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There’s A Problem At Epic Properties



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After running vigorous campaigns on social media advertising the land of milk and honey, real estate company Epic Properties is now on the spot after residents realized they were hoodwinked and services promised were not being offered.

Taking to social media tenants have continuously complained about the subpar management of the homes they pay tooth and nail to live in. A twitter user, Wambui says the state of living at the properties is detrimental, with no hint of change after months of promises.

Wambui says the homes were far from what was advertised, soon after moving in the low cost models could be easily be noticed and access to clean water was only limited to a few weeks after moving in after which they are asked to part with more huge sums of money on top of rent, failure to which what they got was “DIRTY, SMELLY, SLIMY” water.

Electricity shutdowns at the properties is also regular, residents get a blackout on average every one and a half days. When asked to fix the problems, management shifts blame to Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) but wambui states the blackouts only happen at Epic.

Management at Epic Properties should be ashamed, there is nothing epic about residents paying top dollar to get infections. This is after consuming dirty water bought because it’s cheap so some people can get rich quick. It is outright unfair to inconvenience the people who feed you by turning a deaf ear to their power outage concerns.

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