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#GithaigaMustGo Looting And Fraud TARDA MD Brags He Steals With Ruto, Protected By Uhuru’s Cousin In, CS Kiunjuri That He’s Untouchable



Devolution CS Mwangi Kiunjuri

Devolution CS Mwangi Kiunjuri

Corruption and impunity are the greatest economic progress that Kenya is faced with in recent history. Incompetence in office has seen our athletes embarrassed and suffered in Rio during the Olympics, thankfully, the useless Noc-K has been disbanded.

For the past weeks, Kenya Insights has been highlighting the fraud story of one Steven Githaiga, MD Tana and Athi River Authority(TARDA) a parastatal that is being run down the drain by this selfish and arrogant figure. He did not only change his birthdates from 1953 to 1958 but also forced rather self-appointed himself to the MD position without undergoing the normal recruitment process of public office. According to information we’ve gathered, Githaiga was the acting MD since 2009 until 2013 when Jubilee got into power and him liaised with Uhuru’s Cousin Muigai, Githaiga forged around and forced himself into the office without the usual competitive process, this is illegal in all terms.

Abuse of office has become the norm of Githaiga from open and disturbing tribal appointments. On getting into office, he appointed his entire family and clan and just like how he got into office, they were irregularly recruited without any interview let alone advertisement and there wasn’t Boards approval. It’s said, he holds the public office by the balls and anyone who dares coughs is squeezed.

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Masinga Dam Project which is to be constructed at a tune of Sh.6B has been Gitthaiga’s latest fraud scheme, and tragedy has rocked his plans since Treasury has refused to approve funds. With his embezzling nature, Githaiga had already approached Chinese Construction Cartel for the construction of his dam. They even bribed him with his current V8 car as a tip to be awarded the tender. Talking of cars, Githaiga stole from TARDA a LandRover Discovery Reg No. KAD 266D which he sold to current National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi who doubles as his closest friend.

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Githaiga’s relationship with Muturi explains why the unresolved issues on audited accounts for TARDA F/Y 2013/2014 have never been handled despite having been tabled to the Public Investment Committee several times with latest being this year, 30th March. It were unfortunate that the speaker could have used his position to block out the petition and opted to protect his friend and if anything, Muturi himself is a beneficiary of the Githaiga’s looting since he sold him the car.

His original and faked ID

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The charlatan MD boasts of high places protection, walks around town shoulders high that despite all the glaring discrepancies and fraud deals he’s running, nothing will ever happen to him amplifying the impunity levels he operates on. Githaiga from our moles boasts to his peers that the Deputy President, William Ruto who’s office was recently polled as the most corrupt in Jubilee Government is his partner in crime and that they’ve together cut some dirty deals. He says Ruto will protect him whichever way and will stay in office despite the magnitude of accusations raised against him.

TARDA was initially under Environment Ministry but has since been moved to the Devolution Ministry under Mwangi Kiunjuri who again happens to be a buddy to the muddy MD Githaiga, and he also boasts to his peers that Kiunjuri has promised him security and gave him go ahead to embezzle as much as he can but play smart. Githaiga loud to his friends that his boss Mwangi Kiunjuri who inherited a scandals marred ministry has promised him security what type of system is this that promotes thuggery. The CS should be ashamed for associating himself with such a fraudulent character who is looting in his name. He therefore, must move with speed to weed out criminal elements like Githaiga frauding in his office, Kenya Insights will be committed to see action come from this office.

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Githaiga, we gather has not been in his offices in the last two weeks since Kenya Insights started exposing him. You know they say the guilty are restless, well, the cornered MD has been operating between City Hotels like a typical City wheeler-dealer. He has deployed security men guarding his office for fear of being thrown out. Security officials nearly arrested him and escaped by a whisker. How can a government office be shut for that long? This is undermining service delivery and incompetence of the highest order. State offices should be open and accessible to offices throughout the official hours. Why then should Githaiga be allowed to run a government’s body just the way he so wishes?

A security sleuth has confided to Kenya Insights, that the disturbed MD has resorted to spying on his staff working with criminal officers, tapping their phone communications. He’s desperate to find out who amongst them released the confidential documents to Kenya Insights wasting his energy forgetting the files are publicly available at the Parliament’s Premises. You really can’t blame a man who faked his birth dates to increase years in employment, forged his ways to be a lecturer at USIU without standard credential(USIU has since responded to our previous issue that Githaiga didn’t meet lecturer standards, they’ve confirmed he was there but has since left, Faculty is following up on the issue, and we’ve also forwarded his name to MATIANGI AS ONE OF QUACK lecturers FLOCKING THE uNIVERSITIES)

Mr. Steven Githaiga Ruimuku. Managing Director TARDA

Mr. Steven Githaiga Ruimuku. Managing Director TARDA

As Government gears to do a clean sweep on corruption as said by the principals, all parastatals need to be investigated as it seems, they’re bedrocks of corruption and impunity, and Jubilee has nothing to lose other than integrity by retaining open frauds as Githaiga in public office. He’s not only illegally in his position but also receiving the pension from the same government from his previous job, what kind of madness is this. He has perfectly silenced EACC(whose CEO Waqo is a cousin to TARDA Chairman) CID, ODPP. This madness of jungle ruling needs to come to an end. Kenya Insights will continue following the issue till an impeachable solution which is getting the fraud officer from the public office and a competitive process launched to get a competent director.

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TARDA is on the brink of collapsing, and President jumps to the rescue. Its trouble was trusting such a high office that needs exquisite managerial skills with someone who has only a P1 Certificate from Mosoriot Teachers College and forged the rest of his credentials.

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