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Speculations Surround Raila Closed-Door Meeting: Another Impeachment Plot?



Raila Closed-Door Meeting

Raila Closed-Door Meeting: A closed-door meeting between ODM leader Raila Odinga and Siaya MCAs has sparked rumors and raised eyebrows in political circles. Speculations are rife that the meeting may be centered around plotting another impeachment attempt against Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol.

Oduol, who recently survived an impeachment motion, finds himself at odds with ODM loyalists who are determined to remove him from office and replace him with a more compliant figure.

Adding fuel to the fire, there are reports of a strained relationship between Oduol and Raila’s elder brother, Senator Oburu Oginga. In this article, we delve into the intricacies surrounding this political drama.

Raila Closed-Door Meeting

Photo: The Star

Raila Closed-Door Meeting: Background

Siaya County has been marred by political turmoil in recent months, with Deputy Governor William Oduol becoming a focal point of controversy. Oduol managed to dodge an impeachment bullet during the first attempt, but the situation remains precarious for him. The discord seems to stem from a clash between Oduol and Senator Oburu Oginga, who happens to be Raila Odinga’s elder brother.

Impeachment plot discussed in Raila Closed-Door Meeting

The closed-door meeting between Raila Odinga and Siaya MCAs has raised suspicions that an impeachment plot may be in the works. While no concrete evidence has emerged to support this claim, the prevailing political climate suggests that ODM loyalists are keen on removing Oduol from his position.


The motive behind this alleged plot is believed to be Oduol’s perceived resistance to toeing the party line and his refusal to be a mere sycophant.

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Oduol vs. Oginga: A Family Divide

Raila Closed-Door Meeting

The strained relationship between Deputy Governor William Oduol and Senator Oburu Oginga adds a complex layer to the situation. Reports indicate that the two political figures do not see eye to eye, which could be fueling the desire for Oduol’s removal. The power dynamics within the Odinga family could be influencing the political landscape in Siaya County.

The Dangers of Political Machinations

If the rumors surrounding the closed-door meeting hold true, it raises concerns about the state of democratic governance. Impeachment should be a tool used judiciously and in accordance with established legal procedures. When impeachment becomes a political weapon wielded by party elites to silence dissent or consolidate power, it undermines the principles of accountability and transparency.

Raila Closed-Door Meeting: The Importance of Fairness and Due Process

It is crucial for any political process, including impeachment proceedings, to be fair, transparent, and rooted in due process.


If there are legitimate reasons to question the performance or suitability of an elected official, these concerns should be addressed through open discussions, constructive debates, and adherence to constitutional frameworks.

Rushing to impeach without substantial evidence or relying on political calculations tarnishes the democratic principles that should guide our society.


While speculation surrounds the closed-door meeting between Raila Odinga and Siaya MCAs, it is important to exercise caution before drawing definitive conclusions. Allegations of another impeachment attempt against Deputy Governor William Oduol may be premature at this stage.

However, the existing tension between Oduol and James Orengo/Senator Oburu Oginga adds a layer of complexity to the situation. The true test of democratic governance lies in fair and transparent processes that uphold the principles of accountability and due process.

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Only time will tell how this political drama unfolds and whether it will have lasting implications for Siaya County and the larger political landscape.

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