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Mismanagement Of Funds At Nairobi Water Queried



MD Nahashon Muguna.

A lot seems to be happening underneath the walls to the annoyance of staff members at Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company(NCWSC) who’re now gutted with the management’s misappropriation of funds that has allegedly gotten out of hands.

Information received by Kenya Insights, indicate that the staff are alarmed by alleged open theft that they can no longer keep silence.

Like many public offices, procurement loopholes and manipulations is proving to be the white elephant in the house according to the allegations received by Kenya Insights, the disgruntled staff are accusing the management of flouting set rules to their advantage.

”The Company is supposed to have a procurement plan formulated in line with its its annual budget, Prudent stewardship compells the management to adhere to these plans. But in our beloved Company (NCWSC) skewed management has resulted in gross violation of these documented and approved plans, this is why the allocations cannot last 4 months. We the Staff demand the management to declare the extent the Company has adhered to these plans. It should also be made clear whether the allocations various votes have been equitably utilised.” Reads a statement from staff to Kenya Insights.

“By this its meant availing a listing of the TOP management leading earners of Per Diem and the number of Trainings attended including the Board who seems to be more trained than ordinary Staff.”It continues.

According to the allegations, the company’s MD Nahashon Muguna is complicit to the fraudulent allegations in the company. The staff are further accusing the management of operating with impunity while name calling high protections. “A lot of things are happening at the Nairobi Water to the extent that the big man(MD) and his inner circle are walking bragging eti hakuna mahali wanaweza pelekwa(are untouchable) that they feed the magistrates and judges and that the Investigation bodies like EACC, DCI officials are in their pockets that the acting financial director has the Audacity of Verbally and without any official communication from the company forcing people to go and record statements to the DCI to the loss of Cotu money amongst other issues just to sanitize himself and His buddies from the investigation which we believe is soon coming.” Reads the statement.

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Kenya Insights, has learnt of a supposed “The Fake Training” of Buluku where allegedly Sh1,834,000 went under just like that. Allegedly, statements were recorded with the DCI and nothing much was heard thereafter. The staff are now demanding for the reports from the EACC, DCI and Ombudsman to be made public.

“The opaque management in this establishment is worrying.” The staff claim.

Unconfirmed rumors in the corridors claim that  the World Bank gave the company Sh1billion for training NCWSC workers but the staff allege that the money has been gobbled by the board or the usage details remains unclear.

Another burning issue raised is the unnecessary foreign travels that’s eating up the company’s finances.

“Now why go to Dubai even MPs go around Kenya for meetings why go to Dubai.” They pause.

So rampant are the trips that NMS boss General Badi had to intervene and cancel the company’s board ‘Celebration Party’ scheduled for Italy.

According to the complaint, it was the attention seeking of socialite Karen Nyamu who’s a director at the company that blew the cover after posting it her trips on social media.

“We also take this Opportunity to Thank Nms Badi for stopping the Board for a Celebration party in ITALY, kisa na maana Mrs Samidohs,aka Karen Nyamu aka Chair wa DHR Behaviour ya selling out guys ya kupost Picha ya Tambia haiambatani na class yake ya Ashaming the Nairobians, going Abroad to misbehave courtesy of Public funds, alafu anapost board member ya Nairobi water working trip.” The statement reads in parts.

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Nyamu flaunts her tickets with Samidoh.
Nyamu on first class.

”It’s a Shame to the board members who continue to take advantage of the weakness ya MUGUNA ya Ukora na wizi unaopita kipimo, Asante Badi na bado tunasikia wanataka Muguna Aende siku Zake za leave about 400 days, they can Afford huge Per-diems every month without care and without following procedures and budgetary provisions Bora tu pesa iingie Kwa mfuko.”

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