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Expert Opinion: Should You Wear Masks Against Coronavirus Or Not



Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), there has been a lot of contradicting remarks and medical advice over whether wearing face masks was effective or not.

Since the start of the outbreak, the official advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) has been clear. Only two types of people should wear masks: those who are sick and show symptoms, and those who are caring for people who are suspected to have the coronavirus. The WHO has not revised the advice given the organization already revised that the disease is airborne.

WHO says wearing masks just breeds a false sense of security against the disease and could lead to people not taking the necessary precautions like washing hands which is way more effective.

In some countries like Asia and China, wearing masks is now a norm, citizens argue that ubiquitous mask-wearing, as a very visual reminder of the dangers of the virus, could actually act as a “behavioral nudge” to you and others for overall better personal hygiene. Other countries like Czech have made wearing masks in public mandatory.

While countries that are wearing masks report fewer numbers of infections, experts say the countries have a better level of obedience to mandates and masks are not the reason for the less cases.

When it comes down to it, masks do offer a significant prevention chance, the main reason the WHO and experts are asking people not to buy them is just because of supply and demand. Since masks can’t be re-worn, the demand for them would mean they run out exposing doctors who can’t work without them.

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Masks for healthcare workers is the first priority, however, the governments should work to ensure they supply to mask everyone else in order to reduce the risk for asymptomatic transmission.

Masks can also help in the ‘Don’t touch your face’ directive. Let’s flatten the curve.

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