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I’m Ready To Be Finished Off Like Jacob Juma, Duale’s Girlfriend Nazlin Umar Exposes Ruto As Poisonous Sugar Mastermind And Beneficiary



Nazlin Umar.The country is currently under cleansing as authorities go on the extreme in a crackdown on counterfeit and contraband goods. Sugar has been a key target with several tones of sugar and stores raided and confiscated. Preliminary tests have shown lethal chemicals like mercury,lead and copper are present in the smuggled sugar that is repackaged and sold to unsuspecting consumers.

Many concerns have been raised on the genuineness of the crackdown as it seems to only target the small people in the supply web as the main faces behind the importation of the contraband sugar remain a mystery. As the debate rages, one person has risen beyond the bar, Nazlin Umar a controversial presidential candidate who again made news recently as Aden Duale’s girlfriend, has implicated the Deputy President Ruto into the poisonous sugar debate. She says the DP is the mastermind.

Below is the viral Facebook post where she bluntly mentions the DP:


Sting Ruto exposé.

DP William Samoei Ruto is the mastermind and main beneficiary behind the poison sugar. And his right hand minions. There I have said what other leaders fear to say. Arrest DP Ruto and his right hand loud mouths. Stop playing side shows and going for those acting in Ruto’s proxy.

The media, DCI, DPP, Matiangi keep on reporting of some big politicians without naming names, Matiangi claimed he was being threatened, who is threatening the CS? So the truth will remain hidden because people fear for themselves, while we are being looted dry and poisoned? Name the big names.

Yes, Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta I am naming the believed Killer sugar Baron as he cannot continue to blackmail you, investigation officers and this nation. Let me do the dirty job as a servant if my nation: if you haven’t listened to me these last few days.

Who is the chief despot of the killer poison sugar? Who is plotting the mass food terrorism in a bid to tarnish his bosses legacy? Who has acted in subterfuge to the nation? Who is the enemy of the people?? One William Samoei Ruto?

Ruto is also the head and master mind of the maize and electric company scandals, nssf, pipeline too. We have lost more than a trillion of our hard earned taxes to his greedy thiefing hands.

Uhuru needs no other laws, the constitution as I have repeated time and again fully empowers Uhuru to fire this malicious evil thiefing despot ann appoint another DP. The DP’s seat is as irrelevant in the constitution as the deputy governors of counties. Throw the despot out like a rag.

Ruto is interfereing with the investigations, making threats not to be exposed else he will burn this nation, as he was the one whose proxy companies imported the sugar and who ordered armed police escort of the poisoned sugar to Nairobi and Nakuru all the way to Kabras….etc. The Rai’s are merely his minions. (More about this later. Yes Ruto made Pan paper fail intentionally then sold off the public entity to the Rai family at throw away price of under 1B). He is a hidden partner. The Rai’s should also be audited and investigated.

The DCI and DPP must not insulate him and his henchmen, even if it be him and the majority leader Aden Duale Aden Duale who brought this wrath upon Kenyans. They can loot all they want but no, no one should be spared in heading or aiding and abetting poisoning us with mercury and copper. Those who knew this and remained silent are also killers.

I am already target and expect to be finished off like Jacob Juma, but I am ready to meet my maker if this is my fate.

Kutangatanga manenos and abuse of office:

Ruto is no longing acting under his Boss. He has rebelled against his president Uhuru, which is a crime by treason. He is abusing state machinery, abusing office and public funds to campaign for himself 2022. He is no longer working. This is an electoral crime and a violation of his oath of office.

William Ruto knows he is about to go down and is not only looting left right and center but is in a fierce campaign to entrench himself and set the base for civil war and tribal genocide and ethnic cleansing as he did pev 07/08 should Uhuru dare expose him, suspend or fire him. But he has to. He has no choice.

The fallout I prophetestisized (new word I created since i am NO prophet) over 2 years ago when they were as comfy as two bugs in a rug has also come to pass.

It isn’t the easiest thing being president. Uhuru has no legacy left unless he swallows this bitter pill. He must cut off this cancerous arm.

I demand Uhuru to suspend Ruto with immediate effect forthwith pending investigations.

I demand public inquiry and audits not those conducted lopsidedly in secrecy. Kenyan will not accept any scapegoats and sacred cows. Investigate his wife #Rachel and kids too. They are all beneficiaries.

I also demand state security for my family and I as the chief opposition, exposer and whistle blower in Kenya. I have a lot more unsaid.

Uhuru now needs to remove his gloves, wear his army boots, brave up and kick some ass! We are ready to face the consequences today than give the black mamba more time to sink his poisonous fangs even deeper into the nation and take us back to pev violence.

I repeat. Iam already target, under 25/7 surveillance and monitoring and expect to be finished off like Jacob Juma and Mesheck Yebei too, i have suffered gross unheard political persecution and oppression but I am ready to meet my maker if this is my fate.

ALLAHUACKBAR! I can no longer allow our beloved country to go to ruin under the hands of a few vile malicious evil despots. We are the hero’s we have been waiting for. Kama ime kuwa mbaya, iwe mbaya! I stand for public interest.

I and my family are already the victims of gross unheard of targeted, systematic political persecution and may be killed for this but I remain black mambas most fierce critic, the strongest independent anti-corruption tzar and the most ardent defender of the people. Allah be witness.

The gloves are off. I’m ready for anything. Kila mtu abebe msalaba wake.

What will be will be. Should I add- I verily believe aaall this. I do. I verily believe.

Truth as only said by Nazlin Umar Rajput.

Commander in chief 2022
#chief and only opposition leader in Kenya.
President of the caucus of indepedent candidates of Kenya.

I have posted this all over major fb groups. The world must know. I said it earlier, I was waiting for Ramadhaan to end to take this cold war and exposés out to the universe if so be it.

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Ruto Will Never Be The President Of Kenya Says Uhuru’s Allied Tony Gachoka



DP William Ruto

Tony Gachoka is not a name that needs introduction, the former aide to Raila Odinga and a proclaimed strategist in the political sphere with heavy alligment to the President whom he campaigned for in the last election is back shooting from the top.

As political realignments continues to take shape everyday ahead of 2022, the strategist who comes from the President’s community and known for not holding back his fire has opened a debate that has been in the oven for time.

Borrowing from his own words that he used on Raila Odinga during the 2013 elections, Gachoka has sensationally said that Ruto will never be a President, “William Ruto will never be President of Kenya says Tony Gachoka. Tune to TV stations near you soon. Ruto stop cheating our people since Uhuru hasn’t said it I will.” Gachoka acclaimed on his Twitter page.

Gachoka seems to have been irked by MP Moses Kuria who made a drunk TV appearance on Citizen TV last night blowing trumpet for the Deputy President. Tony described Kuria as a ‘an idiot, fool, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod.’

Gachoka is not the first figure from the President’s community to make such claims, former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo was vocal about the community not backing the DP come 2022 claims that put him at par with Ruto and attributed to his unsuccessful bid to recapture the seat that was taken over by Waititu.

There have been murmurs in the political corridors that the royal community could be reconsidering their support for Ruto who’s seen as a threat and unfriendly by the Kikuyu elites who’re determined to have a president they’re comfortable with to protect their empires.

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Many read the handshake between President Uhuru and Raila Odinga as a divorce letter with the DP who apparently was opposed to the idea and was excluded in its formulation. Things between the two government principals haven’t been the same lately even though they put happy faces in public. Keen observers have noticed the cut of PDA that the two displayed in their first term.

It remains uncertain if the Kikuyu community if not the elites will support DP Ruto according to the MOU that he had with the President. If this doesn’t happen then it will be a reincarnation of Kibaki-Raila pact that was never honored and Raila found himself in the cold. Only time can tell and the smokes signs can’t be ignored.

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AISLES OF POWER: Referendum, the constitutional arithmetic to cling onto power.



The leaders who catalysed the liberation of Africa from colonial power majority have up-to-date declined to vamoose power. An incumbent can willingly jeopardise a country into pandemonium just to secure his/her position and demand for much more ‘adequate’ time to rule and dictate due to biasness and ‘The big mansyndrome.

Exit of African leaders from power can be categorised into two:

  1. Normal- Constitutional means
  2. Abnormal- Unconstitutional means

Normal means have been through Voluntary resignation, Natural death and Loosing an election. Abnormal means have been through Civil wars(coup) and Assassination.

Research shows three quarter of Incumbents who left power in the 1990s-1970s was through coup, assassination or violent overthrow but apparently wheeled by Constitutional term limits.

Before 1990 when Term limit law came to effect, African leaders exit power at their pleasure, but now at a time and way dictated by the constitutional rules and set up. Incumbents being hit by Age limit are calling for Age Limit discard referendum while those hit by Term limit are calling for Term limit discard referendum. Unfortunately, all those that have called for these exercises have all won, many due to power from the depth of the pocket and power from the bullet.

Elections in Africa have lost importance in terms of credibility, fairness and freeness and by leaders overturning constitutional term service limits on their favour to overrule.

~Recently, Uganda’s long time President Yoweri Museveni assented a bill into law regarding scrapping off of Presidential term limit in his favour and which will make him lawfully seek reelection. This decision was seconded by Constitutional court of Uganda judges who ruled in Museveni’s favour in ration 4:1.

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Museveni's Referendum banners


Museveni was quoted saying before, “I’m only one whose language is understood in Washington where Uganda gets funds to promote rural electrification”

Uganda’s parliament in turmoil during Museveni’s Age Limit bill debate

~Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC ) is at war by herself. Democracy can’t be prevailed where the leaders themselves are antidemocratic. The ongoing crisis is attempted coup to remove President Joseph Kabila out power whose term was to end 2016 and elections to be held in November that year. He decided to manipulate the constitution and rescheduled election to 2018. From the records, 5.4 million people have lost their lives in this civil war since 1998.

~In Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza caused attempted coup  when the opposition took action upon themselves to defend the law. Tricks by him to manipulating the constitution in his favour to rerun for third term after claiming that 90% of the population supports his bid and governance.

Pierre Nkurunziza casting his ballot during Referendum

He argued that he was elected by parliament in his first time and not by the people and in line for a second directly elected term. After the successful manipulation, he was set to rule till 2034 but have promised to step down in 2020. Human Rights Watch said that more than 15 Burundians were killed and women were raped during referendum campaign and  he ran for a third term that’s in 2015 and went on to win in a bloody political conflict that left over 1,200 Burundians killed. Four hundred thousand more fled the country.


~In 2016, Paul Kagame also manipulated the constitution in claim of responding to the voice of the people, a decision which caused unrest and instability from opposition and economy respectively. It favours him to rule until 2034.

President Paul Kagame during the Referendum day

~In 2001 Zambia’s President Chiloba attempted to manipulate the constitution for the same selfish reason but was halted by Civil society who held a massive campaign against his decision.

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~Congo Brazzaville, Dennis Sassou Nguesso won referendum on constitutional amendment to scrap of Presidential term limit in 2015 and got reelected again in 2016

Power addicts manipulating the law to favour their interests forgets power lies in the hands of the people who can squeeze them to dehydration and render them casualties.

Perhaps unclear position or state at which when a president retire they will be in. These worries are possible causal reasons for clinging onto power.

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Nyali MP Mohammed Ali Names Governor Waiguru And Other Big Fishes Being Shielded From The NYS Prosecution



Nyali MP Mohammed Ali

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali popularly known as JichoPevu for his daring exposes on criminal syndicates is back to redeem his image with yet another list that breaks a wall. There has been many speculations that the NYS investigations has been skewed with bias and favoritism to cushion the major players from being prosecuted instead the minor or small fishes have been sacrificed.

For the past three weeks, 42 suspects in the Sh10B theft including NYS Boss Ndubai And PS Omollo have been held in jail. It came as a reprieve however when the high court released them rifts on a Sh5M bond each today. However, this doesn’t stop the investigations neither shut the questions as to who exactly is being shielded. According to the investigative reporter cum MP, the key players have been deliberately ignored in the investigations in a coverup ploy.

“Evidence has been brought to my attention that now points to the alleged involvement of other senior government officials, banks and business people whose names have been studiously avoided both by investigators and the media. These people and institutions, it would seem from the evidence I have been given, were involved in NYS1, and may very well be involved in this second series of thefts from the National Youth Service.” Declares Moha.

He goes ahead to list the following prominent persons whom he insists , should also be investigated as key suspects in the NYS scam given that the evidence he holds points at them being involved.

1. Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru
2. Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri
3. Businessman Ben Gethi
4. Former DCI Ndegwa Muhoro
5. Former NYS Director Nelson Githinji
6. Deputy Director, NYS, Captain Sam Muchuki
7. Current Health CS Sicily Kariuki
8. Police inspector Mike Julius King’oo Muia
9. Gor Semelang’o – CEO, Petro Kenya Oil Company Limited
10. Peter Gathecha – Petro Kenya Oil Company Limited

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Notably, Waiguru was found to be staying in a house belonging to PS Omollo as her residence in Kirinyaga though she quickly moved out as soon as the investigations heightened and sleuths had hit the road. Waiguru was mentioned as the architect of the NYS 1 theft that has remained unresolved to date.

Moha has also given a list of suspicious companies who were grandly involved in the heist but not included in the roundup:

1. Rayman Company Limited
2. First Quality Limited
3. Rigi and nana company Limited
4. Etra two thousand Limited
5. Puma holdings Limited
6. Chama Holdings limited
7. Krypton technologies limited
8. Sparemart company limited
9. Instigate general suppliers
10. Modernbrand agancies
11. Eagle view merchants limited
12. Hailey enterprises Limited
13. Zintech International
14. Caldan Enterprises
15. Septico Singleline enterprises
16. Sarkama Limited
17. Cichri Enterprises
18. Kalvin Enterprises
19. Pekema Contruction Limited
20. Paschal Construction
21. Eagle focus limited
22. Telenodech Agencies
23. Mastery Enterprises
24. Fratrade Agencies
25. Virgo Holdings limited
26. Isweya enterprises
27. Teasure General merchansts
28. Panama technical
29. Equip agencies limited
30. H.H.J Spice
31. Cereals Supplies Limited
32. Kevman investments
33. Carleberg construction
34. Kiche ventures
35. Petro Kenya Oil Company Limited
36. Horizon Limited
37. Late- Co Technologies
38. Roof and all Trading
39. Reinforce Concrete Technologies
40. Out of the box Company

“Who owns these companies? What business did they do with NYS? How much did they benefit from the NYS? Are they owned by front men and women? Who is behind these owners?” He posed.

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While hinting at a possibility that these companies are owned directly or in proxies by state officials, Moha alludes, “It must be stated that if there are among the owners, state and public officers, then this should be taken very seriously, given the unfair advantages that these people have in getting information to secure tenders for themselves, their partners and family members, and a network of corrupt individuals. Conflict of interest may no longer be controversial to some Kenyans, but to me, it is the very reason why this money is being stolen.”

On yet another big elephant, the banks involved in the fraud, he didn’t come out clear but threw hints on the ones involved, “There also are two banks, one based in Ridgeways, and one in the city centre, where very suspicious transactions took place. I will not name them here yet.” Barclays Bank And Consolidated Bank are the only ones who’ve been openly mentioned while the rest kept a secret. It doesn’t make any sense as to why even though CBK Governor is on record admitting that some Bank managers are under prober over their involvement in the fraud scheme.

He also touched lightly on some cartel, “I have also learnt of a cartel that calls itself the “Othaya mafia”, whose involvement in this scandal is clear. I will come back with more information on the same in due course.”

“In this day and age of handshakes, the role of the whistleblower has been put to rest. If those who whistle blew before me are unwilling to do so any more, then Mohamed Ali will do it himself. I have always and will always stand with Kenyans in defending their interests, and will do so without fear or favor.” He concludes.

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