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Kenya Lost In The Raila’s Loss Of The Election



Raila Odinga


As a billionaire, Raila is set for a retirement to his vast empire. While he was the NASA candidate, this election as drawn was beyond his indivual character. Kenyans wanted a change, things weren’t going the way they ought to be under Jubilee who served not meals of mystery to The livelihood of many Kenyans. But the high hopes seem dead with declaration of Uhuru as president which means more years of Jubilee tasteless rule. A petition challenging Uhuru’s win has been filed but if we’re to speculate ruling from the history then we might as well hope for the best but brace for The worst.

With Raila out of The picture what’s next for Kenya? What position are we left in. With majority stakes in bith legislative houses, Jubilee will swallow The opposition influence. Raila has been one of The best opposition leaders in our times, a blessing in disguise. If left unchecked, Jubilee can be a menace. If Raila who single handedly holds regimes into account exits the political picture then his shoes will be left unfilled and Kenyans will be literally left in The cold.

The repercussions of Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga ‘Loss’ in recently concluded sham Elections ever in Kenya history and the price to pay is more than we can afford.

Voter Apathy has hit the edge. Voter turnout in the year’s election was more with 20% and voter register piled up with more 36% voters which amounted to 19.6million an increase with over 700,000. This was historic purposefully because they believed it was this time or never will their dream of Change of Government which was scandalous with Corruption, Extra Judicial Killings and too many injustices to mention. The D-Day ambulances transported ill eligible voters from hospital wards, they never wanted to miss and mess this country for every vote counts. With a 78% voter turn out, the hopes and stakes in this election were high. What it has become has killed spirits and trust in the electoral system in Kenya.

From counting of results to Transmission to National Tallying Centre became Sodom and Gomorrah and 11th August on a Friday close to midnight unexpectedly Uhuru Kenyatta was announced winner despite evident malpractices that bumped the outcome.It was an election for Uhuru Kenyatta to loose with a margin, Opposition strongholds recorded highest voter turnouts, historically Some of President Uhuru strongholds an example Embu County in Central Kenya gave Opposition Candidate Raila 22% unlike before in 2013 where he only garnered 5%. Elections in Kenya have had a predetermined results pattern. If this is the case, many Kenyans are losing hopes in the electoral system. It really doesn’t make sense to wait for five years to line up to cast a vote on a leader already selected by dark forces. Why waste time to vote while machine appoints the president? A general feeling.

A mother covering the bodies of her two sons shot dead by police in Mathare.

The election outcome was and has always been predetermined between Electoral Body IEBC and the Ruling government provided Raila is on the ballot in support of World Super powers America just to state a few who are phobic of his possible government.For the first time, America firm won Construction tender of Nairobi-Mombasa superhighway under Jubilee government and fear of their tender getting revoked when Odinga takes the throne was immense and might have led to influencing of Uhuru Kenyatta win. It’s not just the US, Western countries and observers, rushed to give the election a view bill of health before the proceeds were concluded. Carter Centre, EU Mission are amongst the observant groups reconsidering earlier statement will raising concerns over the transmission process.

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Following the outcomes some groups and organizations are Collecting signatures to boycott all Presidential Elections from next Election, it’s a waste of time and public resources when Voices of Dictators are heard more by Electoral body IEBC than voices of the electorates.Some are petitioning change of constitution we become a Kingdom led by King, hereditary leadership. Boycotting of next General election will be a reality, a big blow to claimed democracy in this Nation.The credibility of Electoral body IEBC has been totally buried alive and I don’t think ever again will Kenyans have faith in any Electoral body even if the current is disbanded.

Media Freedom has been sabotaged. From Tallying exercise and thereafter, mainstream media has been the Government mouthpiece and so two-way traffic, scratch my back I scratch your back.Media is to report public opinion and speak for the public but this has not been the case. Government through Information Communication Technology (ICT) CS earlier on threatened media houses not to have Parallel Tallying Centres which possibly they would announce results not concurrently with the Electoral body which is public interest always to be ahead. Genuinely to say, mainstream media played the biggest role in the electoral fraud. Like in all authoritarian regimes, we’re most likely to see a severe attack on the freedom of the press. This will give the government monopoly of controlling narratives with a severely mutilated media. The media has been deformed from being the public’s watchdog to the power elites and government watchdog and puppets. Crawling credibility.

Back to Social media, freedom of expression has been limited as many including bloggers have been threatened, some arrested and charged in court for hitting Government with reality considered ‘inciting’ sentiments.During Presidential Debate which only Raila responded to, he pledged to protect Social media users and mainstream media being they are exercising Freedom of expression. Social media is most likely to be a victim of voices clampdown. We’ve already seen some insane gagging legislations from the previous Jubilee government, we’re most likely to see more stiff and clamping laws. Social media has bee n an effective public eye on the government, the two have never blended well and her will.

Anti riot police aims to fire a tear gas canister at protesters

Oppressive the Legislation by use of Tyranny of Numbers which has just begun as Aden Duale former Majority leader and possibly will retain his position has admitted impeaching Controversial Auditor General Ouko as his first assignment.Auditor General Ouko has been the man trying to unmask Eurobond saga one of the grand corruption that’s haunting Jubilee government, he has since been an obstacle.The government doesn’t need ‘enemic’ intelligent minds but just simple men and women who do only paper work and says no evil.Being that this time round Jubilee Legislators outnumbers opposition’s, Constitution manipulation will be vigorous to favor their interest.Remember these are the same people who opposed the amendment of the new constitution in 2010 hence manipulation of the constitution will be rampant provided they have the Tyranny of Numbers.

The Same script is currently influencing People of South Africa, the outcry of citizens does away with President Jacob Juma as a matter of Corruption and ruthless governance but he has slipped after winning Vote of No Confidence in Parliament because his party has the Tyranny of numbers.His legislators are protecting the party and not the people, they are listening to the voice of the party and not the voice of the People they represent. It is not a secret that Jubilee leadership greatly opposed the new constitution of 2010. With majority numbers, Kenya is most likely to go into a referendum to amend the document. Kenyatta, i wouldn’t be surprised if he seeks to extend his terms.

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Ethnic Profiling and Tribal hatred have been a stressor for a period now.Power inheritance or circulation between two communities(Kikuyus and Kalenjins) has been of greater concern and threat to National Cohesion.Provided these two communities have the highest population in Kenya, Odinga would have been a buffer in tribal hatred. The bitter truth is the violence of 2017 is ethnic based, the Luos were singled out in the police terror. It didn’t shock from comments that some of the rival community members saw the brutality justifiable. Jubilee campaigned on a national unity agenda only to work in reverse in these targeted missions. Ethnic thinking and political correctness are really blinding and misfortune in Kenya. Intellectuals have become ethnic bigots and apologists. Last few days have exposed clearly the hatred, bigotry and supremacist tendencies Kenyans hide under smiling face for different communities.

NASA’s Mudavadi a d Sen Orengo assessing the damages after the police raid at the tallying centre.

Police Impunity has been on rising, protected by the same government to carry out injustices, Extra judicial killings on Outspoken and anti government personalities which include civil society have been facing the wrath.”The government only kill criminals” words from Police spokesperson.Recently Peaceful Post Election Protests led to the death of 25 people including the 9yrs old girl and 6months old infant which Police fabricates to have been Criminals and 107 Casualties in Opposition strongholds.Helter Skelter killings have become police norm, Moi era it was worst but again on rising on the current Uhuru regime, unlike Kibaki era. Police(Flying Squad) and other security personnel Kenya Defense Forces(KDF) are entities who operate on ORDER, not WILL and it’s government that gives Order.Not sooner will this end as already Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) and AfriCOG two Independent Civil society have been de-registered by CEO of NGO Board Fazul Muhammad over tax evasion and illegal operation allegations amidst the crisis of ongoing Extrajudicial killings to Peaceful protestors as a result of the fraudulent election.

These two bodies are the most active and the only eligible to defend Common citizens from injustices and file petitions in court.We have Election crisis, they were on the process to file a petition in court to find justice in recently concluded elections which government would have been on the losing end and had to shut down these two not to move an inch.Let’s be ready for the same tune provided Uhuru Kenyatta is still the Commander-in-chief.

Corruption has been the worst nightmare of current Uhuru administration.We have been ranked 3rd worldwide as the most corrupt country. The government is a collection of different and multiple entities who governs different sectors of concern in Nation building meaning it’s not Uhuru the Government.His government will be back I believe with same faces of corrupt Cabinet Secretaries and arms of Government.Raila had a mission to ‘Fagia wote’ sweep all away to start a fresh.All these grand corruption; Chicken Gate saga, Eurobond, National Youth Service (NYS) only came to limelight after Odinga’s alarm and the majority if not all had faith he could have been the revolutionist. Corruption takes up to half of annual budgetary allocations. Money set aside for the advancements of the country, ends up in the hands of a few, denying country development. Corruption has been rampant in the Jubilee Government, so high it has been rated highest in history. President Uhuru excused himself in a feigned exoneration that his hands are tied to deal with corruption. It has become inconsequential and fashionable to steal public money. If the last was bad then you can only imagine of the next.

A clear warning from Jubilee Party Chair Murathe on what to expect of Uhuru’s second regime.

Unemployment menace has been on rising, more than 1.1million SMEs shut down in the last 4yrs in presence of Uhuru regime and so did companies, industries, and banks relocate from Kenyan market due to Economy crisis rendering thousands of Kenyans jobless. Cost of Living due to the rate of unemployment and Economy flop has been witnessed in some parts of the country people starving to death, when there was Unga/maize flour Nationwide shortage, an unaffordable packet of milk, the unaffordable price of sugar all occurred out of Will and Strategy for votes hunting.Single mothers for the first time were to be recognized and catered for by Odinga government, all is lost. If Jubilee is to carry on with the same policies then unemployment rates likely to heighten.

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Dead Institutions especially the Clergy who are used to government looted money through conducting Harambee which Deputy President William Ruto is best at to silence them. The church a moral support body has been squarely engulfed in the murky business and voices bought. Noticeably, the church has been conspicuously missing miss crisis moments. Church went into bed with the oppressors and flock left on their own.

International community combined forces in a conspiracy to protect their individual country’s business interests in the premature endorsement of the election described as free and fair unanimously to the presidency of Uhuru. This sounds good but in line, line loses the sovereignty sense which by the way is illusory. Nothing is for free and they’ll definitely expect to oil of their backs by the fraudulent regime endorsed.

Now more than ever given the Jubilee’s tyranny of numbers and majority occupants in both Parliament and Senate, legislation making bodies. We’re just likely to see selfish and oppressive legislations pass through. For this, a very strong civil society is needed as a backup to check the system. Knowing what’s ahead, it doesn’t shock that Civil society is the first casualties of Jubilee terrorism. A weakened civil society and opposition leaves Jubilee with the monopoly of running the town. And don’t be shocked of Moi era is reincarnated. A direct attack on the civil society is an indirect attack on fundamental human rights.

In 2013, after the negative Supreme Court ruling that upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila said the infamous “don’t feel bad for me that I’ve lost the election, feel bad for yourself for whom you’ve elected” he prophesied mystery under Jubilee rule something we all can agree to or act numb and say otherwise.

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