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Chinese Wild Foods Take-over



A Chinese man in one of Africa's Chinese street restaurant Photo|CGTv

How far can you go about food and stretch your diet? Well every region has its custom foods and beverages.

Africans have a wide variety of foods and beverages in their kitchens.  A simple food tour will leave you perplexed with unimaginable tastes.

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Away from our custom foods; Chinese presence in Africa has introduced alien food culture in this continent.

From eating dogs,  crabs, snakes,  and some people say they trap and fry houseflies.

Chinese have managed to flood Africa’s markets with their processed foods and powdered drinks.

With other governments banning majority of Chinese products. There has been an increase in Chinese genetically modified foods. These neo colonialists have developed a new trick to flood our markets.

Recently, a video went viral on social media where crocodiles were being sold in Nigeria’s local markets.

Not only Nigeria, but Zambia has crabs and snakes being auctioned live and dead on the markets.

In Kenya,  Chinese are making good use of the famous Lubao market-based which locals sell live dogs.

Local entrepreneurs are happily venturing into these business but language barriers and one sided customers is their biggest set back.

The Nigerian authorities have since cleared the crocodile markets and asked the Chinese visitors to buy wild meat from authorised vendors.

What’s your views about the Chinese wild appetite.  Would you like to test their wild tastes?


Here’s the video of the Nigerias crocodile market

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