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Glorified Thieves, Corruption And Impunity Not Punishable In Kenya But Rewarded With Political Posts And Privileges



Former Devolution CS Ann Waiguru who has also declared interest in Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Seat.

Former Devolution CS Ann Waiguru who has also declared interest in Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Seat.

When integrity of an individual should be of the greatest concern before they are trusted with the public office, Kenyan politics presents a different scenario. Looters are coming back to contest County top jobs where there is more to loot and impoverish the electorate. The former devolution and planning CS Ann Waiguru who left the office due to public pressure after she was adversely mentioned in the infamous NYS scandal for swindling shs 791 million has announced that she will be running for Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat. When it was all clear she quit her job for misconduct, Waiguru maintained she was innocent and only a whistle blower.

She cited health reasons for her resignation and requested the president to assign her lighter duties, but immediately resorted to numerous consultations to vie for Nairobi seat. She has since shelved her interest in Nairobi gubernatorial seat after sensing defeat in good time. Nairobi seat has attracted big names like Mike Sonko, Water CS Eugene Wamalwa, Former Speaker of National Assembly Kenneth Marende and former Raila aide, Miguna Miguna.

Kenya is a place where people who commit economic crimes are never punished. The heavily connected individuals steal from public coffers; step aside to clear their names at the EACC then return to vie for elective positions with the stolen money.

Waiguru was hurriedly cleared of any wrong doings at the EACC and her case ‘disappeared’ even after the affidavit by one Josephine Kabura linked her to the scam. But like they say in entertainment, any publicity is good publicity. People who are known for looting public funds take that as being popular enough to vie for any seat and steal more. Look at people who eying political seats in the 2017 elections.

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Former lands CS Charity Ngilu who is facing corruption charges has also formerly announced her interest in Kitui’s top job. She made her announcement in her mother tongue asking the electorate of Kitui to support her bid saying she was the answer to the long time problems they are facing. She blamed the incumbent, Julius Malombe for allegedly failing to meet needs of the people as the community is still struggling with food insecurity and water shortage. A classic case of a pot calling the kettle black, Ngilu has headed the water docket in the previous regimes but she can only be remembered for nepotism.

Ngilu who said she will run on a NARC Party ticket was at some point one the strongest female politicians in the country when she competed against the powerful Moi in the 1997 presidential elections. She then diluted her status and became a political bootlicker making pre-poll pacts with other presidential candidates who came after her. She had a pact with current regime of the day where had a short stint stained with corruption as minister for lands after failing to clinch senatorial seat in 2013. She lost her bid to one term MP, David Musila who is also in the race for Kitiui gubernatorial seat.

Danson Mungatana, another long time failed politician who was rescued from poverty by his friend by appointing him to the Ports Authority Board that he grossly mismanaged leading to his abrupt duty termination, is tipped to by vying for Tana River Gubernatorial seat. His magisterial skills that’s expected of a governor has been tested and gave pathetic results.

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Another failed leadership scenario is that of Ole Lenku, the Security CS who is famed for being the SI unit of incompetence and utter floor flat perfomer in the Jubilee administration. His mom performance in his docket, prompted for his dismissal by the president following consistent public’s outcry. The mediocre proven Lenku has unfortunately launched his bid for Kajiado gubernatorial seat.

What cursed as Kenyans, while in other mature democracies, corruption is punishable by death and in lenient situations, lifetime jail term. I’m Kenya, they loot from the public and same public turn around to worship,glorify them and rewarding them with even bigger political posts and in return expect better service delivery and even more psychopathic a corruption free zone from the same criminal elements.

Elections in Kenya require good financial capital and if the recent IEBC rules to cap campaign expenditures are anything to go by then looters of public funds are better placed to ‘buy’ positions they are eyeing. The public has been forced to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt; the corrupt selectively apply law to favour them. Ngilu and the likes cannot be barred from contesting any position because they will claim they are innocent until proven guilty and these cases never end. More looters will still launch their bids.

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