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Exposed Part Two: Raila Odinga’s Pointman And Uriri MP Eng Mark Ogolla Caught Up In Pro Gas Fraud Scheme Via His Horizon Media Investments Limited



Last month, Eng. Raila Amollo Odinga, the Opposition leader, and self-declared public defender number one lamented that the level of youth unemployment in Kenya is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Speaking during the International Youth week celebrations at the United Nations habitat, Gigiri, the former premier called on employers to work with institutions to match students’ skills so that they are employable.

While many unemployed Kenyans have finally ventured into other sources of earning income after their efforts of trying to get formal and informal jobs turned futile, Online niche has created a massive umbrella that has covered the current government unmanageable unemployment rate that has constantly hit Kenyans and especially the Youth since independence.

According to a survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in 2018, 7million Kenyans were unemployed with 1.4 million out of this figure desperately looking for jobs. And many youths who have borrowed loans and government grants have never ever seen a payslip since the day they left higher learning institutions that, apparently in Kenyan set up, is a key pillar in enlightening youths and shaping them for “many employment opportunities” available outside here.

“I have never been employed since I completed my degree course in Linguistics Media and Communication from Moi University main campus in Eldoret. I have attended very many interviews with no success and I’m afraid my career path is on an attachment and internship trail after undertaking a lot of internship programs,” One of my case study Ms. Nyaera told me. 

Even as Raila Odinga, who is also the African Union High Representative For Infrastructure Development say that unemployment rate in Youths is a time bomb. His close circle consists of folks who have invested in heavily and extensively in looting, robing and blowing the youths hopes of getting employment and financial stability.

In a recent article by this site, a very close political and business buddy to Raila Odinga, who is the Uriri MP and Managing Director of Horizon Media Investments Limited Eng Mark Ogolla Nyamita colluded with Pro Gas and defrauded thousands of unemployed and unsuspecting Kenyans on social media.

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Pro Gas which is owned by a controversial Mombasa Tycoon Jaffer Mohammed, who is also Raila Odinga’s ally and business partner with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho. Jaffer is also a business crony of DP Dr. William Ruto, another Kenya’s controversial businessman. Pro Gas and Horizon media have been alleged to be the masterminds behind the collapse of a government-subsidized gas project.

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So, who is this Eng Mark Ogolla, Born in Rapogi village in the larger Uririi area in Migori County. The son of a fisherman and an omena seller outsmarted his poverty background and went ahead and conquered the tough like. He graduated from Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree (civil engineering) and a holder of masters in entrepreneurship from Strathmore School of Business.

After Strathmore,  Mark Ogolla was hired by Standard Chartered as a sales representative who represented well the bank in Banking competitions and successfully made Standard Chartered Bank emerge winner as the best chartered Bank in sales and marketing. As the results of the hard work, Standard Chartered awarded him, rather promoted him to the position of a Sales Manager. That’s when Mark Ogolla started high-end deep-rooted cartel con deals.

Before that, Engineer had other businesses and formal jobs in tech firms that are off the record since he was mainly employed without contracts and left the jobs in bad faith. One of our sources states that Mark has been allegedly looting in every gig he has been offered something that has kept him in and out of many casual and official jobs.

Eng Mark Ogolla has also worked as a telecommunication director and technician in technology industries. He has deep rooting connections in the Kenyan telecommunication industry and has worked as head of Corporate sales at Celtel which was bought out by the Indian owner Bharti Airtel which runs its business right now as Airtel Kenya.

During his tenure at Airtel, Mark Ogolla was accused by his juniours of mistreatment and sexual harassment, that Kenya insights treat as unverified allegations. His former colleague was also quoted by another independent blog saying that Mr. Mark Nyamita used his powers as The sales Officer to sell phones that were meant to be distributed to customers.

The customer phones scandal unearthed another massive scandal at Celtel, current Airtel Kenya, that saw Ksh 30million disappear under his watch. A scandal that saw his Sales Manager contract at the telco terminated with immediate effect without compensation after being fired from the firm.

Politically, Mark Ogolla or as many of his close political allies will call him Nyamita, used the connection links that he got when he was given the tender to run a social media campaign of Pro Gas. The founder and CEO of Proto Energy Limited, formerly known as My Gas, a company that had allegedly been linked to Alfred Mutua is a close friend to Eng. Nyamita.

Mark made his name known deeper in the political circle when he openly dismissed calls by WIPER and ANC leaders pushing for Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi respectively to be presidential candidates in 2022. The Uriri legislature Nyamita said that the calls are premature insisting that NASA remains united and their immediate task is to swear in Raila Odinga.

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When Pro Gas was first unveiled, rumors spread fast and became almost believable that the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) company with its almost girlish pink cylinders has made its intent clear in the Kenyan market and threatened VIVO energy and Kobil Kenya as many customers embrace it due to its affordability.Image result for mark ogola celtel

Pro-Gas is owned by Kameel Virjee. And has connections that link its supplies to Jaffer Mohammed and Kenya’s number one LPG dealer, former premier Raila Amolo Odinga. The company started operations in Kenya in 2017 and has gone to establish itself as a market leader.

According to a post appearing on this site, Horizon Media Management Limited firm was contracted by Proto Energy Limited to carry out Pro-Gas marketing campaigns and the firm owned by the MP and Raila’s pointman Eng Mark Ogolla is accused of pocketing money that was meant for promotions late last year. The agreement was that participants with the highest likes in Pro Gas social media pages would be automatically awarded cash prizes and complete gas cylinders. The winners have never been awarded months later.

If indeed Raila Odinga is and meant what he said at Gigiri about youths suffering due to unemployment, Why is he sitting on this case despite several complaints from youths were directly conned by his friend and party member? Raila’s family has deep links in LPG in this country and he can’t say that he has never heard nor informed about this matter! Raila’s silence about the matter makes him look like an accomplice, if he doesn’t speak out on this issue, then the Kenyan youths that were conned and many of those whose dreams were shuttered by Horizon Media that Eng Nyamita owns should blame him because he sits at the higher authority that can easily solve their grievances.

And to Kenya’s first team on antigraft and public defender from the state DCI, should also on their part not sleep on this case.  This case has never been settled and one wonders why are the most active state departments quite on all this issue? Who is this Eng Mark Nyamita that has made DCI his clowns and is controlling how they should handle the case?

If the Rapogi villager and legislature Mark Ogolla Nyamita can successfully double-cross and defraud unsuspecting youths across the country, what can he do to the Migori residents, and specifically what has he done already to the Uriri folks and area which is predominantly occupied by Luos with a significant population of the Kuria, Luhya, Kisii, and Somali?

What is the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution doing about this Pro Gas heist and scam that saw thousands of youths swindled by a civil servant? The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) is the National Prosecuting Authority in Kenya which has been mandated by the Constitution to prosecute all criminal cases in the country.

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The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji is the head of the ODPP and operates independently as stipulated under Article 157 of the Constitution. What is his office doing yet this is a massive criminal case that has, in fact, affected thousands across the country?

Communication Authority also is failing Kenyan youths. This is one of the Parastatals that should be, rather should have already launched investigations into this scam that happened online and the accused rather responsible company, Horizon Media limited should be blacklisted if found guilty to have indulged in fraud. This is a past case however it leaves footprints of fraud on the company and so is the owner- MP Mark Nyamita Ogolla.

I mean, Raila cannot be making a lot of noise on and offline that he is more concerned about the development of youths and their gruesome burden of unemployment. It pains not only me but also every youth in this country that is struggling to get few coins to feed themselves only to benefit couple greedy, selfish and con individuals and in this case, elected leaders and known businessmen.

With my little remaining respect as I jot this article down, What does Hon. Eng Raila Odinga who’s also, of course, everyone should know that is in gas business have to say about this and what message does the former Prime Minister send about the war on corruption?

I can’t stand leaders who chest thumb in public making a lot of noise yet beneath are openly engaging in fraudulent activities. If Eng Raila Amollo Odinga has a shred of tenderness and a soft spot on youths affairs in this country, he should, in my honest suggestion I know he can, personally come out to not only condemn but ensure consumers are protected from frauds like this ODM allied MP and that he should have his day in court or at least sent a legal team, which he has, to represent many affected youths…

In conclusion, globally the will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect free expression and existence should be our first objective. One more thing from me to Hon Eng. Raila Odinga, Good people don’t need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will always find a way around the laws.

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