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Sarah Cohen The Wife Of Missing Dutch Billionaire Comes Out Clean



Sarah Wairimu Kamotho and Missing Dutch citizen Tob Cohen

In a new twist of events. Sarah Cohen the wife of the missing dutch billionaire Tob Cohen on July 20th, 2019 has finally broken the silence surrounding the businessman’s disappearance  in an apparent bid to set the record straight, clear her name and present the facts as they are. She adds that she thinks the husband is behind the narrative to taint her as a villain.

Tob Cohen, was in an unstable state of the mind before his disappearance, Sarah states in an article published on her website, Sarah says that She has been worried for his mental health for a while now.

“Tob Cohen is known around club circles across the country as a rowdy and controversial individual. Our friends and acquaintances have, over the years, witnessed dozens of incidents where Tob gets intoxicated, and thereafter becomes violent.” The blog reads. Sarah says this behaviour saw him end up in disciplinary panels in many of the clubs he was part of.

In one incident in 2006 following violent conduct at Windsor Golf & Country Club, the disciplinary panel opted to expel him from the club.

In 2013, in a similar play of events, this time at Muthaiga Golf Club. Tob was accused of violence, disrespectful and threatening behaviour. This incident led to his suspension from the club for 6 months



Tob’s sister Gabrie  has said there was nothing wrong with her brother and that she suspects Sarah to be complicit in the death of her brother (seen in this video). Released screenshots of conversations between Sarah, Gabrie and Bernard Cohen show otherwise. The screenshots show that Sarah has been talking about Tob’s mental health issues with them for a while.

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In the well documented blog, Sarah adds that her husband started to show his erratic behaviour towards close family members in December 2018, at her daughter’s traditional wedding, held at their house in Nairobi. Tob would drink himself to stupor before going rowdy on anybody who was around him. “Tob had been drinking heavily that day, and by around 4 pm was quite intoxicated. It’s important for me to state that Tob is a frequent and heavy drinker and smoker (cigarettes, cigars and reportedly, weed). As the evening progressed, he got more and more rowdy, and was soon causing quite a scene with our guests,” Sarah states.

During the event Sarah in an audio file claims the man was at his worst during the wedding days evening. She claims the man was all over soliciting for sex from guests, her daughters female friends and male friends infront of all the guests. Sarah claims there are multiple reports from the incident because offended guests went ahead to report the incident at Spring Valley Police station. At the party, which was on December 22, 2018, it is said that he would tell everybody that he was going to divorce the wife and chase out the daughter.

In the subsequent days Mr Cohen would then refuse to accompany his wife and the guests on a safari, stating that he was in a ‘war mood’,  break into the family safe and take all the family documents and on many times threatening Sarah of divorcing her marking the genesis of a bitter separation that led to his disappearance.

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Mr Cohen went missing on July 20, after leaving his house in a white car that had been waiting for him outside the gate. A day before he went missing, a letter addressed to the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi and signed by Sarah indicated that Tob was battling depression and often picked fights with those around him.

Investigations are still ongoing.


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