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Baby Skin Care and Boils Treatment



A baby with a boil on the shoulder Photo|FirstCryParenting

Everyone wishes to take maximum good care of their baby(ies). It’s everyone’s wishes to get a baby too. Today we learn how to take care of your babies skin.

Babies have the most sensitive skins ever recorded. Their immune system is still developing. This makes them vulnerable to many infections.

Most weather conditions are unfavourable to babies skin. In such conditions, babies may develop rashes on their skins called boils.

A boil is a tender lump that appears on the skin because of some infection in an oil gland or hair follicle.

Staphylococcus Aureus is the infectious bacterium cause of boils.

The bacteria is mostly present on the skin. It gets into the babies skins through sweat pores or small skin cracks.

This infection then grows into a painful lump of pus. Boils erupt everywhere, be it on the face, back, neck, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks.

They are also said to be contiguous. If left unattended, they spread to other areas of the body. People coming in close contact with the baby’s skin may be at risk of getting infected too.

The infection are transmissible through sharing of towels, bedsheets or toothbrushes.

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Some medical conditions can also expose a baby to a greater risk of developing boils.

Poor personal hygiene, lack of necessary nutrients in the body, chemical exposure from use of harsh soaps, creams or detergents and low immune system can also cause boils.

The doctor advice and check up is always recommended if you sport a boil on your baby.

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A thorough physical examination is done by the Doctor. They also test a wad of the boil to rule out any other underlying medical reasons for the appearance of boils.

In case the boil bursts, it’s advisable you wipe the area clean with some cotton and antiseptic wash.

After drying, cover it with gauze or dressing to prevent the babies from touching them

Medical findings forbids squeezing or piercing the boil.
This not only affects babies skin but also results in scarring spread of infection.

A medical magic that can be self administered is boils on the baby’s head. Rubbing alcohol on the area treats the boil.

Rubbing coconut oil also helps in cooling the boils in case of multiple occurrence.

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