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One Of Kenya’s Top Most Racist Hotels, Giraffe Manor, Opens Doors For Local Tourists



Guests at Giraffe Manor. Photo Courtesy.

Giraffe Manor, one of the most exclusive hotels in the elusive Karen estate, has hosted global celebrities including Ellen Degeneres amongst many. Considered an exotic destination, the hotel has been a dream for many tourists who travel far to enjoy the ambiance and the exclusivity of indulging and feeding the friendly giraffes.

Coronavirus came and the whole dynamic changed. Manor initially, didn’t have friendly packages for the locals infact, it appears like it was engineered for the white population. Personally, as a black person, I have horrible experiences that will only make the next piece not today.

American celebrity, Brother Nature at Giraffe Manor.

Unsurprisingly, the hotel that previously shunned the locals, is now opening doors for the locals given the fact that no more tourists are flying into the country due to the coronavirus. But not everyone is having it.

As one aggrieved celebrity writes, “Dear Giraffe Manor Management. You are cancelled & we don’t need to be welcomed into Giraffe Manor, only now that you need KENYANS because all your white rich guests can’t travel into your establishment because of the Corona. My friend @smilesbeckwith [a travel consultant and owner of a travel company] tried to book a stay with you, last year between Sept and Oct, we called your establishment to inquire if we could stay a night – there was no space available because you were booked out, completely understandable. But when we requested to come have breakfast and just see the giraffes we were slapped with an exorbitant rate [over 600 USD] which included a driver, chauffeur, airport transfer and a vehicle BUT when we requested to pay only for the breakfast and to see giraffes and not have to pay for the car and airport transfer because we are Kenyans and commuting from the city, your bookings department refused and said that we had to pay the full amount because it is your policy. For the longest time, your policy has been to have these type of pricing that only benefit non-Kenyans and tourists coming from outside Kenya. I wonder why all over sudden you are welcoming Kenyans into your establishment. Is it because you now need us for your business to survive? You would not have invited us had it not been for the fact that your business, just like all others, is suffering because of the Covid restrictions. No thanks, I don’t want to come to your establishment and urge all Kenyans to cancel and boycott your establishment that has made it terribly difficult for Kenyans to access. You obviously have the right to run your property the way you deem fit and even have policies that benefit your business structure, just don’t include Kenyans now only because you need us and you wouldn’t have had it that way earlier. YOUR OWN POST SHOWS THAT YOU WERE NOT OPEN TO ALL KENYANS BEFORE! WHY “NOW OPEN TO KENYANS.” #BoycottgiraffeManor Instead Go to Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara and especially Samburu national reserve and all conservancies/parks in Kenya to see Giraffes and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. After all, this is our heritage.”

Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi at the racist Giraffe Manor hotel.

Many Kenyans have been airing their stories on the opening of Giraffe Manor.

As the world join hands against systemic racism, Kenya is not new to the discrimination and Giraffe Manor is just one of the many establishments they’ve capitalized on the existing norms and blew up. Now that everyone is seeking relevance and pushing to fit into the tiny business world, it’s all unsurprising and it’s prudent not to overlook the past.

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