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Friends Turned Foes: LSK President Havi Exposes Njeri Thorne As A NIS Agent, She Drags Him As A Womanizer In A Public Spat



For the past weeks, an active volcano has been on course between LSK CEO Nelson Havi and Communication consultant Njeri Thorne and it appears it went all off on Tuesday.

Havi and Njeri have a relationship that goes back in the days, though not made public, those in the know say the two had a company running together before things fell apart.

While Njeri has been just scratching the surface  with provocative tweets aimed at Havi who tactfully avoided replying to her missiles, a tweet from Havi accusing Njeri of issuing bouncing checks would later open the entire box of worms.

It all started when Njeri was replying to a comment on Ng’eno who’s being held over hate speech and he tagged Havi likening his situation to Ngeno’s.

And from there things just went north.

Have attempted to make a comeback in a bid to silence Njeri giving evidence that she had issued bouncing checks.

Njeri accused the LSK boss of using their company’s accounts to entertain his women and that was the reason they both parted ways.

She went further on rampage to make allegations that the LSK Boss was also involved in kidnapping judges.

It didn’t stop at that, she went to threaten to spill more tea.

Njeri claims that Havi charmed her with a story of him having a child with a Sadam Hussein’s kin.

Havi also claimed that Njeri is a NIS agent arguing that’s the reason she’s become a troll.

Havi is not the first lawyer that Njeri has had a crossfire with. SC Ahmednasir Abdullahi recently took her to court over defamatory tweets after a sustained attacks in which she linked him to money laundering and corruption allegations.

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Mr Abdullahi said in the court documents that the tweets are defamatory and has effects of disparaging his character.



The Senior Counsel said the tweets were false and were published with the sole object of discrediting, embarrassing and lowering his dignity in his capacity as a respected member of the society and as an advocate.

“The offending publications were calculated to disparage the trade, profession and business being carried on by the Plaintiff,” he said in the case.

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