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Political Debating On Television Can Determine Whether A Candidate Wins The Ultimate Prize or Not




Political debating on television is a contact sport, the ultimate theater of performance, which can determine whether a candidate wins the ultimate prize or not. Debates are important and the declaration by the Kenyan Media to host the 2017 Presidential candidates debate is a step in the right direction of our nascent democracy. By now Kenyans have also had a glimpse of what is to come in the debates through the ongoing county gubernatorial candidates debates on various TV channels.

A few issues have become evident from the gubernatorial debates; Political debating on TV is a new concept and many aspirants have no clue on how to go about them, many aspirants don’t carry out adequate research prior to the debates and many of them are still having difficulties in mastering the visual, vocal and verbal aspects of modern television debating.

The first of the Presidential debate is on today ( If the candidates show up) and candidates will have to put together various facts, insights, values, emotional appeals and the aspirations that voters hold and clearly show how all these factors combine to lead to a plausible conclusion. It will not only be a play of logic, but emotions and ultimate showmanship to connect with voters and sway the undecided voters.

Of course, the Communication Styles of the aspirants will come into play and some of them are well suited for the debate format and l have written extensively on the Communication Style of the Leading aspirants somewhere else. Perhaps fortunes can change, for the front- runners based on their performance and this means they must raise their game and their performance must be beyond reproach; and adequate preparation is of the essence.

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Written by: Paul Achar, a corporate communication consultant and image trainer.

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