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PHOTOS: Slay Queen Pastor Lucy Natasha Showing Off Her Big Machines Moves Around With Jowie Looking Like Bodyguards



That’s not Vera Sidika, that’s Pastor Lucy Natasha

Religion is proving to be a lucrative deal in this town , we’ve heard of and seen pastors pushing big machines and living lavish lives at the expense of their flock. Your career is not complete as a city pastor if you don’t own an SUV, home in Karen, beefed up security which I don’t even get the meaning.

Lucy makes her way the church surrounded by bodyguards.

Pastor Lucy Natasha is the latest entrant into the list of lavish pastors of Nairobi, with undeniable stunning beauty, she has attracted a good number of followers including those from high places.

An entrance into the church only comparable to those socialites walking into club b surrounded with online scamming Naija boys

So good is her church doing that Oracle of God church is based at the city center at an expensive hotel, 680. Theme of the church seems to be flashy and Natasha’s selling points from my observation is lavish. From a sales point of view, the flashy image could be in place to attract the youngsters to the church.

Pastor Lucy preaching.

The pastor is a typical Instagram slay queen moving around with professional photographers and flaunts her wealth. She seem to have a taste for big machines which come with customized plates labeled with the name of her church.

Showing off

Piga tena


Another one

Lucy flaunts her big cars

At the church, you’re welcomed by eye candy, skimpily dressed church ushers for a moment you’d confuse them with high end clubs waitresses but I’m not complaining, you gotta look good for the men of the lord.

Church ushers

Her fleet comes complete with chase cars and police escort talk about presidential standards. Her security detail entails young buffed men who by design, dress in the theme of the day.

Lucy surrounded with her bodyguards

Notice those earpieces.

They come with those earpiece gadgets to make them look sophisticated like some badass secret service agents. Reminds me of a photo of Jowie when he was giving similar services to jubilee politicians firing the elections.

Having that view

First class

She only flies first class, I mean who wouldn’t if you could. Church business remains one of those to go to ventures all you need is to cut a niche and tap into an audience.

Motorcade full with police escort.

Boss Pastor

Kenya is religious country and the poor will take their little to the church to fund their pastors lavish lifestyles and with social media, they rub it on their followers faces. If any of you is looking into opening a church, give me a call, I’m ready to praise the lord then break the law.

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