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Kabogo Taking Telecos To Court Wants Them To Do Away With Data Bundles Expiry




A reprieve could be on the way for many internet data bundles consumers who’ve fir long suffered by having their data balance consumed on expiry.

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo is contemplating suing telcos over expiry date for data bundles.

Kabogo has reportedly contracted lawyers to draft a plan on the intended litigation with a view of freeing consumers from what he views as economic servitude.

“You cannot sell me sugar and then attach a condition that if I will not have consumed it within a specified time frame then you will come to repossess i…What you buy must belong to you,” he said.

He added that mobile data providers “are treating their data bundles like a pregnancy that once you carry it to term, you got no choice but give birth …”

The politician said he believes that data bundles should not have an expiry date and if they must have, then they should be renewable.

“We are not saying that we be compensated for data not used within specified time frames. If it is for their logistical convenience that there must be an expiry date, then all unconsumed data as long it was initially paid for should be renewed and not expire,” he said.

By restricting customers to deplete their data bundle before expiry is inconvenient as everyone have their own pace of consumption. It can also be argued that on expiry, the unused bundle is recycled or rather resold which is more profits to telecos and injurious to consumers.

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