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Monica Kimani’s Murder: The Loopholes And Unanswered Questions



Slain businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The tragic murder of Monica Kimani continues to raise more questions than answers even after the ‘key’ suspect Jowie Irungu was convicted and sentenced to death. Following his sentencing, a shadowy character on Instagram shocked Kenyans as he asked Jowie to tell the world the truth. With each new revelation, the mystery deepens, shedding light on potential loopholes and overlooked details in the investigation.

Here’s what we know so far:

According to sources close to the investigation, Monica Kimani was romantically involved with Yassir Mohammed, a Sudanese national who held a prominent position as the director of Caterpillar Inc. in the country. The couple shared a home together, painting a picture of intimacy and closeness. Following the heinous act, Yassir visited Lamuria Gardens where he picked all his belongings never to be seen again; a witness told the court.

John Irungu Jowie sentenced to death after he was found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani at Lamuria Gardens.

However, despite their apparent relationship, Mohammed remained conspicuously absent from the investigations. He was neither summoned for questioning nor did he provide any statements or act as a witness in the case. Most notably, he did not attend Monica’s funeral, a stark departure from what one would expect from a grieving partner. The abrupt disappearance of Mohammed from their shared residence only adds fuel to the speculation surrounding his involvement.

The circumstances surrounding Monica’s murder raise alarming inconsistencies. While forensic evidence suggests sexual activity before her death, the absence of DNA evidence implicating Mohammed in anything beyond the presence of Monica’s genetic material on Khaki shorts leaves room for doubt. Furthermore, the disabling of CCTV cameras in the apartment on the night of the murder raises suspicion of a premeditated murder and a deliberate attempt to cover up the crime scene.

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Jowie Irungu and his parents shortly after he was sentenced to death.

Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of the case is the lack of physical altercation or struggle evident in the living room where Monica was allegedly killed. The absence of bloodstains or signs of resistance suggests either a meticulously planned murder or the possibility that Monica was incapacitated before the fatal assault. This theory gains traction when considering the DNA evidence found on the straps used to bind her, belonging to unknown individuals, indicating the involvement of accomplices.

The timeline of events surrounding the murder raises chilling questions about the role of drugs in Monica’s demise. Was she drugged to render her immobile before the fatal attack? Or was she killed elsewhere and transported back to her residence to stage the scene? The gaps in the investigation leave ample room for speculation, pointing to the possibility of involvement of multiple actors beyond the primary suspect, Jowie, who was definitively present at the scene according to phone triangulation.

Monica Kimani’s parents mourns her.

As the investigation unfolded, it was imperative to scrutinize the actions and whereabouts of key individuals like Yassir Mohammed. Why was he never questioned or summoned for a possible involvement? What prompted his sudden departure from the shared residence with Monica? These unanswered questions underscore the need for a thorough reevaluation of the case, delving deeper into overlooked details and potential leads.

Even though justice seems to have been served for Monica Kimani, it is essential to unravel the tangled web of deception and intrigue surrounding her untimely demise. Only by confronting the hard questions and addressing the glaring loopholes can we hope to bring full closure to this tragic chapter in our nation’s history now that Jowie has appealed.

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There is more than meets the eye. Jowie may be guilty as convicted, but there could be other actors out here.

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