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BUSTED: Mutahi Ngunyi Attempts To Save Face Flops, He Stole Sh.12.5M NYS Money And Here’s The Proof



Mutahi Ngunyi

Mutahi Ngunyi

The auditor general’s report mentioned The Consulting House a firm associated with Political Analyst and self-proclaimed Professor Mutahi Ngunyi was irregularly allocated up to Sh.12.5M in suspect payments.

Playing the angel’s card, Mutahi like the guilty child when the parents knock home, screamed out innocence even before questions were asked. He immediately commissioned an audit on his firm accusing the AG whom he refers to Raila man of defamation insisting his firm had clean hands on the allegations.


This was coming at a time when Josephine Kabura, a hairdresser and proxy of Ann Waiguru had launched an explosive NYS grand theft affidavit, and she mentioned Mutahi as one of the benefactors in the fraudulent deals. Mutahi offered consultancy services to the NYS.

The grand theft of the NYS is estimated to cost up to Sh.1.5B, money that disappeared mysteriously and ended up in few pockets of selfish and corrupt officials. The then Devolution CS Ann Waiguru was named in the affidavit as the mastermind. She would later resign, but the ghost of the looting still haunts her as she gears to vie for the gubernatorial seat in her home county, Kirinyaga. EACC is yet to give her a clean bill of health, something she desperately needs to kick off her campaigns.

The audit report commissioned by Mutahi Ngunyi on the House of Consulting has turned out positive to the contrary of his expectations. In a letter to the public service, gender and youth ministry, Mutahi admits some Sh.11,875,000 was found in their account, but they couldn’t account for the client.

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Now how can a supposed client pay up to Sh.12.5M and not make claims this is not Sh.12K and even if it were its unusual for a company or whoever client to pay for the money they weren’t invoiced for. Such Million Shilling errors can’t even happen in a cheap Nollywood movie. Miracles do happen yes but not this one no. And why did it take the firm a whole year to detect that Sh.12.5M from mysterious source was sleeping in their account without a clear course? Doesn’t the firm conduct constant auditing? Why did it take Auditor General’s accusation to realise this? And we’re it not for the auditor, would Ngunyi have detected and come out publicly that he has money that doesn’t rightfully belong to him?

When the final day for a monkey beckons, every tree becomes slippery, and that’s the case for Mutahi. His theatrics are nothing but gimmicks tuned to paint an innocent man facing the wrath of mob lynching. He irregularly received Sh.12.5M from the government, sat on it. That was the plan. Now he comes out with escapism strategy.

Mutahi is coming out with figures thinking all Kenyans are blind and that he will manipulate their minds and get away with it, but that’s why Kenya Insights exists to separate truths from lies.


Mutahi cleverly gives the amount from the mysterious client as Sh. 11,875,000 and not the Sh.12,500,000 as mentioned in the Auditor General report. A well thought out mind play with figures manipulation. Breaking it down, what Ngunyi doesn’t tell you is that consultancy services attract 5% withholding tax and is therefore paid at 95% and the 5% paid to GOK via KRA. 5% of 12,500,000 is 625,000.

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His firm The Consulting House was paid as stated by the auditor general and should not play with figures. They must have been notified that withholding tax was remitted, and they have consequently been credited with the tax in their KRA ledger accounts.

They must not only refund the money but also interest on such amount besides being charged in a court of law. Amount due =12,500,000/=
5% withholding tax=625,000/= Net amount to be wired=11,875,000/=

An online certificate is issued when withholding tax is paid to KRA and receiving entity instantly notified, this signifies payment.
So yes 12,500,000/= was paid to Mutahi as indicated in AG Ouko’s report.

Mutahi Ngunyi is doing rounds with figures and playing with Kenyans minds. If the amount in his account can’t be accounted for then there’s unaccounted and asset recovery unit in government, let him return the money, after all, it will get back to the right people, taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the professor can continue with his theatrics and tyranny of swindling and mind’s manipulation of the sleeping. Luckily, a majority of Kenya is awake, but the fact remains, Ouko exonerated, and Mutahi was irregularly allotted 12.5M. Dead end Ngunyi you stole from NYS.

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