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Law Suits Have Proven Ineffective in Taming Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi This Is What To




Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore the latest executive to sue Blogger Nyakundi for defamation.

Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore the latest executive to sue Blogger Nyakundi for defamation.

Civic gadflies and self-styled watchdogs in Kenya who accuse local politicians and companies are getting slapped with lawsuits. Safaricom’s current and former CEOs suing blogger Cyprian Nyakundi for defamation over articles in which he said to accuse the telecommunications giant of exploiting Kenyans is nothing but a motivating factor to him.

I have known Nyakundi for years. He is an introvert who would rather tweet a girl that he likes than talk to her in person. “[As] a personal blogger, when the only readers are you and your mother, you don’t think that someday you are going to be hearing from law offices,”
Web sites and other entities do not want to be tasked with having to weigh the facts of any situation and making a judgment call.

Therefore, most will not delete content just because a party alleges a post is false.
Most websites will, however, remove content declared false by a court, even though court orders are typically against the actual posters of the content and not the websites themselves.

In short, the court ordered removal involves obtaining a judgment against the poster of defamatory content online and then presenting the court order to the sites (or, when relevant, Google) on which the malicious content is appearing.

Of course, obtaining a judicial decision involves filing an actual lawsuit with legitimate claims and pursuing the authors of the harmful content. When a defendant is known (or can be identified and later named as a defendant), the parties might settle and each sign an agreed order, which can be presented to the court to grant the requested judgment.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

Be it real-life or a Blog, controversy is one of the best way to start a debate and raise some eyeballs. Especially, when you have a new blog, and you like to get mass social media attention, a perfect controversial blog post is your best friend.

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It can do wonder and might take your blog to next level. But is it that easy and is it ethical to create controversy to get attention and popularity? We will look into some of these topics below, and you can add your suggestions and ideas for creating perfect controversial posts via comments.

Nyakundi has perfected the art of blogging too well to understand each and every situation he puts himself in. Which ingredient makes a simple post a controversial one ?? Controversial blog posts are the ones that are not expected to be written.

Like say, that Facebook hasn’t yet launched the “Dislike” button and if you publish a post about “Facebook launches a dislike button” which is not at all true, but then also people will rush in to see how to use it and will only get fooled.

Not just that, you can create controversy targeting any particular product or any famous personality. Writing stuff about people that no one knows, and no one even expects it to go public are referred as “Controversial Blog Posts“.

You can pick any trending debatable topic and choose one side and create a buzz with your writing.
So basically suing Nyakundi is the same same as multiplying traffic to his blog times 1000 the regular he get per day which translates to so much money regarding Google Adsense.

Maybe Bob should have just invited it for some traditional ugali at some restaurant in town, if it worked for Raila Odinga and Moses Kuria, it doesn’t hurt to behave like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand at times.

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