let go after a high flying individual called senior KAA officials to secure her release.

The incident has been handled with the strictest confidentiality, with no official records showing Monica was at the airport on the material day.

According to other reports, Monica’s flight details for 19th September when she traveled from South Sudan are heavily guarded by KAA going to show the trail captures the mightiest in the land.

The KAA officers are the ones mandated to screen baggage. In case of somebody carrying large amounts of cash, he or she is supposed to declare it with the customs department which issues a receipt. Immigration simply checks on the passports and visa.

When screening baggage and they notice banned substances or illegal goods, KAA officers re supposed to alert airport police.

The officer said that in the case of Monica, JKIA security has discovered that she had cash but the KAA officer who screened her did not inform the police.

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Monica is said to have placed a call to a high office and was set free with the money undeclared. It’s alsi speculated that a contact on South Sudan who’s the source of the money coordinated her pass with his networks.

It is in the backdrop of the missing cash that detectives have pitched campbin South Sudan to piece up evidences and determine if their could be a link with her death.

In what is a suspected money laundering syndicate, the slain who lived a lavish lifestyle and accumulated wealth in a short span, the case could be much more complicated than thought as those in the trail of the cash and possibly the high gods, will fight blood and sweat not to appear on the picture.

Whats more puzzling is where the cash in the suitcase disappeared. It has been speculated that it was about USD400,000 cash. At one point, it was reported that Monica’s purse with cash was recovered at Maribe’s House butbthis story disappeared into the thin air.

Investigators have told the court, where they have arraigned two suspects, that they are still investigating the possibility of money having been stolen from Monica in her killing.

“The investigations are ongoing to establish any money that could have been taken from the deceased’s house. The deceased was to travel out of the country,” an affidavit by investigating officer Maxwell Otieno reads.

He said they are tracing the money movement, persons involved, and how and who is currently in possession of the money.

If the police can break the money puzzle then it will definitely open a box of pandora exposing those involved and might just give this case a whole new angle. This money is somewhere andnjust maybe if the police can get to those in possession then we’d have a new crime motive and even the actual killer if it wasn’t Jowie.

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