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Communication Consultant Bullies Baby Daddy Online For Child Support Then Says She’ll Spend The Money On Alcohol And Boys



Betty Njeri Thorne a Nairobi based communication consultant got into a public dirty linen hanging with her child’s father Joseph Wambembe Sitati over unpaid child support dues.

Njeri who had a substantial online following on X (formerly Twitter) released their private emails revealing the back and forth conversations they’ve been having with Sitati claiming he’s unable to raise the monthly child support owing to his employment status alleging that he’s currently jobless after his employer Mastermind Tobacco has been put under receivership.

Njeri however dismissed his version of the story insisting that he should adhere to the court ruling and pay the agreed amount of Sh30,000 (approx $224) monthly child support.

What followed was a wide discussion making it a trending topic on Twitter for hours. She didn’t hold back other private details including bedroom matters. When challenged by a user whether she was in the relationship Sitati over his prowess in bed matters, she replied in negative that Sitati was average and she only entangled with him out of pity.


She went further to use derogatory language on him in pushing for the funds, “Kama ata baba Abby alilipa child support Sitati ata lipa. Awache ubaluya stories sijui I lost my job (If President Ruto himself paid for child support, Siteti will pay, he should spare me his Abaluhya primitivism).

After the public shaming, Sitati mobilized for funds and paid Sh150,000 ($1,120) and this also she shared the details.

Njeri posted that she was going to use the child support money for self nourishment including buying alcohol and on men.

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She still continued with her onslaught using a tribal degrading reference to Sitati, “Thought he was jobless, company under receirvership.. not paid for months.. I tell you wabaluyah and lies… Same WhatsApp group.”


Njeri had sued Sitati in 2021 seeking a monthly child upkeep of Sh200,000 ($1,494) but he objected  arguing that he could only raise Sh30,000 for food and upkeep for the child.


Sitati by then was a non executive director at KenGen and was serving his last year of his three year term. The subject child was born out of wedlock arising out of a mutual short term relationship the court was told.

He told the court that with the end of his contract, he was in the plans of moving his family from Nairobi to Nanyuki as his income would not sustain the expensive city life.

Sitati claimed he was living from hand to mouth on advances and borrowed money to cater for all needs not to mention that he has been listed by several facilities at the Credit Reference Bureau.

“The demand by Njeri is unreasonable. But I am ready and willing to contribute Sh30,000 for food and upkeep for the said child,” he said.

“I would be willing to contribute the school fees and related expenses at a school of my choice once the child is of school going age,” he added.


He also said he was willing and ready to enrol the child in his NHIF medical scheme adding that maintenance is not meant to be punitive but reasonable and within his financial capability.

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Sitati told the court that he was married and had two children with his wife at the time. He also stated he had another child out of wedlock in December 2014 and was supporting that child to the tune of Sh50,000.

The Court was convinced with Sitati and ordered him to be paying the Sh30,000 monthly upkeep. From the public attack, Sitati has been paying the agreed amount and was only late with three months.

Njeri is on record saying she has other kids with other men whom she never hesitates to boast about as being wealthier.

One thing, Njeri doesn’t hide her disdain for the local, “One thing I was very deliberate about, was not exposing my kids to Kenyan society. It’s a sick society..even amongst the uber rich. No Kenyan friends.. No Kenyan culture, no Kenyan interactions.” She wrote. On Twitter she’s fondly known as Mzungu given her constant reminders of affiliations with the UK. Her mother was married to a Briton.


Njeri is not a stranger to controversy, in 2020, she got into a similar Twitter fight with former LSK President Nelson Havi over differences in running a company. The two were speculated to have been in a romantic relationship before things went sore.

In August 2020, Lawyer Ahmednasir also sued her for defamation over the allegations that the lawyer was involved in money laundering for the Somali pirates.

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