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How Kenya Navy Confrontation Almost Stalled The Recovery Operation In Likoni Tragedy



It took 13 days for the government together with a Multi-agency team to recover the bodies of perished Mariam Kighenda and her daughter. A battle for power acting as a huge hindrance to the efforts to recover the plunged car with the whole of the country watching as the government once again demonstrated their ability to FAIL.

According to sources, the recovery could have been done even earlier but due to the incompetent Kenya Navy playing dumb politics, the operation almost failed. Hired professional divers were frustrated from the first day with Kenya Navy playing the cheap TITLE card. They wanted their name plastered all over the operation.

It took the intervention of Mombasa Governor Ali Joho for four  foreign (South African) professional divers to rejoin the operation of recovery of the car and bodies at the Likoni channel on Friday. The four, from Subsea Services Limited, had to be stopped at the airport by the governor himself after they left the operation in anger.

Kenya Navy in a meeting held late in the evening the day before the recovery had asked the team to let them take the expected credit should the operation end successfully, threatening them with dire consequences.

Here is an exclusive audio obtained by Kenya Insights that explains the behind the scenes of the Likoni ferry tragedy and the battle for power.

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