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Netizens React After Raila Junior Calls For Banning Of Roadside Carwash In Lavington



Kenyans on twitter have slammed Raila Junior Odinga, son to AU special Envoy and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga after calling for a ban on washing of cars by the roadside in Nairobi’s Lavington.

Some citizens saw sense in what Junior had tweeted and they had this to say.

Majority of Netizens condemned Raila Junior for disregarding many jobless youth who have resorted to manual jobs like washing cars to make a living.

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Here are sampled replies and quoted tweets on the post Junior had made.

But is Raila Odinga wrong or wrong? I’m of the perspective that Raila Junior is lost in between being an organized senior citizen and a ‘low’ abiding youth. Kenyans have been forced to understand that things don’t happen in any particular order in this country. Majority of Netizens are also reacting negatively because they can’t relate to what is supposed to happen or is happening in a orderly society, Lavington can be the case study.

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