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Impunity Thriving In Muthaiga With Peponi Springs Structre Erected On Riparian Land And Road Reserve



Peponi Springs

Hello Kenya Insights,

I’d like you to highlight an issue of illegal structures in the most influential neighborhoods in Nairobi where the elite class reside, deep in Muthaiga, stands Peponi Springs which sits on a riparian land and on a road reserve.

When left to flourish, impunity and corruption becomes deeply embedded in the fabric of our society affecting each and every one of us. I am not the first person to tell you about the unprecedented levels of corruption in our country has and whether you live in Kibera or Kitisuru, corruption has become a way of life.

Section of the facility

Peponi Springs doubles as a car wash and restaurant smack in the middle of the upmarket Muthaiga and Kitisuru estates. The bar not only plays loud music but is slowly cutting trees to build structures along the river.

So I ask myself, who in Sonko’s government approved these structures to be built right next to a river in the middle of the neighbourhood that houses Kenya’s high and mighty? 

That is the audacity of corruption today! In the wake of the Taj Mall demolition, I’m also keen to see whether the residents of Muthaiga and Kitisuru will act in protest to protect their homes and investments, or will they give in to the will of the owners of Peponi Springs? 

According to contacts on Peponi Springs Facebook Page, the establishment belongs to one Mr. Leonard N. Njogu … We see you Mr. Njogu, question is, have Gov Sonko and NEMA seen you? Just how powerful is this person that he easily managed to put up such a structure in the heart of the serene neighborhood and create havoc with his loud music.

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