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Jacque Maribe Could Be Charged With Murder And Face Life Sentence



Maribe makes her way to the DCI offices to record a statement in Kilimani.

For Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe, things have taken a sharp twist from what used to be a fantasy and fairytale love story into tragedy. Joseph Irungu, the key murder suspect in the cold hearted killing of Monica Kimani in Kilimani.

Maribe has been a trending character in the story for one, her prominence and the fact that she was supposedly with the suspect moments after the killing had occurred making her a key witness in the case in which Irungu alleges that he was shot at while dropping off Maribe at her house in Lang’ata.

According to police trails, Maribe’s car, a Toyota Allion KCA 031E was spotted at Luciane Apartments in Kilimani where Monica lives. According to neighbors, Joseph, popularly known as Jowi was well known to them and was the last one to be seen out of Monica’s house before her body was discovered the next day. Dressed in a kanzu and a cap, records indicates that he passed through the gates with a fake identity of a Dominic.

Police on Thursday dusted TV journalist Jacque Maribe’s car, Toyota Allion which they have detained at Kilimani police as they continue with investigations. According to police, Irungu was also driving the same car at about 1.30am on September 21, when he claimed to have been shot and wounded in the chest by a gunman who, Irungu said, escaped on a motorbike outside their house.

Detectives dusting Maribe’s car for fingerprints.

Irungu told police that he had picked up Maribe from a club in Kilimani which is incidentally the same neighborhood where Monica was killed and drove her to her house in Royal Park Estate, Lang’ata where he was supposedly shot at the gate after dropping her and this is where all her troubles checks in.

According to the police, there were no spent cartridges at the scene Irungu had alleged to have been short, no neighbor heard gunshots or screams. Irungu told the police that after dropping Maribe, he drove back to the gate where he had noticed suspicious characters and on confrontation, they shot him on the left side of his chest before fleeing off.

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Logically, not unless he knew the said suspicious characters, he’d not drive back to the gate rather than calling the police or the security. Moving on, after he was supposedly shot, Irungu went back to alert Maribe on the incident and she drove him to Nairobi West Hospital. The script on the exact hospital has been changing, last I heard it was at the Mbagathi according to his lawyers in court.

Maribe and Irungu both recorded a statement at the Lang’ata police station where the police dismissed the shooting incident. It was at this point the cops started connecting the dots to the murder incident in Kilimani before arresting him at Maribe’s House. It occurs that she has been housing the fiancé who’s job other than his partying life is unknown. It also discredits the fact that he was dropping her off. He stayed with her and a typical Nairobi fuckboy who was housed and fed by the woman.

Irungu most likely created an alibi with the shooting to disconnect him from the murder scene and you can read from the body language that he’s a manipulative, psychopath and partly smart that he knew the lady’s weaknesses and exploited. He may have made her to corroborate his shooting if at all she wasn’t privy and this puts her in a tight spot.

Homicide detectives have since summoned and interviewed Maribe for a second day running after Irungu the boyfriend was charged with murder signaling at a disturbed path for the blue screen darling.

Police are heavily relying on her testimony to affirm or discredit the shooting as this would give a breakthrough whether Irungu was indeed shot or he created an alibi to mislead investigating authorities. The shooting perhaps an afterthought after realizing he had left all his trails at the murder scene being the last person spotted at Monica’s house or maybe he was indeed shot.

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A lot of inconsistencies have been marked by investigators in the initial testimonies given by the two when they reported the incident at Lang’ata Police station on the very night that Monica was killed. Police are determined to confirm if he indeed picked Maribe up from a Kilimani club and drove her home and on the shooting incident or if it was a lie, having given an affirmative testimony earlier perhaps to defend a spouse, it puts her in much more trouble.

Perhaps it’s in this backdrop that Maribe has hired one of the finest criminal law experts in town, Cliff Ombeta to represent her as grilling continues. Now law practitioners are raising red flags and serious concerns for Maribe.

Detectives dusting the gate of the apartment where Monica’s body was found.

Unconfirmed reports from sources indicate Jacque Maribe may be charged for being an accessory to murder, which carries a life sentence, she is said to have driven her killer boyfriend from the murder scene. In a more conflicting statement, she drove her from Kilimani to Lang’ata. She’s however not being treated as a suspect but a key person of interest in the investigations so far.

One of Kenya’s most prolific lawyers, Donald Kipkorir notes, “In Criminal Law, if you knowingly assist in any way a Person who murders as providing a car, you’ll be charged with Murder; If you didn’t have prior knowledge but got to know about it & you assist him create an alibi, you will be charged with Accessory to Murder Acter the Fact.”

Irungu had used Maribe’s car to the murder scene, he continues, “on conviction for murder, the sentence is only one, Death …. On conviction for Accessory After the Fact to Murder, the sentence is Life Imprisonment.”

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One can only hope that Maribe didn’t help her spouse to create an alibi by corroborating the shooting which if determined, would risk her being charged with murder. Jowie’s life is a mystery as mysterious as ever.

A curious comment made weeks before his arrest.


There’s no known job that he holds other than presumed security job in Dubai and Afghanistan where it’s not clear what he does. He travels a lot according to his Instagram page which leaves a lot to desire. Even here in Kenya apart from his hard partying, no one really knows what he does, word on the street is Joe is a professional hit man behind several executions in the city.

Investigators are also pursuing to determine the businesses that the late Monica Kimani was engaged in South Sudan where she worked in the embassy and supposedly ran family businesses. This would help the police in determining the motive of the murder.

Being someone whom has been living with the suspected killer, Maribe would be resourceful in helping the police in piecing up crucial information on his lifestyle and the relationship he had with the victim whom we gather was closer to him.

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Call Into Action For DPP To Revive Case And Arrest Stephen Githaiga The Fraud TARDA Boss Who Falsified His Birth Dates To Extend Term In Office



Former TARDA boss Steven Githaiga.

Githaiga was one of the beneficiaries of a failed, compromised judicial system and his close contacts to the owners of power made him get away with a criminal act, that of falsifying his identification data. Stephen Maina Githaiga, which is his name captured on his national ID card he changed to Stephen Ruimuku Githaiga on his passport.

He altered his birth year from 1953 to 1958 to illegally extend his tenure. In this period, Githaiga earned Sh10 million illegally as salary which is outright criminal that he must be held into account for.

Githaiga also faced accusations of hiring 37 employees without the board’s approval. In a court petition filed earlier this year in March, they want him to pay Sh13.7 million, the total basic pay earned by the 37 he allegedly hired. Here’s a man who practiced nepotism at the highest grade and employed only his family members and close friends.

For long, Githaiga ran Tana & Athi River Development Authority(TARDA) as his own household. Stephen Githaiga First off, his initial and actual name on the ID card number 1901968 is Steven Maina Githaiga date of birth 1953, and he fraudulently changed to Steven Githaiga Ruimuku birth date 1958 in his passport no A1593455 acquired on 02/02/2011. By this, he reduced his age by five years as a scheme to allow him to serve more years in the industry.

The open irregularity was spotted by the Auditor General Ouko in the accounts of financial year 2013/14, and the matter was taken to EACC for investigations but knowing the nature of things in Kenya, the embattled MD compromised the commissioners. Intel reached Kenya Insights then indicating that the parastatal was set to receive about Sh.6B for Athi River conservation and upgrade projects, and it was for that purpose that Githaiga structured ways to buy time and tap into this cash. He used that allocation as the bargaining point with the EACC and anyone who dared raise a voice on his irregularities.

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In his 2013/14 report, the Auditor General noted that TARDA had lost Sh717,088,891. In his 2017 report, the AG said that the authority had received Sh.247,572,911 but couldn’t account for Sh.32.637,973 which in Kenyan terms is looted money. We’ve not even gotten into 2016/17 when the authority had multi billion projects but we will break it down in our subsequent series. Irregularities in tender awards which was also put on Githaiga cost the company huge loses.

Githaiga was interdicted for misappropriation of Ksh.190M for ESP programme in TANA DELTA which he has never accounted for to date. EACC detectives Eunice Hinga and Ibrahim Lorot who were handling his cases were accused by staff members in their report to the US of having been heavily compromised such that his disobedience to EACC summons went unpunished and his fines left to catch dust, they must therefore be investigated as well.

Githaiga bucket of lies included him holding a PhD from CUEA, however, our investigations revealed otherwise, he only went to Mosoriot TTC where he went for his P1 course and that’s the furthest he went. In his bio, he claims to be a lecturer at USIU in the business department, Kenya Insights has reached to the university who disowned and certified that he was not a lecturer in the school as claimed.

Also, an area that should interest the investigators, the 165 square kilometre High Grand Falls Dam, that was to cost Sh150 billion, and expected to hold over 5.6 billion cubic metres of water that to irrigate over 250,000 hectares of land and produce over 700MW of electricity. The devil is in the details.

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We’re now calling upon the ODPP and DCI to revive this case in which Kenyan taxpayers money must have been embezzled in billions and recover the stolen loot. Masinga Dam Project which was to be constructed at a tune of Sh.6B and what was one of the main reasons Githaiga extended his term by falsifying his age was also his fraud scheme. In fact , the Treasury had at one point refused to approve funds.

Interestingly, given his embezzling nature, Githaiga is alleged to have had approached Chinese Construction Cartel for the construction of his dam. They even bribed him with his current V8 car as a tip to be awarded the tender. These accusations should give investigators the leads they need.

Githaiga is also accused of having stolen from TARDA a LandRover Discovery Reg No. KAD 266D which he sold to current National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi who doubles as his closest friend. Githaiga’s relationship with Muturi explains why the unresolved issues on audited accounts have never been handled despite having been tabled to the Public Investment Committee several times. It were unfortunate that the speaker could have used his position to block out the petition and opted to protect his friend and if anything, Muturi himself is a beneficiary of the Githaiga’s looting since he sold him the car.

As we embark on a long term campaign to revive TARDA looting amongst other forgotten files, we believe in the competence of the DPP Noordin and DCI Kinoti that the likes of Githaiga who for long thought they’re untouchable and looted public funds without hiccups, need to be brought to books and more importantly the illegally acquired wealth be recovered and such characters be thrown into jail.

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Githaiga’s case is special because he’s for long fronted that he’s untouchable given his close relationships with the DP Ruto and President’s cousin Muigai. He even made contributions in millions to the Jubilee campaign kitty as a way of buying himself security. This is going to be one of the tests and we’re challenging and watching which way the ODPP and DCI are going to take given the open illegalities that took place in Githaiga’s tenure, he must not get away with this and we’re keen to realize justice.

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Lobby Group Wants Co-Operative Bank And Nairobi County Assembly’s Salary Deal Investigated With Corruption Red Flags Raised



Nairobi County’s Assembly.

A concerned city resident, Kelvin Njihia has written to the anti corruption body EACC and DCI to launch investigations into widespread corruption and impunity cases at the capital’s county assembly.

In a letter addressed to the two bodies, Njihia claims  there are serious integrity and public trust issues within City Hall. He alleges that the County assembly has gone against the set threshold by Salaries and remuneration commission restricting members not be in more than four committees.

According to his findings, most senior members in the board and their allies, have occupied more than four committees thereby contravening the law. The petitioner want members of the assembly occupying the extra committees to be investigated and prosecuted over corruption and the impunity displayed. He lists top officials flagged in his findings including;

  • Elias Otieno Okumu- 7 committees.
  • Esther Waithera Chege- 6 committees
  • Abdi Ibrahim Hassan- 6 committees
  • Peter Wahinya Njau- 5 committees
  • Peter Anyule Mwatok- 5 committees
  • Juliet June Ndegwa- 5 committees


Rest of the list

Besides, the concerned citizen coalition want the assembly to be probed as to how salaries of the members is channeled through cooperative bank contrary to the SRC’s directive and s contravention of county and national laws.

The petition also noted that the suspended County’s assembly clerk Jacob Ngwele who’s out of office over miss appropriation of funds still executes official duties despite the court’s directive. Ngwele in what the petition claims to be a contempt of court, recently invited public’s participation in approval of Halkano Dida Waqo as County’s Chief Executive Officer for ICT in what is flagged as one of many suspicious appointments.

The questionable advertisement signed by Ngwele on Daily Nation.

Ngwele himself was illegally appointed into office and being investigated for the same. Petition also want the commission to speed investigations and findings following the impeachment of County’s Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

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They want the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to give updates on the Majority leader of the Nairobi County Assembly Mr Ibrahim Abdi Hassan who had been summoned by the commission over the City Hall clash pitting members against Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

EACC ordered Hassan to appear at the Integrity Centre on September 12, 2018 to record a statement that will aid in the investigation of members’ conducts. He’s alleged to have conspired with members in wider plot to oust the speaker. According to the petition, Elachi was kicked out due to her lack of corporation in fraud schemes hatched by the board members.

Petitioner wants the DCI to dive in and investigate why the county’s salaries are being channeled through co-operative bank and not directly from central bank to individual’s accounts in what is read with suspicions.

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FRAUD: Bungoma County’s Nzoia Water Services Board Sneakily Attempts To Impose Kennedy Wekesa Kilali As The MD



Ag. MD Kennedy Wekesa.

Nzoia Water made an advertisement for open positions of Managing Director and Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management in daily nation dated October 23,2018 page 18 under anonymous company in western Kenya.

The following non conformities were noted which do not either conform with industry practices and approved operational HR Manual of the company as per the attached Advertisement:

1. The advertisement was only mentioning a leading water company in Western Kenya,excluding Kitale which falls in Rift Valley. Does it mean Kitale has separated from Bungoma and they have formed their own company? If not what is the effect of these on long term relationship with Trans-nzoia County?
2. The advertisement of MD’s position failed to meet the minimum threshold as per legal notice no.137 of 2012 which requires inviting the prospective candidates to have Masters Degree and registered members of respective bodies e.g  for Engineers should be registered with Engineers Registration Board(ERB) OR Institute of Engineers of Kenya ( IEK) and not Institute of Engineering Technicians (IET)  meant for Technicians who are lower cadre staff of the company.

The advertisement as it appeared on the dailies.

3. The requirements of chapter six was not observed in the advertisement which requires the prospective applicants to submit their chapter six compliance during the application as it forms part of shortlisting process and not to produce them during the interview.
4. The last advertisement through daily Nation were received without matching list from them,which resulted in most candidates who had applied not being shortlisted as their applications never reached the company’s offices. There’s no surety that the process will not be compromised in favour of specific candidates?
5. The Ag. Managing Director has failed to implement the inspection report by WASREB.(According to workers petition)
6. The advertisement should have been made either through the consultant or in the company’s name for it to attract competitive qualified candidates and not the way it is hidden as it is aimed to prevent competition and thus attract less applicants.
7. Therefore ,the recruitment process be stopped and the position be re-advertised in line with the above requirements.

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