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Opiyo Wandayi Warns Kenya Kwanza Government To Prepare for Unstoppable Mass Action



Opiyo Wandayi has issued a stern warning to the Kenya Kwanza government, urging them to brace themselves for an imminent wave of relentless mass action.

The National Assembly minority leader, made this declaration during the ODM party delegate meeting in Nyatike Sub County on Monday, emphasizing that the Azimio team is prepared to initiate a formidable campaign that will show no signs of abating.

Opiyo Wandayi

Image: Standard

In light of the burdening taxation imposed by the government, Wandayi vehemently asserted that they cannot idly stand by while Kenyans suffer. The people of Kenya are determined to resist the government’s endeavor to further burden them with excessive taxes.

“We are embarking on a new journey at Kamukunji… Much has been said, but we have now reached a crucial juncture where we must seek guidance from the people. The journey that begins at Kamukunji may prove unstoppable. Depending on the people’s response, it has the potential to revolutionize the political landscape of our nation,” stated the minority leader resolutely.

Supporting Opiyo Wandayi’s stance, ODM party chairman John Mbadi echoed his sentiments, asserting that excessively taxing citizens would not facilitate the Kenya Kwanza government in generating funds for national development.

Mbadi highlighted the precarious path the government is treading, jeopardizing the livelihoods of civil servants by depleting their salaries.

“No economy can flourish by overburdening its citizens with exorbitant taxes. This Kenya Kwanza government is encroaching upon the livelihoods of civil servants, and we are teetering on treacherous ground,” cautioned Mbadi.

Both leaders called upon grassroots ODM party members to fortify the party’s foundations to ensure its unwavering strength as the foremost political entity in the country.

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In protest of the recently enacted Finance Bill 2023, signed into law by President Ruto on Monday, the Azimio la Umoja coalition will hold a public Baraza at Kamukunji grounds today. This meeting will serve as a platform for expressing dissatisfaction with the legislation that has placed an onerous burden on the Kenyan populace.

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