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Kenyans Reacts To The New Police Reforms, Uniform And They’re Disgusted



The new police uniform.

President Uhuru Kenyatta today enacted major reforms in the structure, command, control and welfare of the National Police Service. Speaking when he received a task force report on police reforms at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi today, President Kenyatta said the reforms  are aimed at making the police a “service that is respected” rather than “a force that is feared”.

The report prepared by the taskforce headed by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i spells out an array of measures to unify the Kenya Police and the Kenya Administration Police formations. The Head of State made it clear that the reforms, ranging from the changes in structure and command, integration of Regular and Administration Police, change of uniform, rebranding of colleges, introduction of housing allowances for junior officers, are meant to make the police force more efficient.

The reforms will put smiles on police officers, especially those in the lower ranks, who have traditionally lived in congested houses with no option of living in houses of their choice. The officers will now be paid house allowance and will live in places of their choice. “To solve the problem of housing police and prisons officers, and to better integrate them with the Kenyans they serve, the policy of mandatory and free housing for junior officers in institutional houses is hereby abolished. Instead, house allowances for all ranks of these officers will be provided,” said the Head of State. President Kenyatta ordered the National Treasury to factor in the new allowances in the supplementary budget.

The Head of State said the reforms are aimed at raising the morale of the security officers by improving their conditions of service. “They (reforms) will clarify and simplify command and control, increase both accountability and performance and they will make the police more than equal to the threats that face our nation,” said the President Kenyatta at the meeting attended by all senior police officers.

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The President said the reforms he unveiled were the culmination of the transformations he started when the Jubilee Government took office in 2013. “When I took office in 2013 the National Police Service budget was slightly over Sh50 billion, today we have almost doubled the allocation to almost Sh100 billion tangibly demonstrating our commitment to the reform agenda,” said the President. He said the police service today has more than 5,000 vehicles in service to increase police mobility and response.

The new police look

The President also cited the other milestones like the command and control centre in Nairobi and Mombasa as well as the increased number of police officers. On the reorganisation of the police, President Kenyatta directed the Interior CS and the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to eliminate overlap and duplication in reporting functions.

The President further said the Deputy Inspector General, Kenya Police Service will now focus on public safety and security while the Deputy Inspector General Administration Police Service will focus on protective and border security as well as combating cattle rustling and banditry. In order to eliminate waste and duplication, 39,680 KPS and 24,572 APS will be integrated as General Duty Police Officers under the command of the Deputy Inspector General Kenya Police Service. “That will give us a total of 64,252 Police Service General-duty Police, given the unified command we can expect better security for Kenyans,” said the President. In the new dispensation, the Deputy IG APS will be in charge of the Border Police Unit, currently known as the Rural Border Patrol Unit, whose core role will be dealing with transnational threats.

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The unit will be composed of 6,000 officers. The Deputy IG APS will also be in charge of a new unit that will integrate the Security of Government Buildings (SGB) and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) which will have a total of 13,053 officers. The Deputy IG APS will also be in charge of a new unit that will bring together the Kenya Police Service Anti-Stock Theft Unit and the Administration Police Stock Theft Prevention Unit and its strength will be raised to 5,000 officers.

The President unveiled a unified police command as follows (i) One Regional Police Commander (RPC), (ii) One County Police Commander (CPC) (iii) One Sub County Police Commander (SPC), and (iv) Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS)/Ward Commander in charge of a Police Station and its Posts/ Patrol Bases. The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and the Inspector General of Police also spoke at the function.

Previous police look

Kenyans have reacted to the the new changes and the General mood is hostile, most are disgusted in a show of disapproval to the changes more specifically on the uniform which has seen the custom one phased out. Below are some of the reactions;

Donald Kipkorir: The Uniforms for our newly unified Kenya Police is Ugly, Dull , Old fashioned & Uninspiring … The Beret is worse … They look like Salvation Army Band … Police Uniform must be one that shows fitness & inspires fear … Here, we were conned.

Joshua Njenga: The new police uniforms are ugly, but the bank accounts of those who made them are beautiful.

Bravin: You all will say am Hating but What makes this a National Police Uniform? No single Colour of the National Flag is represented and the Badges look more of the Uganda National Flag than the Kenya Police Service Flag. Tumeuzwa! Why are they coming after China visit? 

Julius Mmasi: Another scum, Let the current uniform for Kenya Police remain intact, I say no to Dull, ugly and fake Chinese uniform with  Ugandan national flag. WHAT SHAME TO OUR POLICE FORCE!? 

Abraham Mutai: Hizi ni nini sasa? I thought part of the #PoliceReforms on uniforms size and fitness was supposed to be emphasized. Those times when police looked shaggy, shapeless and badly dressed are over. Police UNIFORM the design especially should be the smartest around. But hizi! Baaad

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Hon. Elisha Odhiambo: Dear President Uhuru. New police uniform is NOT police reforms. Reforms can only be achieved  when the following are addressed: decent housing for our police, good salary, ethics and integrity, ethnicity in recruitment and a tamper-proof investigating machinery 

Oliver Mathenge: The new Kenya Police uniform is actually very ugly

Sen. Mutula Kilonzo Jr: The new police uniform reminds me of the biblical story of new wine in old wine skins ! Police are poorly paid & live in deplorable conditions .if you ask them for their views , uniform will not be in top ten need list

Kenya West: At this point I think G4S has better looking uniforms than their colleagues here.

Whoever designed this this need to charged with high voltage treason. How could he make our officers look like struggling security firm. We wanted #PoliceReforms not #Policeuniform SO UNINSPIRING!

Which one do you prefer, the old or new uniform?

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PHOTOS: Migori Governor Okoth Obado Recieved With Jubilations As He Reports Back To Work



Grand entrance as Obado resumes office.

For 34 days, the county boss stayed without the luxuries and pomp that power comes with. Obado who was arrested and charged over the death of his girlfriend Sharon Otieno, would spend his days and cold nights in Industrial Area as he fought for the court to grant him bail and his wish was granted last week.

Mr Obado was released from the Industrial Area Prison on Thursday evening after being freed on cash bail. The governor is out on a Sh5 million cash bail but he cannot go to his palatial home in Rapogi because it within a 20km radius the court ruled he should not breach lest he is taken back to prison.

Obado disembarks from his official car when he arrived in the office.

To conform with the terms, Obado has now moved to his old house in compliance with High Court bond terms that require him to stay away from Homa Bay’s boundary by at least 20km.The Migori house belongs to BAT Kenya and was rented by the county administration in 2014. He vacated the house three years ago when the construction of his new rural home was completed. He has been operating from his Rapogi home, which is within the 20km radius.

Obado received by his jubilant staff and supporters at the County’s HQ.

Justice Jessie Lessit on Wednesday ruled that Mr Obado was entitled to bond, as none of the evidence and witnesses had directly linked him to the murder of the Rongo University student.

Unbowed by his tribulations which he has repeatedly attributed to politics, the Governor with full power apparatus, reported to work where his staff and supporters at the county’s headquarters welcomed him with jubilation.

Governor Obado chairs County’s cabinet meeting.

Obado addressing county staff afterskjmg a return.

Obado chaired a meeting with his cabinet and was updated on various developments in his absence. Many had thought he’d resign from office given the murder case and integrity scope but all that seem not to be happening. There’s supposedly an impeachment motion in the cooking to oust the governor in what can be said to be a looming battle. For now it’s bsbk to enjoying power contraptions for the Governor who can’t get out of his county.

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Mixed Reactions As Kiuna’s JCC Allows Gay Journalist Richard Quest To The Pulpit



Richard Quest.

Homosexuality remains one of those taboo topics in Kenya such that when Obama visited Kenya, President Uhuru veered off discussions in that perspective telling his US counterpart that homosexuality is a non issue.

Under Kenyan laws, homosexuality is still considered criminal punishable by imprisonment. Kenya despite criminalizing the samesex relationships is however not as hostile on homosexuals as neighboring countries, Kenya has remained a safe hub for gays given the soft stance. There’s reportedly a case in the brewing that would eventually see Kenya legalizing homosexuality and join rest of west countries now allowing same sex marriages.

The church especially the Kenyan clergy has been preaching against gayism and that’s why it didn’t come as a surprise when section of Kenyans criticized JCC when they hosted CNN’s Richard Quest and allowed him to use the pulpit to preach during their Sunday service.

Quest in the front seats of the JCC

While there’s nothing wrong with allowing him to the pulpit, it is unusual and newsworthy for the church to embrace Quest who’s publicly gay having come out himself. Can this be read as the church giving a node to homosexuality? It is a statement that’s being made not sure what they were saying.

Kenyans as always, had a lot to say on this particular matter in which the church is being accused of double standards and hypocrisy in the sense that, we have publicly declared gay people in the country that the church has never hosted, JCC is accused of clinging on the clout that the CNN journalist has come with since his entry into the country.

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Sample of the comments:

Holly Kenyan; A Kenyan ,born and raised  who is a 100% a church attendant and never misses a church service  have never been given a chance in the same church to say hi!!! Richard Quest has been given a VIP sit and 30 minutes worth of airtime and first time church attendant.

Michael Kyale; Seriously ? We have allowed Mr. Quest who is GAY, without any apologies/repentance to speak on pulpit? Something not right here.

Mercy Amisi; I honestly see nothing wrong here. When Jesus died at the cross, the curtain at the temple tore into two, showing the church was opened to all. Funny how adulterous attending church sermons are now condemning JCC for welcoming Richard smh.

Richard Quest is in the country to shoot two episodes of his Quest Means Business which was to air live on Thursday and Friday but didn’t given the bomb scares in the US.


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Itumbi Daily Visits To Lang’ata Women Prison Raises Eyebrows



Itumbi and Maribe talking on the side when she appeared in court.

It is not a secret that there exists a very strong bond or attraction between Itumbi and Maribe even though he says their relationship is not romantic.

Ever since Jacque Maribe was first summoned for questioning on Monica Kimani’s murder before her arrest, Itumbi has come out publicly in giving Maribe moral and other ends of support.

Despite Maribe always appearing with her fiancé Jowie, Itumbi has not shied away from anything even the cameras to cross the crocodile infested rivers for Jacque, in her las court appearance, Itumbi even joined her in the dick and tightly hugged her as Jowie tried so hard to assume.

The government’s digital strategist who’s said to now be in the cold after being blocked from entering Statehouse seems to be breaking the borders for his friend Maribe. He has written letters,  written poems the only thing Itumbi hasn’t done yet is breaking down on camera for Maribe.

A source is now revealing to Kenya Insights that Itumbi has also been making daily visits to Lang’ata women prison where Maribe is being held. The source says he’s a frequent visitor and gets preferential treatment whenever he visits.

Source tells us that he’s accorded longer hours with the prisoner where they spend more time together. This has caused a discomfort in the prison walls as to why he should be given the preferential treatment.

Itumbi’s sustained court appearance is said to be giving the case pomp and frustrating Maribe’s chances of getting bail as its read that she has friends in high places that can influence the case.

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The love or obsession that exists between these two is a whole new book.

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