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MWANGI: CS Magoha Should Embrace Diversity And Stop Discrimination Against LGTBQ+



In a recent remark, CS George Magoha mentioned that LGBTQ+ kids should be moved to day schools in a move that will ensure that other kids remain “safe” and not influenced. This is part of the direct stigma and discrimination that the sexual and gender minorities in Kenya; LGBTQ+ persons continue to face.

CS George Magoha should be highly concerned andaddress the sexual reproductive health needs in school, the ongoing school fires, school calendar and not anyone’ssexuality. Young learners especially girls continue to drop out of school due to early pregnancies from rape, defilement including minor-minor sexual intercourse. Humans are diverse in their interests, age, sexuality, love and no one should be discriminated. Human rights remain universal and indivisible.

Anyone in this country, despite your age, sex, gender, religion has a right to Education and no policy, institution or leader should discriminate against a section of the population because of who they are. CS George Magoha is wrong to share such discriminatory statements. Suchstatements fuel stigma and discrimination to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ including the learners. This is a direct attack and highlights the selfish culture of heteronormativitywithin our current society.

It is evident that our community is diverse, this should be embraced and appreciated. LGBTQ+ persons are here,they have been here, they are human, they are within and among us. Gay or not gay, we all deserve love, respect and enjoyment of our rights.

CS Magoha should ban school fires, early pregnancies and not LGBTQ+ persons in school. There are no gay learners, they are all learners, discriminating someone because of their sexual orientation is totally uncalled for.

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To many people including CS Magoha, the LGBTQ+ persons in school remains a threat to the safety and wellbeing of other children as well the general community “normal” way of life. Our families, our communities are and will continue being different. LGBTQ+ persons are not different in any way. They are human, they have been here. We are told love your neighbour, just as you love yourself. Being queer, lesbian, trans or gay should be a non issue, one’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (SOGIE) is a non-issue.

Being barred to access and enjoy their human rights because of who they are is a huge issue, the violence meted upon the LGBTQ+ persons is undeniably a big issue as it affects their quality of health, mental health and life.

No one is and should be allowed to discriminate on the sexual and gender minority persons. This is a sad and worrying trend as it increases stigma and discriminationwhich in turn might lead to violence and even fear of accessing education within any level of schooling. The LGBTQ+ People experience prejudice in all areas of life, such as health, employment and housing. They are also frequently blackmailed, raped and in the worst cases, murdered. Because the law is used against them, the LGBTQ+ people have no access to protection from this kind of abuse.

We should not fuel prejudice and use the law, an institutionor any office to target a group of people we don’t agree with! We all deserve respect. Basic human rights, dignity and respect must be accorded to each and every individual regardless of sexual orientation. Any law, policy and even a Constitution of a country should promote diversity, inclusion and tolerance. We are all equal and have right to protection under the law. Embracing diversity of different sexualities is key in ensuring that no violence or discrimination is experienced

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Alvin Mwangi is a Reproductive Health Youth Expert Nairobi, Kenya | Twitter: @alvinmwangi254

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