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The Fight Over Control Of UHC’s Sh30B Between MOH And NHIF Becomes Evident



Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki. She was the Minister for Public Service when Sh9 billion was paid out to dummy companies at the National Youth Service.

Let’s start with the good news, President Uhuru rolled out the Universal Health Coverage In Kisumu for piloting and the bad news is NHIF was ruled out of controlling the Sh30B project.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has been excluded from handling Sh3.1 billion allocated for the universal health coverage (UHC) rolled on Thursday in four counties.

The Treasury will send about Sh2.1 billion or 70 per cent of the funds directly to Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) for the purchase of drugs and essential kits for hospitals in Isiolo, Kisumu, Nyeri and Machakos.

The exclusion of the NHIF was arrived at after the four counties expressed misgivings over governance issues at the fund.

On Tuesday, Geoffrey Mwangi, NHIF chief executive, his predecessor and 16 other officials were also charged with abuse of office an irregular award an extension of a contract in which Sh1.1 billion was lost.

Health Cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki said the NHIF was not able to grow its membership beyond a certain capacity, which would have hindered the start of the universal health coverage this year.

It may look like any other story any other day, but behind the scenes, there was a powerful fight over the control of UHC funds and this was the plan all along by Health CS Sicily Kariuki, whose ministry is now entrusted with running the Universal Health funds, estimated at over Ksh 30 billion.

How it unfolded

Geoffrey Mwangi is being charged with corruption at NHIF. However, DPP Noordin Haji could be charging the wrong man. All the issues given started as far back as 2001, during the reign of former President Daniel Moi, NHIF has been looted for the longest time. See this link and look at the history. Mwangi was not CEO then.

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These are the real board members and former CEO Kirgotty responsible.

The charge sheet used to prosecute Mr Mwangi and the NHIF management, is not pointing to any criminal activity, only obstruction through an SMS sent to the Finance Director. However, there is no case there since the SMS itself was illegally acquired through hacking of Mr Mwangi’s phone.

The charge sheet itself, was delivered by Health CS Sicily Kariuki herself to the Board of NHIF. The question is, what is her direct interest? The plan all along has been to scandalize NHIF and its management to a point where it loses public trust, and have it dysfunctional.

Now that Mwangi and NHIF management is out of the way, Sicily is now taking full control and has even appointed two cronies as board members. 

Once Ksh 30 billion UHC money is in MoH’s control, we’re in for NYS season 2. Remember who was in-charge when NYS lost Ksh 9 billion? MoH has successfully wrestled NHIF out of the way in what is a clear case of sibling rivalry. Now Kenyans should be prepared for round 2 of NYS, under the exact same architect – Sicily Kariuki.

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How Sameer Group Of Companies Was Defrauded Sh80M By Conmen Posing As President Uhuru In A Corrupt Deal



Sameer Africa Group chairman Naushad Merali.

Conmen posing as President Uhuru Kenyatta have defrauded a Nairobi businessman of Sh80 million pretending that they would award him with state tenders.

Detectives from the DCI Special Crime Prevention Unit over the weekend arrested seven men believed to be part of the cartel that conned officials from Sameer Group of Companies.

So well organised are the criminals, that they have perfected the art of mimicking the President’s voice to near perfection.

Investigators say the conmen, operate as State House officials.

The caller, who imitates Uhuru and speaks in a voice almost similar to that of the President, tells businessmen of major government works which he asks them to take up.

The ‘fake President’, asks the victim to provide some money for logistical support.

He promises to send some State House officials and other staff from the Interior ministry to the victim’s office to collect the facilitation cash.

Men dressed in expensive suits then arrive in the office of the targeted businessman and introduce themselves as the staff of State House sent by the President to collect cash.

The ‘State House staff’ arrive in high-endvehicles and under police escort. They then collect the cash and disappear.

Highly placed sources familiar with the investigations said rogue police officers from Kilimani police station had been hired to provide security services to the State House imposters.

The con scheme came to light last month after officials from Sameer reportedly wrote to State House seeking an audience with the president over a tender deal.

Shocked State House officials after receiving the letter are said to have contacted the Sameer group official and inquired of the deal between themselves and the ‘fake President Uhuru’.

The matter was reported to the police and officers from the DCI headquarters opened investigations.

Police also impounded three high-endvehicles that include Toyota land cruisers and V8s which the conmen were using.

The arrested men have been identified asJoseph Waswa, Duncan Muchai, Isaac Wajekeche, William Simiyu, David Luganya,Gilbert Kirunja and Anthony Wafula.

Adapted from the Star.

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Joash Ombati The Brave Police Officer Who Took On Two Thugs And Recovered Sh400,000 Feted



Ombati receiving a badge of honour from President Kenyatta.

Two suspects, Sameer Abdulaziz Kassim and Peter Kavoli Musili had posed as traders of construction materials on OLX.

They reportedly duped Amos Charo Saroan, an unsuspecting customer from Voi then robbed him.

Amos Charo traveled from Voi and met the duo in Nairobi CBD, then drove towards Westlands but he was pushed out of the speeding car after giving them KSh 732,000, an incident witnessed by Ombati.

Administration Police Constable Joash Ombati who was guarding a bank nearby, boarded a taxi to chase after the suspects.

Ombati receives his promotion.

The Police officer shot in the air forcing the thieves to surrender before he handcuffed them as members of the public watched with many urging him to shoot dead the suspects.

Mr. Ombati remained calm even as a furious mob urged him to shoot and kill.

He managed to recover Sh400,000 which was part of the Sh732,000 that the suspects had stolen from the complainant Mr Amos Charo.

Ombati would then be awarded by Interior CS Matiang’i for his bravery the government was given the heroic AP a Distinguished Service Award in November 2018 barely a month after his commendable work.

That wasn’t the end, Joash Ombati who single-handedly pursued two thugs in Nairobi and recovered KSh 400,000 has just been promoted to the rank of Corporal from being a AP Constable.

Friends help me Congratulate my brother.

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Arts & Culture

Grace Msalame Sues Uganda’s Tourism Board For Illegaly Using Her Curvy Photos To Promote Sex Tourism



Grace Msalame.

Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism unveiled a beauty pageant dubbed ‘Miss Curvy Uganda’ in a bid to promote tourism in the country, the ministry decided to use Kenya’s media personality Grace Msalame as the official face of their Miss Curvy Uganda contest without her knowledge. Whether it was a mistake or deliberate is unknown but now they’ll have to prove it in court.

Grace a media personality in Kenya has distanced herself from the beauty pageant saying she was never part of the program neither did she give consent for her photo to be used in the promotion.

The promotion poster.

In a statement, Msalame says, “I take great exception for the fact that my image and likeliness are being used to propagate, disseminate and encourage objectification of women. I don’t agree nor endorse such a message or anyone who’s a creator of the idea that women’s body are tourist attraction sites.”

Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 Participants.

While announcing that her lawyers are already on legal course for redress, Msalame says, “I reject any association to me that has been unlawfully created by Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 and its agents.”

The media personality claims that her brand has been immensely hit following the publications of her images. “Miss Curvy Uganda’s deliberate and calculated use of my image and likeliness to promote violation of women’s bodies had defamed my character and reputation damaged a brand that I’ve worked for so many years to establish, and subjected me to unwarranted and undeserved cyber bullying.” She says in her statement.

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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