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A Friend Who Lived With Monica Kimani In South Sudan Reveals What She Was Doing And Why Her Parents Are To Blame



Monica Kimani.

Joe Kiboi who supposedly worked with the late Monica in South Sudan has spoken out giving a smaller glimpse on her life out there, he writes;

Today I woke up highly disturbed by the content of what Kenyans discuss, the advent of social media has brought about an open system and we are able to discuss anything and any topic under the sky without a care.

This brings me to the topic every person in Kenya is discussing. The rise and fall of Monica Kimani and Jackie Maribe.

Monica was my friend we met during the days I worked in South Sudan.
To me she came through as a polite down to earth fun-loving person, she did not have the airs of a spoilt child, she was ambitious and determined to make it. To what lengths she would have gone to make it is a question that we should all ask ourselves.

Some stories I have read on social media are heartless to both Monica and Jackie. We should ask ourselves where these problems emanate from.

We are a society that instead of learning from other people’s mistakes, we talk of how better we could have improvised those mistakes. We Improvise evil.

Monica like everybody else went to South Sudan to make a living and to make her life better for herself and loved ones, as far as I know she worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was just another ordinary Kenyan.

It was difficult for a person of Monica’s nature to keep working in a place like South Sudan normally, her ambition and beauty would not allow her to take an ordinary 8 to 5 job, business offers were thick left and right.

From the onset I could see she was overly ambitious, she kept a rich crowd of Sudanese around her and her “business” contacts were who is who in South Sudan.
It is in this circles that I made her acquittance.

When I met her she was still hustling as everybody is wont to call a novice business person. I am not very sure exactly what she was hustling at the time, but she was in her humble beginnings.

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We all had contacts and contacts at the time were the thing that made or broke you in South Sudan, everybody then was looking for people with contacts. I had contacts in the right places and one day Monica and her brother George came looking for me. They wanted a certain favour from me.

Personally, I was not able to oblige since that was not my line of business, however in my judgment I advised her appropriately and I let it go.

We thereafter became good friends and she would call, and we would meet for drink once in a while. I was surprised at how wealthy she had become within a short time and I was equally concerned at what she was doing. I remember advising her on certain issues and unfortunately this is where we are now.

I am disturbed by the circumstances of Monica’s and Jackie Maribe’s tragic end to their stories. This seems a case of a failed parenting to me. I feel it would be wrong for me not to talk about this, we as a society have lost our moral standing.

Instead of pointing out the wrongs committed, we wish we were in those positions and we talk of how better we would have done it ourselves.
I see people saying how stupid a killer Jowi is and how they would have left no traces themselves! What a society!! Are we trying to perfect killers?

I was brought up in an era where my parents were not the only people parenting me, I was parented by my grandmother and I was parented by my neighbours.
Every move I made was seen and reported, if I truanced my folks would be waiting for me with a “Rucamio” and discipline was instilled immediately, if I fought in school my folks would know.

I constantly felt under surveillance despite the absence of technology we have today. Discipline was never postponed my neighbour or my friends’ parents in school would mete it out to us instantly and on the spot. We were taught how to be good citizen by our parents.
We were Kenya’s children and every adult was our parent.

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Where did we go wrong that we no longer know where our children are and what they are doing?

The laws of our world are such that everybody has to start life from the bottom of the pack and work your way through the ranks, even in the business world you need to make a name before you can call your business a success.
We were taught to work hard! We were shown the blood and sweat route and we became proud of building our little empires piece by piece.

I am a father of two daughters and it is bestowed upon me to see their upbringing, it is my duty to educate them and prepare them for a future.
Indeed it is my duty to ensure that they make a good wife to someone out there as it will be the duty of my future father/mother-in-law to make sure that his son will be a good husband to my daughter. We were brought up to bring up families!

My parents brought us up in the hope that we shall all go and start a home and carry their names to greater heights. Life was easy, get an 8-5 job feed and educate your family no unnatural demands.

As my daughters grow, I want to know whom they hang out with, what they do and what places they go to, until my daughters are married off they continue to answer to their parents. (of course, today marriage is a choice and therein the problem lies. Probably).

Daughters are vulnerable and we as parents are obligated to protect them more than the boy child. When daughters get pregnant pre-maturely it is us parents who take the responsibility of the grandchild as our daughters reboot their lives.
Our daughters stay with us throughout.

I therefore fail to understand how a parent cannot monitor their children as they go about their business, be they boy or girl a parent needs to know the progress of their child even through adulthood. (If they can bring their child for me to look after, why wont you be accountable to me?)

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Now here we are with a tale of two fathers and two daughters one dead and one in prison, one said to be having unlimited wealth and another seeking wealth. How far can we go to acquire wealth and what does it mean to us?

Monica was Twenty Nine and Jackie barely older or younger, lives cut at their buds and yet to us what matters is how this kids were wealthy and how they had acquired a celebrity status.

It was such that our parents were taken care of by both their daughters and their husbands, today we have daughters spoiling their parents with gifts whose source we don’t question, sons spoiling their mothers with endless streams of cash without questioning their source.

How can you brag that your son was in the process of acquiring a certain gift, what do you regret the loss of your child or the loss of the gift?

When your daughter is in the public domain declaring multiple relationships where are you seated? When you see your daughter posing with a person whose background is suspect and toying with guns, what are you doing? Those who play with guns look for targets!

The loss of Monica and the loss of Maribe is a parenting disaster that we should all learn from.

I will from where I sit blame the parents for letting things run this far.
Both parents failed to intervene in good time and sat back to enjoy fruits that they could not account for and the price has been too high.

I will mourn a good friend and I will sympathize with Jackie, but as parents lets get a little bit more involved with our children.
There is too much killing of young daughters by equally young sons.

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Accusations Emerge That South Sudan Warlord Paul Malong Paid Sh600K For Cleansing Interview As Kenyans Slams Jeff Koinange For Granting The Interview



Jeff interviewing general Malong.

Accusations are now flying that the former  South Sudanese army chief of staff Paul Malong could have bribed his way to the screens for a ‘rebuttal’ interview following an expose done by Africa Uncensored exposing his role in looting and causing destruction and blood bath in his country.

Malong strongly denied allegations of embezzlement of public funds or committing atrocities against civilians during the five-year civil war in the country.

A recent documentary released by The Sentry and echoed by Africa Uncensored ‘The Profiteers’ once again reiterated accusations against Malong who is under UN and US sanctions about his wealth and his involvement in the war crimes during the conflict.


In a 25 minute interview with the Kenya Citizen TVreleased on Sunday, Malong further said he didn’t take advantage from his position as Governor of Northern Bahr El-Ghazal or profited from his position when he was the chief of staff.

“They did not tell us where I got the money,” he said. He further said the documentary and those who accused him have to prove that he has stolen money, give the details of these accounts and the country where these funds are deposited

“I’m not a rich man I’m just taking care of myself and my family. I have nothing,” he said.

“Northern Bahr El-Ghazal is not an oil producing state and everybody knows that,” so why the accuse me, he wondered.

Regarding the time when he was the army chief of staff, he said the minister of defence is the one who plans the army budget while the chief of staff is the implementer.

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I use what is given to me for certain jobs that I’m going to do. if people say I took the tents and sold them that may be, I took ammunition and guns and sold them that may be, (…) but I do not get cash,” he said.

The same for the war crimes and atrocities, Malong said he executed the orders he received from his military hierarchy the army commander in chief President Salva Kiir.

“I was not operating independently,” he repeated.

Also, he dismissed any responsibility for the killing of civilians in Juba following the clashes at the South Sudanese presidency in July 2016.

“During the J1 fight, I was in control of the army more than any time,” he said stressing that the clashes ended at Jebel Kogor.

When asked about the rape of women in Juba, he said it was done by security soldier but not his army.

“I know what happened. It was in one of the hotels and one of the ladies said that the person who had raped her is an agent of security soldier and his name was written,” he said.

General Malong and Malong Jr

On the UN sanction, Malong said “they are missing the point. If they speak about the cause of the war, the cause of war is Salva and Machar. Whatever I did in the army was just orders,” he said again.

The old friend of the South Sudanese president avoided criticising Salva Kiir for his sack from the position of the army chief of staff.

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However, Malong said that he was disappointed when Kiir accused him of asking Kenyan, Ugandan presidents and even Ethiopian prime minister to support him to overthrow Salva Kiir.

The South Sudanese tycoon Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr. took part in the interview to explain that General Malong was not his father and he is not his relative.

He and General Malong said they would pursue those who continue to repeat such claims in order to prove the corruption of the former South Sudanese official.

It is ironical that General Malong ‘accepted’ for an interview with Jeff to clear his name yet he refused to give John Namu audience during the compilation of documentary to comment on the accusations.

Documentary ‘The Profiteers’ was set to air on KTN but it was cancelled on the last minute in what is speculated to have been as a result of orders given to the station to edit out Malong’s name who was adversely mentioned in the three parts documentary.

It only went to show how well connected and powerful Malong is.

New information emerging is the general could’ve bribed his way to the tv after parting with Sh.600,000 or above. According Steve Juma, a journalist, he was approached by unnamed diplomat who offered sh600K for an interview with the accused general.

Steve says he declined the offer but wasn’t surprised to watch the request materialize when Malong was hosted on Citizen TV.

The allegations.

The controversial interview has been labeled a cleansing attempt and has brought Jeff Koinange under harsh criticism.


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Itumbi Shows Up In Court To Prove Strong Friendship With Maribe Has An Handshake With ‘Rival’ Jowie



Itumbi shaking hands with Jowie.

If there’s anyone who has stood at least publicly with Jacque Maribe since she got arrested and charged for the murder of Monica, that person is Dennis Itumbi.

The two are rumored to have dated before given several intimate occasions that they shared publicly including a surprise birthday party while she was live on air.

Itumbi has been consistent in standing with Jacque who together with his fiancé Joseph Irungu, have been now jointly charged for murder. The government’s digital strategist has not shied away from expressing his feelings and heartwarming messages meant for his friend Maribe.

While many of her friends have not been seen publicly expressing their support neither showing up at the court, Itumbi and Maribe’s father are the ones captured on camera having gotten closer to the accused and in court during the proceedings in solidarity.

It was a show when Itumbi had the popular handshake with his ‘rival’ Jowie In Court. Jowie is the prime suspect in the murder. A teary Maribe was overwhelmed with emotions when his ‘ex’ showed up to give her moral support.

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All factors aside, one thing is clear that we’re surrounded with fake friends who’ll stick around when things are merry and vanish when things go south. You don’t need many friends, keep the small circle with loyal and worthy friends. You need friends like Itumbi who stick around regardless of circumstances.

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From Whitehouse To Statehouse Kanye West Visits Uganda’s President Gifting Him Autographed Yeezys



President Museveni with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the Statehouse.

American Rapper Kanye West who considers himself the best artist of recent times and who doesn’t shy from courting controversy has visited one of the many dictators in the continent Museveni.

Kanye who’s in Uganda with his family, apparently bought out a resort and built an outdoor studio in the bush where he’s currently recording a studio album which he says is African inspired hence the decision to record it in Uganda.

Kim receives a gift from Museveni.

Kanye gifts Museveni with a pair of Yeezy.

Museveni hosts the couple.

The rapper took time off to meet the country’s president Museveni who wrote on his Twitter , “I welcome American entertainment stars Kanye West and @KimKardashian to Uganda. I held fruitful discussions with the duo on how to promote Uganda’s tourism and the arts. I thank Kanye for the gift of white sneakers. Enjoy your time in Uganda. It is the true Pearl of Africa.”

Museveni is on the spot for dictatorship and reigning terror on his opponents, recently, the bully president nearly killed Bobi Wine who also happens to be a musician and now an MP. Fearing for his growing influence and popularity in Uganda especially amongst the youths, Museveni faked an incident that ended in Bobi’s driver getting killed in what is assumed to have been a bullet meant for the young legislator.

Kanye West recording music.

Bobi Wine was arrested, detained and tortured at military barracks where he was severely injured and had to seek special treatment in the US. He was charged with trumped up treason charges.

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Kanye’s visit comes only days after the controversial rapper visited the Oval Office, Whitehouse and held meeting with Donald Trump. Kanye in his custom conditions, went on a ranting spree addressing several issues including the red hat. His visit to meet Trump has been criticized mostly by the black community who say Trump’s policies are stifling to the community and by Yeezy aligning with him, he’s considered a traitor.

The studio set.

During his visit to Museveni accompanied with his wife, Kanye gifted the 74 year old president with his Yeezy line sneakers.

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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