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London Distillers Billionaire Mohan Galot Empire Is Crumbling Down



Mohan Galot of London Distillers in court.

One of the country’s richest businessmen faces a fight like no other in his life.

Mohan Galot, the billionaire owner of London Distillers and Bounty Limited is coming alive to the fact his business empire is crumbling under his watch as the company that he helped establish is slowly and surely sinking to new levels of bad repute, huge loses and a permanent fixture in the courts and negative press.

Two months after the company was accused – and did not defend a story about the quality of the drinks they produce and discharge to the market, it is now emerging that the single-decision making trend by Galot on employee welfare and general working conditions has awakened to haunt him.

In the recent weeks, the octogenarian has embarked on a journey of self-destruction, ignoring legal advice within his company, neglecting union recommendations and advice and refusing to go by the High Court ruling on the retrenchment of employees within the company.


“We are faced with a very unique situation in this country and it is a very bad precedent that Galot is setting for the entrepreneurs in the country. A very bad thing indeed. In the last few weeks, he has decided to sack employees on a weekly basis, weakening the union and the employees only voice. He has gone against the court ruling on the retrenchment and is paying those he has unilaterally sacked against the CBA. He is just a bad manager,” says an employee of the firm at the sales department.

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In several documents in the possession of this media outlet, Galot has made radical changes in the retirement benefits of its employees, contravening the laid down rules pertaining to retirement and emoluments to be paid out.

Several affected employees that cannot be named for their own security, has confirmed receiving redundancy letters with benefits way below the agreement between the union and the company.

Galot, the chairman of the company attributes the sacking to lack of molasses in the country and the effect of counterfeit in the market as the reason for the sacking, though many people in the know point out to the fact the company has for the last several years tried to get a way to lay off staff.

“As clearly indicated, due to the explained reason and factors beyond the control of the company, key being the acute shortage of molasses in the market and the effect of counterfeit in the market, the company is compelled to declare redundancies. We now write to you to inform you that you have been declared redundant effective April 12, 2023,” says Galot in a letter to an employee laid off.


The letter was signed April 12, 2023

Counterfeit and bootleg is a flimsy reason and one of the worst to be used in such a case, insiders say,

They have thus appealed to the government to intervene and help remedy the situation they say is wrought with hate and a tinge of racism after Galot personally said he is indispensable in the country.

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“We call on our government officials including the cabinet to step in and help the poor souls that work for this company. Galot feels that he can trample on people’s rights because he is close to the President and Cabinet minister. This should not be the case. The fact that there are people poorly paid and mistreated when they want to leave is enough reason to have the government step in,” says an employee at the factory.



The fact that he enjoyed close and cordial relationships with former Presidents Daniel Arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki has seen him roughshod all administrative and laid down laws pertaining to employee respect and mutual treatment.

Two months ago, alongside his nephew Pawan Galot, Mohan was hosted by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua in what many people saw as an avenue of getting close to the new administration of President William Ruto.

The talks during the meeting at the DP’s office along Harambee Avenue revolved around taxation and the many cases facing the billionaire.

At the same time, Galot is said to have made a move to the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) offices over a matter regarding his taxation cases that come up next month. Following a tip off from the National Intelligence Services (NIS), the KRA senior officials cancelled the meeting at the last minute.

Dining and meeting Galot, a darling of Moi-era state officers has become a poisoned chalice and those in the know says that two months ago, during a Passing Out Parade at the Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo, the department returned a lorry of refreshments donated by the company.

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At the same time, the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) turned down another offer at the last minute after it emerged the court-loving businessman was using it to worm his way to the heart of the sleuths’ offices.

Previously, Kiambu police investigated a case where one of the directors of the company Pippa Galot subjected an employee to a HIV/Aids test after she returned from her off. The matter was investigated and one of the employees suspected of leaking the information was transferred to a duty station away from the palatial residence in Kiambu.

On the other hand, an ongoing legal matter involving one of the nephews is still pending in court with signs showing of a divided family, run by greed and felled by personal aggrandizement.

Months ago, two of the famous family scions, Avin Galot, the CEO of London Distillers and his cousin Pravin Galot were caught on camera in an embarrassing altercation at the Kiambu residence, a matter well covered in the social media with viral reviews.


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