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If You’re Using An Android Phone, Delete These Dangerous Apps



Android is one of the most popular mobile OS in the world. It boasts of being the most flexible and capable in features customization. However to attain this level of open sourcing, android has to forego a lot of security measures unlike its rival iOS.

Google desperately needs to curb the spread of Android malware. In September alone, researchers uncovered a total of 172 infected apps on the Playstore. Does Google play protect even work?

ESET researchers have now uncovered 42 apps containing adware, which they say have been downloaded more than 8 million times since they first debuted in July 2018.

You might want to check if you have installed any of these apps and uninstall immediately. These apps look normal but act sneakily. Once an unsuspecting user installs an adware-infected app, the app will serve full-screen ads on the device’s display at semi-random intervals.

In a detailed Blog of how the adware works, Lukas Stefanko, a researcher at ESET, explained: “This trick – posing as a part of a legitimate Google service – may help avoid scrutiny. Some detection mechanisms and sandboxes may whitelist such package names, in an effort to prevent wasting resources.”

Stefanko named 21 of the apps in question and detailed the package names of the other 21 in a blog post.

Below is a list of the 21 apps;

  1. Smart Gallery
  2. SaveInsta
  3. Minilite for Facebook
  4. Freed Radio FM Online
  5. Free Video Downloader
  6. Free Social Video Downloader
  7. File downloader
  8. Water drink Reminder
  9. Smart Notes for You
  10. DU Recorder
  11. Tank classic
  12. Heroes Jump
  13. Solucionario
  14. Ringtone Maker
  15. Video downloader
  16. Ringtone Maker Pro
  17. Basketball Perfect Shot
  18. Hike Top+
  19. MP4 video downloader
  20. Flat Music Player
  21. Free Top Video Downloader
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Google has now removed these apps from the Google Play Store, after ESET reported the issue and you might want to do the same from your android devices.

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