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Impunity: Questions Raised As To Why Jeff Koinange Rides Around Without A Number Plate On His Car



JEFF Koinange | Photo Courtesy.

A cousin to President Uhuru, Jeff is one of the most celebrated journalist in Kenya with a controversial past with CNN that nearly crippled his shining career. Currently the top leading talk show host with his bench political show on Citizen TV, he’s high riding.

With vast wealth, a concerned reader reached to Kenya Insights on a rather unusual topic. Also known for his flashy taste in life, Koinange’s Mercedes G-Class is pulling attention. Approximately worth Sh14M, Jeff is said to be operating his car without a number plate in what our source terms as ‘unacceptable’ he says, “have you noticed that Jeff has had this car for sometime without a number plate? If this was an average citizen he’d already have been arrested. It’s illegal, how does KRA, NTSA and even the police allow such? I’m appalled that JEFF has been getting away with this, kindly highlight.”

We also did our random searches which affirms that indeed Mr. Koinange’s car doesn’t hold any displayed number plate which raises eyebrows. Interestingly, President Uhuru who’s his cousin, owns and has been spotted driving a similar car and incidentally, without a number plate.

President Uhuru spotted driving around in his G-Wagon favorite car.

Many questions are now being raised as to why Mr. Koinange is allowed to move around with his unmarked car without any consequences, most Kenyans who’ve attempted this have been prosecuted. Is it a case of open impunity given his relationship with the President or just an open bias of justice? Our source is concerned. We’re eyes wide opened to see if the authorities are going to take action or watch the illegality take precedence.

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However, it’s not just his lack of the number plate that’s raising questions, Jeff’s car is left hand drive which according to the country’s regulations, shouldn’t be operational. Taking to Twitter, prominent lawyer Abdullahi Nasir wondered why the anchor was driving a left-hand drive car in Kenya explaining that the country’s laws were clear against the importation of similar cars since motorists drive on right-side lanes on Kenyan roads.
Below are some of the photos of his number plate less car


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