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Ahmed Rashid, Kenya’s Most Feared Killer Cop Goes On Camera With BBC And To Many In Eastleigh He’s A Hero



Ahmed Rashid

2017 in broad daylight, two suspected thugs were gunned down by a policeman in Eastleigh, Nairobi, the bizarre incident was caught on camera and the video went viral on social media causing an outrage and that’s how Ahmed Rashid was introduced to the public.

He was filmed shooting at a point blank at the unarmed suspects who allegedly were members of the dreaded Superpower Gang in Eastleigh. The criminal unit maimed and killed many, criminal levels were at an all time high and at that pony, rashid was attached to the DCI.

Perhaps for his reputation within the force, Rashid was tasked with one mission when he was deployed to Eastleigh; finish criminal activities. In the first interview he’s ever done, Rashid is blunt about his mode of operation; criminals are not to be spared and the end justifies the means.

To human rights defenders, Rashid is a villain who shouldn’t be in the police force. To the residents of Eastleigh, he’s a hero who has reduced the crime rates in the Estate by 80%. The mention of his name and his squad of six officers sends shivers down the spines of many.

He has killed many and almost whipped out the Superpower gang which is now on its death bed if not completely wiped out. Other than killing, he has rehabilitation programs for reformed thugs like he has a car wash where the thugs who’ve reformed work to make a living.

You can watch the documentary below;

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