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Ijara Constituency Have Gotten Themselves A Gem Of A Leader



Hon Sheikhow

By Abdi Sama Timberlake

Ijara Constituency has been struggling with lack of progress and development stagnation for a long time but the fate of the great men and women of this wonderful Constituency is poised to change courtesy of the current MP who i will fondly referr to as Hon Sheikhow.

This youthful , energetic and passionate man has been some sort of a revelation and a blessing to the great people of Ijara and Garissa region by extension. He has shown us that if we entrust leadership position to visionary and development minded individuals then we are poised to thrive as a society. He has once again shown us that we can rid our region of insecurity, unemployment, under development and illiteracy, and obliterate the borders separating clan from clan, tribe from another tribe etc. He has manifested to all and sundry that leadership is not about how large your tribe is or how fat your pocket is.

Hon Sheikhow has embarked on a journey. A journey to make Ijara one of the best developed constituencies in Kenya. His blueprint and plans for the area is wonderful. Saying its a hope instilling is gross understatement.

This man deserves unopposed second term and third term and probably a fourth term. What earns someone to be elected and re-elected again is their agenda which honestly Hon Sheikhow has. Its about vision, which the MP has in abundance.

I have studied Hon Sheikhow closely. He is a true definition of a great leader who is poised to scale up the height of leadership and be successful. Looking at his development record, it’s apparent that the current member of Parliament is gradually becoming a great leader.

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He has not been personal but passionate about his people. His opponents want him look personal and engage them in their empty rhetoric.

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