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Jowie Introduced Himself As An Interpol Officer Attached To Statehouse When Last Seen With Monica



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A witness on Tuesday narrated to the court that he left murder suspect Joseph Kuria Irungu, alias Jowie, at the home of Monica  Kimani, the night she was killed.

Mr Lee Owen Omondi Madala told Justice James Wakiaga that he had gone over to Monicah’s residence in Kilimani to collect a logbook and had left at around 10.45pm, leaving behind the two.

Mr Lee knew Monicah from South Sudan. They met during a social event organised by his brother, Michael Madala who was working for the UNDP in Juba.

When he first arrived at Monicah’s house, Mr. Lee says Monicah introduced Jowie as a security officer in the Office of the President working for Interpol. In the testimony, Mr.Lee says Jowie was dressed in a red cap, a white kanzu and a grey coat.


“Monicah told me Jowie does not usually dress in a kanzu but that he had been on a security drill in Lamu and had to wear it. He said he also he had rented a house in Eastleigh for security operations and had to dress like that,” Mr Lee told the court.

They all discussed security matters over a drink and Jowie offered to secure him a firearm. After some drinks, he picked the logbook from Monicah who allegedly informed him that she was to travel to Dubai for business then left both of them together.

“As I was leaving, Monicah told me that Jowie was to leave immediately but the accused interjected saying ‘I can even sleep here, the house is big enough,’” Mr. Lee said.

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The next day September 20, 2018 he called and texted Monicah but did not get replies. It was only after two days later that he learnt from another friend a Ms Wanja, the sad news of Monicah’s death.

“I was shocked and afraid since I was among the people in Monicah’s house the night she was killed. I looked for my lawyer Jeff Kimata for advice then reported to Kilimani Police Station,” he said.


Ms Maribe and Mr Irungu have denied killing the 28-year-old Monicah, an offence they allegedly committed on September 19, last year.

The hearing is set to continue.

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