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The Mungiki Fear Factor



'Nairobi Business Community' during the press conference.


The mention of Mungiki sends shivers down any spine that knows how heartless this dreaded sect is. A criminal gang used in cold blood murders, robberies and all the criminal activities you can think of. Ross Kemp, One of the world’s most courageous investigative journalists flew down to Kenya to follow up on Mungiki, he admitted to this group is one of the most ruthless gangs in the world he has had encounters with.

During the 2008 PEV, 1200+ were killed majority by police and tribal cleansing in Naivasha. Members of the Mungiki Sect were suspected to have been used in the ritual killings that targeted members of communities that cites against Kibaki from the Kikuyu Community, Mungiki identifies themselves as the soldiers of the community. President Uhuru would be then indicted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague for financing this terror group that killed hundreds. Known for being extra brutal, their executions were marked with chopping off body parts.

I remember during the PEV period I was staying on Kisumu and women transported in police escort from Nairobi on fleeing after Mungiki attacks arrived terrified and relieved at the same time. One woman held the attention of many when she arrived with a human body wrapped in a green plastic bag, it was her husband’s who had been killed by the Mungiki and head chopped off. She has salvaged the head only to go and bury. We’ve heard of horror stories how chopped off heads were used to block roads, blunt objects used to forcefully circumcise perceived enemies. State protection was allegedly granted to the dreaded sect and they even had privileges of police uniform for camouflage. However, Uhuru would later be acquitted by the ICC and matter out to rest.

Kibaki’s government under Minister Michuki did a clean sweep on Mungiki when they became a menace and hundreds were killed without secrecy and apology. Sect leaders Maina Njenga, Ndwiga Waruinge and other surviving sect members would, later on, abandon the group and converted to the church. Whether this was strategical or genuine nobody really knows. However what we know is Mungiki exited the stage, went away from the limelight.

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We’ve lived through the years without mention not fear of Mungiki, we’ve instead had struggling criminal gangs in the city like Gaza primarily made of malnourished, drugs consumed and brainwashed teenagers terrorize the residents. They’ve been equally met with police brutality and swept clean given unrelenting efforts by ‘Hessy’ a pseudo name for a killer cop who never forgive.

File photo of Mungiki sect members during oath taking.

Back to the story of the day. While Kenya is preparing for fresh election after a stolen one was busted by the Supreme Court, different strategies are being used by different parties to capture attention and affection from their fanbase and basically whip up emotions. Days back supposed Nairobi Business Community held a press conference to protest against NASA planned anti-IEBC demos in the City to force incriminated officials out of office before the election. Having watched the seven-minute ‘Presser’ i made key observation that pointed at a sinister motive; instilling fear! The alleged businessmen mentioned business only once and the entire statement was political full with threats, threats and more threats.

It’s not easy to see this well-orchestrated scheme that’s why Kenya Insights is always here to give you that second look. If you’ve noticed, Jubilee has been on a legitimacy convincing spree a campaign aimed at affirming their supporters that Uhuru is fully in power even though in reality, the constitution limits his powers but that’s part of the strategy. Jubilee will sell their supporters ice cream of they were Eskimos and they’ll still take it.

The press conference starts with full GEMA rituals signaling who are targeted in the messaging, the GEMA community. They go ahead to give a statement that reads like a terror movie, they speak with so much authority you’d think it was Uhuru speaking but again this is not a brainer. The spokesman says “Uhuru will remain the president until he’s sworn in again” he goes ahead to repeat that line. Here the message is simple, kill the spirits of the opposition still holding hopes of Canaan. Well calculated speech delivery.

The statement goes to further state how they’ll protect the vote and Uhuru presidency. Jubilee supporters, by the way, are fully convinced the court stole their victory without paying attention to the court’s verdict that didn’t challenge the numbers Uhuru got but the conformity and noncompliance to the constitution by the IEBC but hey not any amount of sense can change an already made up mind so no need of going deeper.

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If interest, however, is the clever use of dreadlocked, stone-faced, men in the presser. If you noticed, they’re strategically placed in the center for full camera capture and at no point are they captured smiling, they wore that no-nonsense face the end. The Hidden message in this thing is Mungiki factor. See, the sect initially was characterized with long untidy dreadlocks and snorting some drug, if you look keenly you’ll notice in the background they’re snorting or pretending to be.

Members of Mungiki sect wielding machetes

To complement Uhuru’s legitimacy and Jubilee power control I think whoever crafted this wanted to assure the supporters particularly the GEMA that their ‘soldiers’ are fully on board to supplement the State power just in case. But this thing is ridiculous staging because Mungiki members dumped the dreadlocks to camouflage and in fact, most of them are in suits and in big offices nowadays.

In my own thoughts, I think there’s a well laid out plan to cause voter apathy especially in the opposition areas including voter displacement. Those informal sectors will buy into this and are often most targeted in the fear-mongering strategies. Remember in the run-up to 8/8 there was a plastic war atmosphere created that never was. Jubilee is strategically putting NASA on the receiving end, keeping them agitated and involved in rebuttals as Jubilee is busy campaigning. You’ll see unrealistic legislations being pushed that will have NASA complaining, meanwhile, Jubilee will be campaigning.

I highly suspect that towards the 26th election date Jubilee will give in and allow NASA’s irreducible minimums and by then they’d have fully configured the system to beat NASA before the polling station opens. Cambridge Analytica, the company advising Kenyatta specializes on manipulating gullible minds and operates best in a divided society, Kenya is a fertile ground given sharp ethnic divisions that have made their work even easier. Fear is their trading commodity and that’s why you’ll notice Every time we move closer to the election date, fear of violence increases. It is not surprising to the watchful eyes. This time Mungiki seems to be an asset in their push. Mungiki narrative is brought back to whip up emotions, fear to opposition and ‘confidence’ to Jubilee. If it was genuine, you wouldn’t see them in camera but hit unexpectedly like in 2008. This is all but a strategy to create a notion. Cambridge are experts at manufacturing hot air but again this is Kenya.

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Jubilee like any other contender is in this election to win and if they went wrong the last time, they can’t afford to lose twice and that’s why they’ll they’ll everything possible including dumping the constitution to install a totalitarian government. NASA an opponent can’t sit back as a crybaby but study their opponents, secretly plan their attack strategy and stop Jubilee. What took down the communists in Divided Germany was the perception and realization by common folk that the communists were not as powerful as they projected themselves. Jubilee projects itself as insurmountable to experience defeat at the ballot. In truth, they are stiffly scared of a transparent process, in truth they neither have numbers nor have the backing of Kenyans. It’s time the common folk knows this, in the villages and hamlets.

And lemme be extravagant with the truth, if Jubilee was confident of a clean sweep, a clean win in a clean election and had the imaginary numbers I promise you wouldn’t be seeing the twerking going around. It would be zero side shows, combined efforts to ensure flawless electoral process but since lies are more convincing they’ve resorted to clutching on every sideshow available. We all know who can’t win in a clean fair election and who can win but just don’t want to say it. Anyway, if this didn’t open your eyes one lid, you can go back to consuming brainwashing lies. I’m out until the next.

Watch the ‘Nairobi Business Community’ presser below.

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The Making Of A Suicide Bomber, Former Al Shabaab Fighter Reveals Behind Scenes



Moment Mahir then Dusit suicide bomber blew himself up.

Mahir Khalid Riziki was the suicide bomber who blew himself up at the Dusit hotel attack by terror group Al Shabaab in Nairobi that left 21 civilians dead.

In a rare CCTV footage that has been doing rounds, the attacker can be seen walking and standing strategically outside Secret Garden Restaurant While in communication with his colleagues who were on standby before blowing himself up and body parts seem flying away.

What had many people wondering is to how much one has to be radicalized to the point of offering themselves as suicide bomber. Mahir can be seen in the video looking a bit nervous seconds before the explosion pointing at a fact that he must have been hit with reality of a painful death.

Just how did it get Mahir to get from attending madrasa at Musa mosque to killing security officials before eventually escaping to Somalia where he joined the militia group and was trained to become a suicide bomber since 2016 and only crossed over to Kenya for his final mission.

In a post Dusit attack interview, an. Al Shabaab returnee only identified as Musa, opened up to tell what exactly happens behind the scenes that many don’t know. The terrorist groupie has been on s recruiting offensive charm mostly targeting to recruit Kenyans of non Somali decent whomeasily penetrate dragnet.

Musa told CNN that he positively identified Ali Salim Gichunge from the CCTV footages as amongst the attackers, this is perhaps is the first public evidence that links the Kenyan attacker to Somalia. Musa said Gichunge was a member of the feared Amniat, al-Shabaab’s internal security service, and that he met him in Baidoa, central Somalia, in 2012.

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Musa who now leaves in fear of attacks from Al Shabaab and police, says he has survived assassination attempt when gunmen were sent from Somalia to eliminate him for disloyalty and defection. Having been in Somalia and trained, he certainly holds much intelligence on their operations. “I was shocked. When I saw the CCTV I said ‘I know that guy!'” Musa told CNN in an exclusive interview.


Mahir Riziki the Dusit suicide bomber.

According to Musa, many of the most radicalized al-Shabaab volunteers were fighters who had converted from Christianity, he added, including Gichunge.


He reveals that on joining the terrorists camps in Somalia, one is subjected to thorough interrogation, in his instance, he says Gichunge was amongst them. “They’ll eat with you but they are just interrogating you: ‘How do you love al-Shabaab? How did you come here? Why did you join al-Shabaab?’ Those who fail to pass this phase are jailed for months if lucky or worse like getting killed.

 Brainwashing a suicide bomber

Musa’s experiences reveal the extent to which “brainwashing” by al-Shabaab continues after volunteers have been smuggled into Somalia and offers a rare insight into the methods the terror group uses to instill absolute loyalty among its followers.

Speaking in a secret location in Nairobi with CNN, Musa said he had taken part in the decapitation of a prisoner of war.

 He was part of group that took turns with a knife to saw at the neck of the victim — a tactic used by the terror group to ensure everyone’s involved in the crime.

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 “That’s part of the brainwashing,” he said. “They told us it’s part of the training.” He said he was then ordered to “surround the head, kick it like football and pass it to another person.” Basic military training is reinforced by involuntary collusion in atrocities.”It’s to reduce fear in you,” he added.

 Musa told CNN that suicide bombers go through a rigorous selection process. New recruits are asked explicitly if they want to volunteer to “blow yourself up.” Those selected are then taken away from the main group and indoctrinated for at least a year with daily Quranic studies, lectures by a “sheikh,” and intense physical and military training.

 While in Somalia, he met fighters from several western countries as USA, Britain and Australia with most of them totally brainwashed and praying for their days to be offered permission to return to their homes and launch attacks.

 The former al-Shabaab fighter had a grim warning.

“Everyone wants to come and do something like [the] Dusit [attack] but they have not been given the chance … given the chance, they will come.”

 Adopted from CNN

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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Riverside Suicide Bomber Was Recruited At Masjid Musa Mosque And The Tactical Error He Made That Saved Many Lives



Mahir Khalid Riziki

Kenyans we’re left in shock after the CCTV footage showing the moments when the Dusit first attacker blew himself up, in what seems to be the first suicide bombing mission in Kenya.

The bomber can be seen walking and standing outside the Secret Garden Restaurant seconds before detonating. He seemed unsure of his steps and while ordinarily, it would be expected he blow himself up in a crowded place, the attacker blew himself up outside.

Intelligence officers have now identified the attacker as Mahir Khalid Riziki who apparently has been on ATPU radar since 2014 where he was amongst the many youths charged with killing officers in Coast. He was recruited into Al Shabaab by Ramadhan Hamisi Kufungwa while attending prayers at Masjid Musa, a mosque that has been accused of radicalizing faithfuls and recruiting for Al Shabaab.

Mahir’s ID

Masjid also happens to be where the radical cleric Abud Rogo who was fell by police bullets and accused of being an Al Shabaab operative and used the Masjid mosque to recruit youths into the terrorist group in Mombasa.

In 2015, Hamisi fled to Tanzania after the police circulated his image as a wanted criminal, he would later confess to his family of joining Al Shabaab before moving to Somalia.

He had been under training in Somalia until Mahir, according to detectives, sneaked back into the country last week, through Elwak in Mandera county then to Takaba and boarded a Moyale Raha bus in Marsabit town heading to Nairobi.

He then moved to Guango estate, Mucatha in Kiambu county where the attack ring leader Ali Salim Gichunge resided, and received instructions on his role in the 14 riverside drive attack.

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On the attack day, Mahir arrived at the scene ahead of his team and was in touch with Gichunge who was the operation commander and was to take position inside the restaurant, blow himself up, kill as many and the blast to signal the assault team positioned outside and kill civilians fleeing.

According to intelligence, a time disconnect and tactical failure by Mahir led to saving of many lives. The initial plan apparently was for him to detonate from inside and not outside for maximum casualties.

“The attack strategy was for him to detonate his suicide vest to kill people at the Secret Garden restaurant and signal incoming attackers. Then, as people scamper for safety towards the main entrance of Dusit complex, the other four attackers were supposed to embark on a killing spree targeting the fleeing crowd,” a source said.

Moments when Mahir blew himself up.

Mahir fortunately blew himself up at the wrong place and before his colleagues would arrive as planned letting many people escape and leading to many lives getting saved. His other colleagues stormed in minutes later behind schedule when scrores Of civilians had escaped. Unfortunately, they managed to kill 21 civilians in their shootings.

Suhaila Mwalim Bakari, was taken into police custody following the identification of her husband, Mahir Khalid Riziki, as the suicide bomber in the Tuesday attack.

It is not clear whether Suhaila became radicalised, but investigators say she was a  confidant of her husband, lending her ears to his trials and tribulations while in Somalia everytime he called her, demanding details about her current life while he remained in hinding.

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For a man who has been in police radar since 2015, questions arises as to how he perfectly evaded surveillance, communicated with his wife in Mombasa, sneaked into the country, moved through Nairobi and walked into Riverside with bomb vest without detection.

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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Justice (Rtd) Mary Ang'awa.

Controversial former Judge Lady Justice (Rtd) Mary Ang’awa is one of four prominent Kenyans at the centre of an ugly showdown at the Nairobi Club, that threatens to expose unseemly financial dealings at East Africa’s oldest members club.

An ugly scene engulfed the club on Thursday 27th Dec, when Justice Angáwa alongside 3 prominent members of the club, who were fired by members from the Club Main Committee on 11th December, attempted to force their way back into office and issue resolutions claiming to be the bonafide club officials.

According to eye witnesses, Justice Angawa, Prof Joseph Keiyah and Ms Jane Thirikali were forced to flee the club shortly after 10am after the club’s management with beefed up security barred the ex-Committee members from conducting any meeting within the premises.

Prof Joseph Kieyah.

In a strongly worded press statement issued by the Interim Club Main Committee  Elected after the incident, the club condemned four of the recalled committee members Lady Justice (Rtd) Mary Angawa, Mr David Aduda, Mr Prof. Joseph Keiyah and Ms Jane Thirikali, terming their effort to retake their offices by force as an illegal attempt to “usurp the club’s authority”.

The statement also pointed an accusing finger at the 4 ex Committee members attempt to retake their offices as a clear effort to interfere or obstruct an ongoing audit ordered by club members after details of financial scandals were unveiled mid 2018.

On 11th December 2018, Nairobi Club Members held a Special General Meeting (SGM) in which the entire 9 member Club Main Committee (Lady Justice (Rtd) Mary Angawa, Mr David Aduda, Mr Prof. Joseph Keiyah and Ms Jane Thirikali) was recalled (removed) and an Interim Club Main Committee Elected to spearhead the running of the club and to institute a Forensic investigative Audit into the mismanagement of Club funds.

In the stormy SGM, serious corruption and mismanagement allegation were levelled at Committee. The then Vice Chairman  Prof Joseph Keiyah received the brunt of club members ire as incidents of his involvement in shocking procurement malpractices were read out to members. Among the accusations were;

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a. While Chairman of Works and project sub-committee, he influenced a variance to works of Ksh 3,833,792.00 which was not budgeted and without the involvement of the Club management. Arm twisting the club to cancel a billboard contract awarded to Backlite and award it to Adsite whose cost of Ksh 2,000,000.00 was more expensive to Backlite’s Ksh 1,750,000.00.

b. Lobbying and canvassing for a Ksh 6,410,000.00 cost to purchase a generator set and cabling services which the Club management had not sought contrary to Club management procurement policies.

c. Presenting and canvassing for a quote Ksh 3,405,516.40 claiming that it was the amount required to cable the generator set to the Tennis Pavilion which the Club management has not sought.

d. As Gymkhana captain, he personally procured a music system for Zumba classes at an inflated cost of Ksh 284,700.00 as opposed to the procurement cost of Ksh 74,500.00 which had been already negotiated by the Club management

According the those who attended the stormy SGM, the members singled out Prof Keiyah and Justice Mary Angawa as those who had cultivated a cartel like approach to Nairobi Club’s procurement matters.

The sordid revelations at the club mark yet another disgraceful chapter for both Prof Keiyah and Justice Angawa whose exist from public service seem to have left them in limbo.

Prof Keiyah was appointed in 2016 by President Uhuru Kenyatta to be a member of the Coffee Sector Implementation Committee. His term expired in May 2018 and was not renewed.

The controversial judge was removed from the judiciary by the Judges and Magistrates Vetting board in December 2011 and has since been in and out of court fighting the decision. Her attempt to become Muthaiga Golf Club’s lady Captain was rejected as members objected to the cloud over her removal and her widely reported abrasive personality.

Nairobi Club in 1912.

At the Clubs SGM on 11th Dec 2018, the ex judge was accused on high handed decision ie threatening the Club CEO and other senior administrative officials with removal if they did not align to her camp. She is also accused of forcing the club to cancel a valid contract with a billboard company to advance a different company supported by herself and Prof Keiyah.

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The members resolved to call the matter to a vote as per the bye laws. The vote to sack the entire committee was 104 votes in favour against 32 votes. The Club Main Committee that was recalled was as below:

(1) Mr Julius Koros- Chairman (Had resigned earlier before SGM)

(2) Mr Fred Odhaimbo (Had resigned earlier before SGM)

(3) Prof Joseph Keiyah

(4) Lady Justice (Rtd) Mary Angawa

(5) Mr David Aduda

(6) Ms Jane Thirikali (Co-opted)

(7) Ms Lilian Kagwiria

(8) Mr John Wali

(9) Mr Ken Mwindi

After proposals and secondments of various Club members, the following interim committee was elected:

Chairperson-Ludmila Shitaka

Vice Chair- Dr Luke Musau

Leonard Mudachi

Hon.Alice Ndegwa

Yvonne Tharao

Michael Monari

Francis Maina

In the process, Nairobi Club also managed a first – elect its woman Chairperson Ludmila Shitaka, since the club’s inception in 1902.

In the meantime, the outcome of the financial audit threatens to burry the reputations of several notable members of the Club.

Nairobi Club. One of the oldest members clubs in East Africa. Founded in 1902. Now at the centre of procurement controversy.

According to inside the sources Nairobi Club has an accumulated debt of KShs 100 million which has raised serious concerns about the well being of a club patronised by an exclusive group of Kenya’s high and mighty.

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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