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From Pembe, Soko, Kebs Warn Against Consuming Toxic Maize Meal And Composite Maize Flour Brands



Based on market surveillance, the market’s standard authority body has flagged maize flour products that don’t meet the threshold flagging about 27 brands as not meeting the market set standards hence poisonous.

In statement, the body is warning Kenyans against consuming the following products after standard measures that found them as substandard and unfit for human lives. In statement, “KEBS wishes to notify the public that the below listed maize meal and composite flour brands have not complied with the requirements and therefore should not be sold to the public until further notice and the necessary corrective actions have been undertaken by the concerned parties.” Reads in part.

“KEBS conducts factory inspections, product certifications and market surveillance activities to monitor the quality of products sold to Kenyans at varied points of sale to give an assurance to the public on the status of the products they buy. As part of product certification scheme, KEBS issues standardization mark (S-Mark) permits to manufacturers for products whose compliance to standards have been ascertained. In addition, KEBS also collects samples from the market to ensure that the products placed in the market by the operators have adhered to the requirements on the S-Mark and by extension, the relevant standard.” It continues.

Emphasizing on their responsibilities, “It is also our responsibility to keep the public informed of the compliance status of products, including maize meal and composite flour, to enable consumers make informed choices. Given the significance of maize and its derived products in Kenya, KEBS has put maize meal and composite flour in the categories of products desirous of constant surveillance and monitoring.” The statement states.

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“Consequently, the manufacturers in the list are instructed to cease forthwith manufacturing or offering for sale the affected maize meal and composite flour brands; and are instructed to recall all the substandard composite flour products from the market and institute effective corrective actions whose effectiveness shall be confirmed by KEBS before resumption of production and placement of the brands in the market. We also take this opportunity to urge the public to notify us as and when they find the above brands in the market through our toll-free number 1545.” The authority notifies.

“KEBS is a facilitator of trade and manufacturing and is committed to working closely with the affected manufacturers to ensure that such non-compliances do not recur. Upon satisfactory resolution and conclusion of the issues, KEBS shall then inform the public once the products have met the requirements of the Kenya Standards.”

“KEBS shall continue to undertake market surveillance and factory inspections to ensure consumer safety and a level trade playing field. Substandard products found will be seized for destruction at the expense of the owner in addition to any other legal action as provided under the law.
We encourage the general public to be vigilant and inform KEBS upon encountering any products suspected to be substandard. Wajibika Na KEBS is a program that allows the public to report cases of substandard products. To Wajibika, verify whether the S-Mark permit on your product is valid by sending the code underneath the S-Mark to 20023 (SM#Code) to get product manufacturing details. If the details are different, invalid or not traceable to the platform, kindly report to KEBS through Toll Free Number 1545 during official working hours 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM, Monday to Friday. If you are aware of any kind of foul play by any manufacturer, also report those cases to KEBS through the toll-free number.”

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Below is the full list of the products/brands that are considered poisonous to your health and must keep away from. Consume at your own risk.



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