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Inside UDA’s Showdown for Supremacy and Bitter Political Battle in Luo Nyanza



In the heart of Luo Nyanza, a fierce political showdown is brewing within the ranks of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), pitting President William Ruto’s pointmen against each other.

At the forefront are two key figures: PS Raymond Omollo is leading UDA A, and ICT CS Eliud Owalo is spearheading a seemingly lackluster UDA B campaign.

The rift between their camps mirrors the broader struggle for dominance within the region, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Luo Nyanza

The President’s Point-man in Luo Nyanza

UDA A, under the stewardship of PS Raymond Omollo, appears to be gaining traction with well-oiled machinery and significant media coverage.


Meanwhile, UDA B, headed by ICT CS Eliud Owalo, is struggling to match the vigor and visibility of its counterpart.

The disparity is glaring, with Owalo’s team accused of lacking energy and warmth, overshadowed by the dynamic presence of Omollo’s camp.

The contrast is stark in the composition of the teams

Omollo’s allies boast seasoned politicians like Kisumu Senator Prof. Tom Ojienda, former Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero, and Odoyo Awidi among others.

But notable figures on Owalo’s side include former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumo, Hon. Elisha Odhiambo, and many individuals perceived as mere opportunists with eyes on government tenders.

The organizational prowess of Interior CS Raymond Owalo’s team further highlights the disparity.


With notable figures like Kisumu Senator Tom Ojienda actively engaging in community initiatives, such as distributing aid during floods, Owalo’s team appears to be overshadowed, struggling to maintain relevance.

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Central to Omollo’s success is his ability to rally political heavyweights in South Nyanza, including the influential Governor Gladys Wanga of Homa Bay County.

Omollo’s rise to prominence within UDA is attributed to his pivotal role during the Kenya Kwanza campaigns, earning him the president’s favor and trust.

One defining moment was Omollo’s leadership during Ruto’s inaugural visit to Homa Bay on October 2, marked by a fundraiser at the African Inland Church (AIC).

This event marked a significant political milestone, with Omollo’s prominent role signaling a shift in dynamics within Luo Nyanza’s politics.


Powerful Office

The significance of Omollo’s position cannot be understated, as it marks the first time in 31 years that a Luo has held such a prominent role within the government, reminiscent of Hezekiah Oyugi’s tenure as Permanent Secretary during the late President Daniel Arap Moi’s era.

Oyugi’s departure in 1991 left a void that has only now been filled by Omollo’s ascent, underscoring the seismic shift occurring within Luo Nyanza’s political landscape.

Omollo’s strategic positioning within UDA not only symbolizes a shift in power dynamics but also heralds a new era of political influence for the Luo community.

As tensions escalate between the rival factions, Owalo continues to assert his authority as President Ruto’s pointman in Luo Nyanza, despite Omollo’s undeniable dominance.

The power struggle between the two camps is palpable, with Owalo’s camp refusing to concede ground in the face of Omollo’s rising influence.

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In conclusion, the bitter wars raging within UDA’s ranks in Luo Nyanza paint a vivid picture of the high-stakes political landscape in Kenya.

With Omollo emerging as the president’s darling and Owalo clinging to his claim to supremacy, the battle for control intensifies, leaving no room for complacency in the pursuit of political dominance.

As the dust settles, only time will tell which faction will emerge victorious in this fierce contest for power and influence.


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