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And Just Where Is Governor Sonko



The mouthy son of Kamba land and Kenya’s number one thot patroller, who unfortunately or should I just say luckily had connections in Jubilee that made him become the Nairobi Governor, has gone missing in action for quite a while.

Sonko ako wapi? Sonko can never stay quiet for this long! Is he outside the country? Is he sick? or just what’s going on? Nobody clearly knows where Mike Sonko is And what he is going through. He no longer updates Nairobians on where his “boys” are cleaning the City. A once mouthy Governor who couldn’t keep his fave and presence on social media has committed a media suicide.

Sonko has gone totally offline and his whereabouts are and remain unknown and he never showed up to his father’s 3rd anniversary where he was to name his Deputy governor.

Sonko troubles started when Bank statements in the possession of DCI indicated that on April 7, 2017, Mr. Mwaura, through his company Toddy, made a transfer of Sh600,000 to Sonko’s KCB account. Then on April 19, four months before Mr. Sonko became governor, Mwaura made another cash deposit of Sh1 million to Sonko’s KCB account.

A few weeks later, on May 5, 2017, he made another cash deposit of Sh1 million to the same account belonging to the governor. On December 14, last year, Mwaura, through Toddy Ltd, liquidated Sh80 million from his fixed deposit account. On the same day, he moved Sh20 million to his other firm, Hardi Enterprise Limited. Hardi is the company that later won the tender to collect garbage on behalf of the county.

Three days later, from the proceeds of the monies from the fixed deposit account, Toddy Ltd transferred Sh3 million to Sonko’s Equity account. During questioning, Mr. Mwaura told investigators that the deposits were for a piece of land in Kwale belonging to the governor that one of his companies had acquired wayleave for a project.

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The problem did not just end here, as Sonko who also was linked to a huge drug cartel and narcotics kingpin in Coast parts of Kenya and running the same on Nairobi’s streets. Using his Sonko Rescue Team, a team that city residents allege is full of crooks and street thieves that threaten and terrorize citizens and Sonko critics.

Another case on Mike Sonko’s throat is that of Mavoko Land. According to DCI, one Mr. Ombok made a deposit of Sh600,000 to governor Sonko’s KCB account on April 27, 2017, through his company Arbab. It appears that several months later after Mr. Sonko assumed office, the two continued to transact.

On January 19, for instance, one of Mr. Ombok’s companies, ROG enterprises, made deposits of Sh3 million to Mr. Sonko’s DTB account. During interrogation, Mr. Ombok said the payment was for a Sh34 million plot in Mavoko that he had sold to the governor. Although Arbab does not work directly for the county, investigators are keen to know the nature of business between the firm and Amaco since some of the deposits made into Mr. Sonko’s accounts from Arbab were made at times close to when the company received money from Amaco. Arbab is contracted by Amaco to repair vehicles.

Just as you think things are settling down, Another scandal erupts and this time around, it is believed that this is what has made the governor switch off his phones and decided to ghost and go MIA till nobody knows when.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives have now put Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on the frying pan after he allegedly pocketed Sh20 million from a remunerative garbage collection contract involving Nairobi County government.

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According to EACC, some of the firms that won the Sh357 million tender wired more than Sh20 million to Sonko’s personal bank accounts in what is now believed to be kickbacks.

EACC has also revealed that the money transactions were not paid directly but through proxies and sister companies in what sleuths believe was a calculated move meant to avoid raising suspicions.

On Tuesday Sonko was taken through a marathon eight-hour grilling at Integrity Centre, where he recorded 13 different statements. He denied receiving any money and all other allegations, insisting that he was not involved in the procurement process.
According to EACC, the probe is also focusing on claims that the tenders were dogged by procurement irregularities and misappropriation of public funds. There are also claims of inflated payments, fraud, and conflict of interest between his companies and those linked to Deputy President William Ruto.
EACC revealed that officials at City Hall’s Environment department could not account for more than Sh160 million paid to contracted garbage collectors. This was after it emerged that the county government irregularly paid Sh162 million to 11 companies contracted to collect garbage.
Now the mouthy Ruto’s talk boy has been alleged to seek asylum in one of his many Mombasa beach resorts and hideouts.  The corruption cooking pot is boiling and many thieves and friends of thieves that have been meeting overnight to discuss how they can cripple our nation and swindle our funds are running out of options and will no longer have a place to hide.

Sonko who was too confident that he serves Nairobians with an open heart has eaten enough to burst his stomach. And EACC, DPP and DCI scavengers are about to feast him and his, now tainted political career. How long he might hide, the sun of antigraft watchdogs will reach him and he, and many others will for sure be scotched.

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Earlier in his rants, Sonko alleged that he knew of deep state plans to sabotage his work and kick him out. Sonko dared the faceless deep state to come after and kill him sensationally claiming that it was Saitoti who would be there last victim and not him.

Sonko is not the type to be silent and kept off the media limelight as he banks on publicity to sell his brand. What exactly could be keeping the governor out of public eye? Could it be that his cases are implicating that he’s afraid of getting arrested and eventually kept out of office like Waititu?

Sonko promised to name his deputy after being questioned by EACC but never did. It’s really not puzzling why after staying off the subject for ages he finally made the unfulfilled promise. Is Sonko afraid and why? If the claims are true, why is Sonko hiding and just for how long will he play the games?

Are Sonko’s good media days over? Is the governor clean or finally his cover blown? EACC is convinced the governor is involved in corruption, it’s now a matter of time for them to prove this.

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