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Inside Governor Joseph Ole Lenku Desperate Moves To Secure Retirement Haven



Governor Joseph Ole Lenku

In the heart of Kajiado County’s political arena, Governor Joseph Ole Lenku and Katoo Ole Metito engage in a high-stakes battle for supremacy, threatening the region’s stability and the Maasai community’s unity.

Lenku, plagued by corruption and land-grabbing allegations, seeks a political lifeline post-retirement.

He is at war with Metito, a man he accuses of wielding his State House influence and having the capability to maneuver and undermine his administration and bolster his gubernatorial ambitions.

Amidst escalating tensions and murky alliances, their clash poses a formidable challenge to President Ruto’s agenda.


It also raises profound questions about the future trajectory of Kajiado’s governance and Maasai political dynamics.

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s Desperate Bid for a Political Safe Haven Amidst Allegations and Intra-Clan Rivalries

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku of Kajiado County is scrambling to secure his political future as retirement nears.

He faces scandals and power struggles, blaming rival Katoo Ole Metito for inefficiencies.

Lenku aims for a cabinet position under President William Ruto post-retirement, seeking favor with the administration.

Despite perceiving himself as the kingpin of the Maasai community, Lenku’s influence remains largely unrecognized.


His tenure has been marred by his involvement in a land-grabbing scandal, accusations of partisanship in a Sh100 billion communal land dispute.

Lenku is being accused of attempts to manipulate the succession politics surrounding his gubernatorial seat in 2027.

One of Lenku’s latest controversies involves his sponsorship of a candidate in the Keekonyokie Trust land official elections, a move seen as an attempt to consolidate power and influence local politics.

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Additionally, the Kajiado governor has reportedly funded numerous articles in local blogs and dailies to tarnish Metito’s reputation, a campaign rooted in their longstanding rivalry.

Katoo Ole Metito’s Counter-Moves and Influence

Judah Katoo Ole Metito, the current State House Comptroller, remembers his defeat to Lenku in the 2022 gubernatorial race.


Metito, from the Ilmolelian sub-clan of the Odomong’i Clan, uses his position and wealth to destabilize Lenku’s administration.

He sponsors a relentless campaign against Lenku, including paid online attacks to diminish Lenku’s popularity.

Metito’s political ambitions emerged in 2017 when he supported Governor David Nkedienye, aiming for the 2022 elections.

Despite his efforts, Lenku secured his first term in 2017. Metito’s tactics now involve fundraisers and alliances with influential figures like Rep. Leah Sopiato Sankaire.

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku

Kato Ole Metito [Photo: KDRTV]

The Battle for Kajiado: A Clash of Ambitions and Resources

The power struggle between Lenku and Metito has reached a fever pitch, with each side employing various strategies to undermine the other.

Metito’s financial clout was starkly evident during the impeachment motion drama. His close ally, Musa Naini Tipape, executed a daring and heavily guarded entry into the county assembly to present impeachment paperwork against Lenku.


Moreover, Metito has been accused of using state resources to fund early campaigns for the 2027 gubernatorial race.

His efforts to sabotage Lenku’s initiatives, including the landmark handover of Amboseli National Park back to Kajiado County.

He claims that move is a calculated attempt to prevent him from solidifying his legacy and maintaining his influence.

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Lenku’s response to these challenges has been equally controversial. Allegations of land-grabbing and his attempts to sway local elections have cast a shadow over his administration.

His desperation is further highlighted by his reported plans to form a Maasai political party to bargain for positions in Ruto’s government post-retirement.


Implications for President Ruto and the Maasai Community

The ongoing rivalry between Lenku and Metito poses significant risks for President Ruto’s political strategy in Kajiado.

The internal discord threatens to alienate the Maa community, whose support is crucial for the administration.

The return of Amboseli National Park to the Maasai people may be overshadowed by the power struggle, potentially hindering Ruto’s community outreach.

Unchecked, Metito’s ambitions could disrupt Ruto’s plans, fracturing Maasai unity. Misusing state resources for political gain jeopardizes Kajiado County’s stability and development.

Wrapping Up

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku and Katoo Ole Metito fiercely vie for political dominance, affecting Kajiado County’s future.


Lenku seeks post-retirement security, while Metito undermines him, revealing Maasai political complexities under President Ruto.

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