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‘You Were Rigged To The Office, Can’t Write Or Communicate Coherently, You Graduated Last In Your Class’ Ahmednasir Sustains Attacks On CJ Koome



Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

Despite being banned from appearing in the Supreme Court, Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has sustained his attacks on the court and more aggressively against the Chief Justice Martha Koome whom he has never shied from showing his dislike.

In his latest attack, the bullish lawyer has claimed that Ms Koome was rigged into her position by former president Uhuru’s men while painting her as less qualified for the apex court position, “I’m utterly dismayed that as a CJ who was rigged to office by the Uhuru regime (you graduated last in your class, number 113 in a class of 113 and with a pass degree) and is supremely unqualified for the job (in your interview for CJ You failed to bring a sample of your writting, as you had none, and instead brought a judgment authored by three judges.” Ahmednasir wrote in X.

CJ Koome consults with her deputy Ms. Philgona Mwilu.

He cites technicalities that favored the CJ’s case to her current position and went further to expose her ‘incompetence’, “the Vetting Board tied 4:4 votes and that is why you were retained, their serious misgivings on your competence notwithstanding. The Vetting Board also said you can’t write or communicate in a coherent manner.” He continued.

Ahmednasir has since called for Koome’s resignation, “you have the temerity to mislead the Ford Foundation and Mr. Walker and speak of the court in the conventional sense that Supreme Courts are appraised and praised in other parts of the world. The earlier you resign the better. I passionately plead with you to honorable resign so that the court and the judiciary are not destroyed by your sheer incompetence!”

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The lawyer was reacting to the visit by the Ford Foundation and its President Mr Darren Walker to the Supreme Court to discuss our shared commitment to advancing social justice.

“The Ford Foundation has been an enduring partner of the Kenyan Judiciary and supported the post-2010 Constitution Judiciary to dialogue with other jurisdictions to enrich jurisprudence and cross-border judicial solidarity. Our continuing partnership will focus on the pursuit of People-Centred Justice programmes under the Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) Blueprint to spur universal access to justice especially for the marginalised and vulnerable.” The CJ said.

Ford Foundation Global Board led by President Darren Walker, alongside Judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Mr. Abdullahi has been at war with the apex court which he describes as ‘a rotten Court not fit for purpose and ripe to be disbanded.’

Last month, the Supreme Court Judges said they banned Ahmednassir over his continuous attacks on them which they described as demeaning. The lawyer has sustained attacks of the apex court judges, describing them as corrupt.

“In view of the foregoing, it is the decision of this court, that henceforth and from the date of this communication, you shall have no audience before the court, either by yourself, through an employee of your law firm, or any other person holding brief for you,” said the CJ in a statement signed by the Registrar of Supreme Court Letizia Muthoni Wachira.

The lawyer has since sued the apex court in the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) for the ban and also the High Court in a bid to have the ban decision reversed as it had impacted his associates too.

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