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Babu Owino: The Rising Force in Nairobi Politics



Babu Owino Nrb

Babu Owino has set the political arena ablaze, emerging as the best-performing Member of Parliament in Nairobi with an impressive score of 72%.

Nationally, he stands second, just shy of Ndindi’s 74%, according to a Politrack Africa survey.

Zipporah Umile, the survey’s Data Reporting Officer, reveals that these rankings are the result of direct interactions with the electorate, who weighed in on several vital factors.

Babu Owino

Babu Owino Has Unwavering Political Stamina

What sets Embakasi East MP Babu Owino apart from the crowd is his unwavering political stamina, showcased through his ability to weather challenging storms like the DJ Evolve case – a feat that would crumble the dreams of weaker politicians.


He has proven time and again that he’s a politician who keeps his eye firmly on the ball, never losing sight of the issues that matter most.

Babu Owino‘s charisma and charm are undeniable, factors that contribute significantly to his rising popularity.

Meanwhile, some of his peers, like Phelix Oduor, also known as Jalango, are facing a harsh backlash in their constituencies for what’s perceived as a betrayal of the ODM Party, of which Owino is a staunch member.

In Nairobi, there’s a palpable feeling that this vigorous politician has the potential to reshape the political landscape.

There’s even speculation that he could challenge and unseat Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja in the upcoming 2027 elections. Babu Owino is a dynamic force, and his influence is growing steadily.

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A Record of Excellence

Babu Owino’s remarkable performance as Embakasi East MP speaks volumes about his dedication and commitment to his constituents. His 72% score in the Politrack Africa survey underscores his effectiveness as a legislator and representative. In the complex world of politics, where promises often remain unfulfilled, Owino has managed to deliver results, earning the trust and support of his electorate.

Babu Owino: Unyielding Stamina in the Face of Adversity

The mark of a true leader is their ability to endure and overcome challenges. Babu Owino has demonstrated exceptional political stamina, particularly in the high-profile DJ Evolve case. While this controversy might have derailed the careers of less resilient politicians, Owino faced it head-on, proving his mettle and determination to stand for what he believes in.


A Charismatic Force

Babu Owino’s charisma and charm are undeniable assets. These qualities have enabled him to connect with people from all walks of life, transcending traditional political boundaries. His magnetic appeal draws crowds, making him a powerful force on the political stage.


Peers Falter, But Babu Owino Stands Strong

While Babu Owino continues to soar in popularity, some of his fellow politicians, like Phelix Oduor (Jalango), are experiencing a severe backlash in their constituencies.

The primary reason for this backlash is perceived betrayal, particularly with regard to their association with the ODM Party, to which Owino remains steadfastly loyal. This loyalty has only further solidified his standing among party faithful.

A Glimpse into the Future

In Nairobi, there’s a growing sentiment that Babu Owino’s dynamic approach to politics could disrupt the status quo.


Many believe that he has the potential to challenge and even unseat Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja in the 2027 elections. Owino’s vigor and determination make him a serious contender in the city’s political landscape.


Babu Owino’s ascent in Nairobi politics is undeniable, backed by his impressive track record, unwavering resilience, charisma, and loyalty to his party.

As he continues to gain popularity, his influence within Nairobi and beyond is on the rise. The prospect of him challenging for the position of Nairobi Governor in 2027 is a testament to his growing stature in Kenyan politics.

In the ever-evolving world of politics, Babu Owino is a force to be reckoned with, and his journey is one that promises to be both exciting and impactful.


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