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Nazir Jinnah, Man Behind The Insider Feuds That Risk Pinewoods Resort’s Future



The Swahili have a saying “Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako” and the Pinewood saga is one such case.

The problems facing Pinewood resort are all internal problems from within the Kanji family beginning with English Point Marina up to the recent attack at the hotel.

The attack was a crafty deal to divert attention from the trouble at Pearl Beach hotels limited which is owned by the Kanji family, the same family that owns Pinewood Resort and spa and English Point Marina which has several debt collectors waiting to be paid after the developer made some shady deals and money laundering to cause chaos for the owners.

The attack on Pinewood was planned by none other than Nazir Jinnah, a self-proclaimed lawyer for Pearl Beach hotels limited and the main mastermind for the financial trouble the Kanji family is in now. The attack was planned to be so brutal that no one would ask for the receiver’s side of the story but focus on the attack itself and it looks like Kenyans have decided to fall for lies once again.

The truth is that Pearl Beach Hotels limited had been offered a way to pay its debt of Ksh. 5.2 Billion which it had borrowed to build English Point Marina (another project with kikulacho). However, like many deals which had been offered before, Nazir insisted that they reject the offer and wait for a court order which is scheduled to be delivered in December. If the details of the offer and its rejection had been leaked, Nazir and Pearl Beach would look like they are refusing to pay back the loan which has been in default since 2016.

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Over 200 goons were hired to cause chaos at the gate of Pinewood Resort but no one expected guests to be injured in the fight that followed. The goons were under instruction ‘kuleta vurugu’ but not to injure anybody. Unfortunately, some of the goons had used their down payment to take drugs and could not be contained once they broke through the gate. It is no secret that this area has goons for hire especially if you know who to talk to and Nazir knows who is who within Mombasa. The goons were ferried to the gate in 5 matatus and a canter truck while their mobilizers are seen arriving in a white Nissan and a gray probox.

The disturbing thing is that Nazim is not even a real lawyer and should not be advising the business on how to settle its debts. It is Nazim’s advice that led Pearl Beach Hotels Limited owner Alnoor Kanji and his family to place Pinewood resort and some of their personal assets as security for the loan when the matter was first presented at a high court in 2017.

When the hotel was placed under receivership for failing to honor a restructured payment plan in 2022, it was Nazir who advised Pearl Hotels to move to the court of appeal to block the process even though the Kanji family could not show reasons why they had failed to pay.

Nazir is known to play dirty and defraud people under the claim of being a successful lawyer even though he has been investigated and sued many times in the last 10 years for impersonating a lawyer. In truth, Nazir has not qualifications or papers to show he is a lawyer. In the past he was accused of falsely using the Khaminwa name to present himself as a law associate before refusing to attend the trial.

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Nazir is also suspected of being the hand behind the Ksh. 600 million fraud case by apartment owners at English Point Marina against Pearl Hotels and the Kanjis. A number of buyers paid for apartments but never received the ownership documents. The money (600 million) was irregularly deposited into a Diamond Trust Bank account opened by Nazir and which landed the Kanji family into trouble when DCI opened a money laundering and fraud investigation against them.

The truth of the matter is that Alnoor Kanji is being robbed by the same people he thinks are helping him. After the attack on Pinewood resort, the masterminds rushed to edit a video of the goons assembling at the gate and add subtitles to blame the bank than lent the money and the receiver. They convinced Alnoor to publish a statement without proof and which he can now be forced to provide proof in court for defamation.

These hyenas led by Nazir are pushing the Kanji family to reject good plans to save their business while positioning the courts as a savior. Remember that initially the only security for English Point Marina was Pinewood Resort but thanks to Nazir’s silver tongue the Kanji’s personal assets are also collateral for the already defaulted loan.

This is a long scheme to disinherit the Kanji family of their property through legal warfare. Nazir doesn’t want the bank appointed receiver because he wants English Point Marina and Pinewood Resort to be auctioned where he and his network of vultures can pick it for cheap.

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We must open our eyes and see ahead. Why else would the Kanjis reject an offer to pay Ksh. 3.4 Billion and be done with this whole mess when the alternative is to be auctioned completely until 5.2 Billion is recovered? Maybe the Kanjis were considering this option when the mad plan to use goons was hatched.

Alnoor will simply become the next victim of Nazir as he and his family are disinherited of their business and personal assets.

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