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Why Landlords Are Struggling To Get Tenants For Their Apartments In Ongata Rongai



By Paul Letiwa

In Ongata Rongai, in the outskirts of Nairobi, landlords with newly constructed apartments are facing a huge challenge as vacancy rates soar.

The situation has reached a critical point as they struggle to attract tenants, and existing ones grappling with tenants moving out.

A good example is a new apartment complex located in the Olekasasi area, where construction was completed in mid-January this year.

Despite being ready for occupancy, only three tenants have moved in. The property manager interviewed express his frustration, noting that while there have been inquiries from potential tenants, only the three have followed through to sign lease agreements. The apartment has 20 units.

House agents in the area attribute this trend to a combination of factors, primarily stemming from the challenging economic climate.

Many tenants, facing financial constraints, are opting for more affordable housing options. This shift towards cheaper rentals has left newer, higher-priced apartments struggling to find occupants in parts of Rongai like Masai Lodge area, Church Road, Kandisi, Acacia and new rental buildings along Kimani Road among other areas.

According to Godfrey Manoti, Managing Director of Inka Realtor homes and properties, the lack of job opportunities has exacerbated the situation.

With limited employment prospects, majority of tenants in Rongai are either downsizing to more affordable accommodations or delaying relocation altogether.

“The recent vacancy rates in Ongata Rongai are reflective of the broader economic struggles facing our community,” says Manoti.

“As tenants contend with financial constraints and job uncertainty, the demand for rental properties has significantly decreased since mid-last year.”

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Most landlords, who rely on rental income to sustain their investments, are facing financial strain, on the other hand property management companies are also feeling the impact, struggling to meet overhead costs amidst dwindling revenue streams.

In response to this dilemma, landlords in and property managers in Rongai are exploring various strategies to attract tenants.

Some are offering discounted rental rates or incentives such as flexible lease terms or complimentary amenities. Others are investing in marketing efforts to enhance visibility and appeal to potential tenants.

However, despite these efforts the road ahead remains uncertain for Ongata Rongai’s rental market. The persistence of economic challenges, coupled with shifting tenant preferences, poses ongoing obstacles for new landlords and property managers alike.

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